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  1. They just forget about last year??? (Mock Draft)

    But at the end of the day, so as it appears, he isn't worth the extension. We went undefeated without him. Giving him more money just to keep him in a Panther uni is very Hurney-like move
  2. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Nobody missed squat! He didn't fit in Carolina
  3. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    Best D-Lineman? Meh, I think you are overselling just a bit, but I feel what you are putting down. I will say that if he gets in a program that is patient and can make his bottom half match the top then he will no doubt be the long as he is coachable! I can see spending a late 3rd or higher on potential alone. Possibly a 2nd if he has a high football IQ.  Right now, he appears as someone that doesn't get "it" or someone protecting himself from injury by playing protectively. He epitomizes high risk/high reward! Will be interesting to see if he has packed on some leg and core mass come combine
  4. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    He assaulted an official. No way Ron takes on that liability. Dadi=Burfict
  5. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Lol!!!!! You can't be serious! The stats Barnidge puts up is due to the Browns having a pathetic run game and one half way viable WR. He is Gettis when Smitty was injured
  6. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    I don't see them at the moment if there is one! However, more unpopular decisions will be made for us to continue to have a bright future.
  7. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Talking ways to sustain the champion while killing time is acceptable, but you are right, playing "what-ifs" is terrible
  8. It would be sick if we still had Barnidge.

    Ed Dickson is hot garbage! Really hoping we cut ties and grab Zach Miller
  9. Scooby Wright

    Anyone else feel like this guy opens up a wide range of defensive possibilities? He appears to be a Luke 2.0, almost what it was hoped Klein or Mayo would be!  I think he becomes the SAM that allows Shaq to be a true Joker and puts us being able to use 2 coverage/ball hawk safeties
  10. Prospect Meetings By Position 2016 Edition

    Digging the Sharp visit!
  11. Why Dave Gettleman isn't GM of the Giants

    God I hope Beane lives in Dave's pocket! I really think Beane could replace him when the time comes
  12. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    Also, I think the draft should get used to boost the whole team. Under Dave's methods, FA is used to maintain a solid roster. Draft is used to improve the roster.  That said, I see us signing a starting DE(hopefully Williams), SS, OT/OG depth, and DT depth. Also Zach Miller to replace Ed Dickson Then we draft BPA that fits our philosopy
  13. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    I like Alshon, but that's a lot of cap space tied up in an oft injured WR. Ask yourself, how much better will he make the team? 8-10mil a year worth? I personally don't think so!  The only WR I see upgrading our team is Corey Coleman! IMO, he is the improved version of what we ask of Philly Brown
  14. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    IMO, bringing in too many vets upsets the chemistry that's going right now. One upper tier vet with a few fodder vets is my expectation for FA. Bring in the young ones that are coachable
  15. Senior Bowl Anybody Watching?

    No way Dadi plays for the Panthers!