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  1. Curious where that portion of the video is at
  2. Not sure we are seeing the same video! See the old guy pointing but haven't seen a version of "finger in the face"
  3. Lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one confused by the "racial slur" thing. About as bad as those defending Harvey Weinstein
  4. None of us can, but even if the older guy was an Eagles fan it still doesn't even make this right! If old man was posturing back up then I may have a little different take, however, white trash gonna white trash! Can't control his woman and then wants to go after the old guy! Karma will give him a life that's pure poo
  5. He attacked an old dude in his 60's. There is no excusing his actions. It's Gastonia white trash at its worst
  6. This is why I'm good with high ticket prices! Keeps out those idiots with mental illnesses that have failed to realize that the players of the game won't even take the game that serious!
  7. Hard Managerial decisions on the horizon

    I really don't think so, but I do feel like Plan B needs to be executed during the 2018 NFL Draft just in case you are right
  8. Hard Managerial decisions on the horizon

    This is also very much apart of those hard decisions going forward. Decisions that I really feel uneasy about when it comes to Hurney being involved. First thing, in my opinion, is saving the career and confidence of our QB
  9. I'm all for avoiding knee jerk, over reactionary decision making, however, from what I saw from section 133, something is majorly wrong with our football team. It goes beyond poor execution, missed tackles, and turnovers. It's the lack of passion and leadership. For the offense, it all starts with Cam and he had the body language of someone that wanted to be somewhere else today. I really want to believe that his "disengagement" from the game is tied to injuries and knowing he can't be the "game changing" athlete he was in 2015. The last few games looks as if he is only in the game to be an effective game manager. The opening offensive series was purely about establishing the run game and once it became obvious that we needed Cam to give us a shot at winning....we were doomed! So, are Cam's woes mental or physical? Is he being asked to play as he continues to heal? Obviously that will not work! If we are playing him at this point, just to be an effective game manager, that's not the smartest choice either! At what point does our staff pull the plug on him being on the field and allow him to return to a 100%? Will he ever be 100% again? His biggest attribute of evading the pocket to extend plays and make something out of nothing has disappeared compared to the amount of plays in the past that he relied upon that skill set. Matt Kalil can't do crap right unless his brother is on the field with him apparently! Gman had that contract drawn up to allow for easy exit on our behalf if the experiment failed. If Ryan being on the field determines Matt's success then it's failed! Poor Samuel's looks lost half the time! He is a rook so he gets the nod of time to improve. As far as the defense, I'm holding Wilks accountable for today's game! However, that was definitely a unit as a whole and Davis getting smoked early set the tone! Its a very bad time to have an "interim" GM! At minimum, I feel this team owes it to Cam to IR him and let him heal completely if he delivers another performance of this caliber. Even worse, is having to make the unpopular decisions surrounding "life without Cam" preparation. I personally feel like the next GM needs to invest a high pick in a QB in the next draft.
  10. We have Jerry Richardson to "thank"

    But we can compare FA acquisitions if you would like!
  11. We have Jerry Richardson to "thank"

    Gano is still on Hurney. Most likely Gano is really on Rivera
  12. Tony Pike for the win!
  13. We have Jerry Richardson to "thank"

    I wonder what Olindo Mare is up to these days! Fine Hurney FA addition.
  14. We have Jerry Richardson to "thank"

    You guys are aware that we have carried two kickers on a roster before right? And the whole time I blamed Fox!