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  1. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    Cam is sliding to protect himself from being sandwiched in between Norwell and said TB
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  2. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic JNo_24 interview on Russillo and Kanell: UPDATE w/link   

    If their is anyone that knows the true value that Norman has on this team, it's Gettleman.
    Norman is not gonna walk, he will get a fair deal, and the Panthers have a lot more money going forward than most of you all think
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  3. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Did Benjamin's injury help Cam become a better QB?   

    I think it has done a lot in helping him take that next step. Personally, it appears he has matured from a "it's all on me to make something happen" approach to a "it's on me to lead this offense down the field" approach. 2 vastly different mind sets.
    Irregardless of what happens this year, next year his weapons(hopefully he gets a few more) will be utilize much more effectively.
    My god, next year, if Benji comes back 100%, we draft the speed likes of a Corey Coleman, sign a FA or 2, Olsen at TE and the Oline improves a little more.....we are Super Bowl favorites even if we are the defending champions. No matter what though, his best friend is a stout defense that takes pressure off him mentally
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  4. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Per Wilson: Foucault promoted to active roster, Horton waived   

    Calhoun cause Oakman is to DE what Brandon Williams was to TE!
    calling it now....Oakman is the 2016 biggest drop
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  5. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Braxton Miller   

    Rather have Corey Coleman
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  6. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic what are the panthers hiding from us about luke   

    It's called, allowing ample time to heal so we don't end up with another Dan Morgan
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  7. Gin and Juice added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    I join forces with the Helmet!
    At the beginning of the 2013 season, I purchased a Panthers battle flag. Flown proudly over two seasons, I learned that the material and construction is not meant to endure the elements well. At the close of last season, I noticed it was time to replace it. Despite the insistence of the  ol' lady, I rolled the flag up on it's pole and tucked it away into the corner of the garage with intentions of replacing! 
    Fast forward to Sept. of this year, first week of to be exact, I was cleaning the garage, clearing out old racing parts and gear when I noticed "the flag." It seemed to be in a little rougher shape for it's clip eyelet had torn and it was stained somewhat from tire prepping chemicals.
    The wife is a neat freak and would despise the idea of this ugly rag flying on the front of our porch. But, would I be able to get another flag in time? I had 4 days before the start of the season, not to mention I was in thrash mode for an upcoming race. "Fug it!", I thought as I proceeded out of the garage and poled that ugly ass flag by the steps of our house!
    I will chance divorce before a Panthers flag is absent from my home during the NFL season. It's ugly! It's torn! It's stained! It's broken! It's at 0 mast! It's still flying and epitomizes the 2015 Carolina Panthers. It's purrrfect!

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    Why the panic? There is more than enough room within the salary cap to pay him. The FO is just letting him set the bar of expected performance. 
    God Peppers has everyone so jaded. Hardy was gone regardless so we can't count him as being in the same boat. Speaking of's he doing?
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  9. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Would you rather.. Extend Norman or sign a FA WR   

    extend Norman AND draft Hargreaves
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  10. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic $20 mill in cap space next year AFTER Cam/Luke signed.   

    A few points to note:
    1.According to Spotrac, we currently sit on 8.5mil in space. Assuming some positional changes, we carry 7 mil over worst case.
    2.They also show us having 31 mil of space next year, that's not including the rollover or Luke's 2016 salary.
    3.Roman Harper has a opt out clause in his contract....if Dave doesn't opt out, then Harper's hit balloons from 1.5ish(2015) to 4.6ish(2016). He is gone!
    4. Assuming the Cap is 150, Luke's 2016 salary is 15mil, Roman is cut, and we rollover 7mil....then that puts us at around 27mil in cap space for next year with only 40 players signed
    5.Dave will have to fill 13 spots on our roster. FA 2016 sucks! Expect our own to get paid and big moves in the draft if there are any big moves! Expect Kurt Coleman type FA next year
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  11. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Rivera to media.. "Only concern around here about our WRs is from you guys."   

    My god, I hope we draft two WRs next the first rd. maybe some of you would calm down
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  12. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Gettleman has long term plans for Wegher   

    If only they were half as good as the legend that surrounds them today! 
    It was one season and really just half that season in 2008. They were good no doubt, but time removed has inflated the greatness dramatically
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  13. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Panthers working out former Clemson, Bucs DE Da'Quan Bowers   

    I have been wondering what Dave's issues were for taking this long. This guy has/had potential to be a top 15 DE in the league! If memory serves me, he got "healthy" about the time Smith took over and it just never "clicked".
    If he is healthy, then signing him could be a huge defensive impact. If change of scenery is all he needed then we could have a 10 sack DE/DT for under a mil a year.....that kids, is how you become a dynasty in the NFL. If he is a bum, we have lost nothing. The organization does not move back in time
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  14. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    "Just look at that stud practice team! We won't be able to hide anyone!"
    lol, just look at that scramble for our cast offs. Reddick? Yeah, think middle class Kiko
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  15. Gin and Juice added a post in a topic Seahawks Fan Reactions to Norwood...   

    I gotta ask! What kind of blockbuster trade for a WR do you armchair GMs really think is possible? Seriously!
    Give me a realistic trade that doesn't set the franchise back two years?
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