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  1. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Easiest solution! Either that or play the Anthem while the players are still in the locker rooms. Easiest way though is just avoid the Anthem. Sad to reach this level within our society, but it is what it is! I will just keep introducing more and more automation to the industrial sector to eliminate jobs and hopefully the ones that survive the wealth shift will have enough.....well you get the idea
  2. Gin and Juice

    I’ve never seen anything like this before

    Could be good but I’m not ready to get all fanboi crazy yet
  3. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Omg......National Socialist German Worker’s Party. It’s literally in the name. Is this some new Common Core History crap? I’ve been hearing this stupid nonsense for awhile now and I’m amazed by the individuals that regurgitate this mess under the disguise of “progressive” ideology. Just reiterate’s the sad fact that only dumb people attend scam institution’s of “higher” learning in today’s society. Gullible as can be. Now with that said, there is some merit to the statement that “Socialist defeated Socialist” in WW2. The major problem is your inability to understand that people can see things differently and you FEEL that the National Anthem must be tied Governmental Political Agendas. I’ve never thought of it that way. To me, it’s the non-burial edition of Taps and the fly-overs were festive version of a 21-gun salute
  4. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Never reflected upon the reasons that led to the deaths of the troops during the National Anthem. I’ve always(in the past) used the time during the anthem to pause and give a silent form of respect to those that have died in combat. As silly as it sounds, most of the time, I would try and recapture the spirit of Francis Scott Key while I heard the National Anthem or what my grandfather went through as a POW in WW2 while fighting Socialist. We can argue all day about the times troops have died in vain or the political policies that led them to the fight, but that’s never been what the National Anthem was about for me.
  5. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    I’m pretty sure Fox, like other networks, believes this will all blow over and that the NFL is too big to fail. A few years ago, the #2 spectator sport was given a major TV deal when it’s decline had already started, so I’m convinced TV execs are clueless. Anyone that has watched the NFL any length of time knows CK wasn’t the first to protest, and we all know it started immediately after his benching and having expressed the desire to be traded from SF. Amazingly though, it was never a big deal until CK began using the protest as an expression of an adolescent-like temper tantrum.
  6. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Most individuals connect combat veterans that died in service with the National Anthem. I had never once thought about political agendas while the National Anthem was being performed....until recently
  7. Gin and Juice

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Biggest difference is that fans wanting the NFL to be a “safe space” from politics can kill the sport by taking their viewership and money elsewhere. Only ones that are gonna suffer are those involved with the NFL and the NFL itself. Unfortunately, the poster boy of the protest made such a mockery of the issue that all validity behind the “protest” was removed
  8. Nailed it! The basic right that all these “PC Policepersons” are overlooking that’s driving fans from the sport! The more someone tries to shame people into what and how to think, the more their arguments become hypocritical and laughable. Goodell could have put an end to all the nonsense by just mandating teams stay in the locker rooms during the National Anthem. If player’s could remove their heads from their privileged behinds long enough to understand that how fans chose to spend their time and money is their right, then much of this would go away, if not all would go away
  9. No one gives a flying fug about the protest, especially when the one’s protesting contradict themselves at every turn! The whole platform of these “protest” are laughable at best! We all know CK didn’t start it and we all know the real reason why he did it! Bad publicity is still publicity. What people hate is the politicization of the sport! Especially the invasion by non-traditional NFL fans that want to annoint themselves the PC police. I get force fed an unhealthy diet of “socialism” everyday and I tend to seek out things that aren’t politicized during my own time. I’m giving the NFL this year, but if Goodell can’t get this crap under wraps then I’m gone! The alarming part, 80% of my personal acquaintances that are football enthusiasts are in the same boat, while the 20% I know have already left. All these so called fans screaming, “Fine, we don’t need you all anyway! Please leave you fugging racist”, well when we leave, the sport dies.
  10. Gin and Juice

    OPINION: Panthers will sign a veteran RB

    I think Alex Armah emerges as our power back. Similar to what Tolbert did in San Diego, only more versatile. For a rookie out of a small school, Armah was very impressive on the touches he got. Assuming CMC remains that Swiss Army knife, scattish style RB, that leaves us searching for that every down style back that’s well-rounded and could carry on all three downs. CAP may be that guy, but I would feel better bringing Murray in and let CAP take the reps from him. We know the front office had a heavy interest in Rashaad Penny, so evidently we are looking for that skill set and CAP may actually be our best option in that regard
  11. Can’t really judge true potential until after 3 years. Being in the league after 3 years is a good start though lol
  12. One surefire starter! The younger and much better version of Torrey Smith. I’m pulling for Ian Thomas though. I think he can be a Delanie Walker level TE if he is willing to put in the work
  13. Ask me in 3 years because that’s how long it took Norman to become legit! Bradberry is miles ahead of Norman when comparing their first two seasons in the league
  14. Yet we brought the fugger back. Hated that decision and so badly want him gone. But I’m liking that he never misses in the first rd and Steve was pushing for Moore to have been the Cowboys First pick to replace Dez. Smith called it right about Cooper Kupp. I’m just glad/hopeful WR #1 isn’t a need for us when the new GM is drafting next year
  15. We maybe got a franchise WR at 24 this year! Who knows yet! But definitely a typical Hurney draft this year. That said, he never misses in the First rd.