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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    Even if we do draft one early, still takes a while to develop
  2. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    Knowing Getts, pretty confident in saying we will be signing an all around, possession Vet. I don't really put Ginn into that mold and we are out of the token vet for WR
  3. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    All of them seem to have potential, some more than others and much like Williams and wegher, keep certain ones around to monitor. Either way, they are realistically fighting for that 5th DE spot and PS spot. At the end of the day, we need 3 viable DE's and at this moment I see 1 in Ealy. CJ is borderline with potential to maybe return to form. JA is just gonna go downhill quickly! #1 DE-open(need that Vet guy that can change the game) #2 DE-Kony Ealy due to still developing and its just a matter of games before he becomes a #1 man wrecking crew! #3 DE-CJ but his cap hit doesn't fit. #4 DE-Mario Addison #5 DE-Ryan Delaire   At bare minimum, we should be finding that #1/#2 guy. I think with even letting CJ go, Mario and Ryan are capable of filling 3 and 4 but I think Smart money is on taking JA to camp paid like a number 4 and let him battle/teach the kids
  4. Getting Benji Back

    Better yet, watch Dave take a QB in the first 3 rds and people really lose their poo! Getting a talent upgrade at back-up QB isn't a bad idea! Worst case is we trade him for a 1st RD pick in 3years. Cam is tough but all it takes is the right hit.
  5. Getting Benji Back

    Watch everyone freak when it's Scooby Wright that we take in the 1st or trade up to get him in the 2nd
  6. Getting Benji Back

    For sure we need to bring in some viable competition for Dickson at TE. Personally I'm hoping for a Zach Miller or Dewayne Allen
  7. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    Lol. Yeah, personally it's easy to window shop at RBs and CBs etc...., but one thing is for sure the we know improves our team dramatically, Beef the trenches up. Gman hasn't made a Splash yet in FA and I understand why, but I'm thinking he does this year and wouldn't be surprised to see 2 DEs(recognizable names), a solid DT, and 2-3 O-lineman with at least one of those being an upgrade and rest for competition.    We do that before the draft and everything else is easy
  8. Getting Benji Back

    Wow, Alshon, Benji, and Devin! In four years, a run first team could have 30% of their cap space dedicated to WR position! Someone would be heading to FA, possibly 2
  9. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    I don't see Delaire being ready for that much game time. I think he gets there but penciling in Delaire as starter and hoping to draft a couple DEs that pan out immediately seems foolish for such a spot that makes such a difference! If we had actually had a consistent push off the edge this year then we could have prolly added another 8-10 turnovers to our defensive total.  We lost the super bowl at the hands of an extremely effective 4-man Rush! Brady lost a couple that way! The importance of 4 men on your D-Line that can get the job done is perhaps the MOST dangerous weapon a team can have! Second would be a stud QB
  10. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    We do have a lil potential gem in Larry Webster. Kinda resembles another Brandon Williams project but maybe Webster gets it! God knows he has the physical tools.
  11. Getting Benji Back

    Meh, I love the idea of both Devin and KB on the field, but I'm not gonna lie....I think much better hands with Ginn speed will warrant double coverage, therefore, blowing the top off the defense. You know, the type of WR we wish Ginn or Philly could be! For me, it was Brandin Cooks, the Devin Smith, and this year it's Corey Coleman. I could deal with Cooper. I dont think Pharoah can offer more than Philly at this time, but I think he has a higher ceiling!    I think Coleman, Cooper, or Shepard could draw 2 DBs off into the wild green yonder just about every play. That's a game changer!   However, we must fix the trenches first!
  12. What might a Charles Johnson extension look like?

    Part of me says 6mil is fair knowing what he can do. Still will free up 9mil.  Other part of me says, he seems to have that fat cat syndrome and is just going through the motions for the money. Been hurt 2 seasons in a row. Not a difference maker at all, pretty sure he could be though. Mario back in a 4-3 is much more enticing as a 2-3 year solution versus paying CJ. After his Twitter outburst, he appears to be exhibiting "locker room cancer" tendencies. I don't know! As overpaid as DE's are on the market, kinda hoping he forces Gman's hand of a cut. However, it would bother me if they struck a much better team friendly deal
  13. Who Should Go or not resign

    My personal wish list! Mario Williams to replace CJ! (His suitor market is small because he has proven he can only do it in a 4-3) Andre Smith to bring some veteran leadership to our O-Line and Donald Stephenson for some quality depth   Weddle if cheap or the recently cut William Moore to replace Roman Harper   Casey Hayward to replace Tillman   Kendall Reyes to replace Dwan Edwards.   Zach Miller or Dewayne Allen to replace Dickson          
  14. Who Should Go or not resign

    PEOPLE! Please get this point and drop it! CJ has no incentive to restructure! He isn't worth his cap hit! Not even close! I enjoyed the time he was a Panther, but unless he decides to play for free some, then he is gone! Especially if we gonna tag/deal with Norman!   Jared Allen will get released then resigned to a feasible deal based on his vet leadership! He coaches the young guys and doesn't bitch on Twitter!    Stewart needs to play out another year on that ridiculous contract! Dead cap space is stupid versus carrying him into another year.   Dickson needs to go, so it seems! A lot better in FA this year! Need To get a viable two TE sets in the mix IMO.   Would love to see Cotchery give it one more year, but understandable if he done.   Roman Harper should be brought back in at a reduced rate! Pretty sure Tillman done!   Hopefully Tolbert is brought back and SB game dropped his asking price most likely!   Most of our depth should be re-signed, however, nice opportunity to churn the bottom half of the roster.   Bring Barksdale in to compete with Remmers. Not sure where the company stands on Chandler, but would be nice to have a better plan B for LT. Would be real nice to spend a little jingle and bring in a Okung or Glenn and push Oher back to the right side, but who knows!   They way I see it, we bring in a mid to upper DE and OT. A solid vet safety(could see weddle filling that role, be good for Boston, Coleman, and Marlowe), a solid DT to replace Dwan Edwards. If Cotchery leaves I can see pursuing a Boldin. Rather see a Jermaine Kearse there but we see!
  15. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    What if they aren't last year! Don't be shocked if we draft another LB or WR in First rd