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  1. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I will never understand the infatuation with Hill! All-World measurables, but little league production. Not saying he can't turn it around but he is entering year 5 with little to no proof that it's coming together. Hopefully I'm wrong this year.
  2. Rookie Camp Recap: Ron's thoughts on DE's

    Larry Webster
  3. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Wide with long limbs can often appear shorter than they really are
  4. Ginn was a no.1 WR (depth chart) in the NFL last year! Ginn had his best year statistically. Ginn wants to be paid like a no.1 WR or he walks! Does Dave pay him? He has hard decision to make over the whole roster! You guys are trying to make Norman and the draft fit tooo hard! CB was a huge void of young talent before Norman even left. Cortland fuggin Flinnagan was brought in off the couch! Something tells me we draft the same players even if Norman is still a Panther
  5. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    Concerns? None I'm a realist! This poo takes time! Building a yearly SB contender does not happen over night. That said, God I want a viable 2 TE set
  6. A Funchess Reminder

    I'm fine with Philly, it's Ginn that bothers me. If he could only catch the damn ball more than 50% of the time the I would love Ginn. Really want an improved version of Ginn. Cooks Devin Smith Corey Coleman These three have been my draft favs each year but Dave insist on toying with my emotions about getting that Deep Threat WR
  7. Offensive Line

    I'm good with that lol! If our cuts are starters on other teams then that means we are building nicely
  8. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    What happens to the OP when this year's "re-draft" is done and we have 3 first Rd guys? Seriously, the only move I ever questioned by Getts was carrying Bell into the season as the starting LT. Haha, we still won the division. I freaked about Oher be "the guy" and he is poised to be a pro bowler this year. I hated the Benji and Shaq picks.....I'm an idiot! Just like the rest of you guys. Lets pull together and quit being idiots
  9. Offensive Line

    I don't know man! I hear you and deep down share the same concerns, but they got this! Remember....better and better each year! Deeper and Deeper each year. We can't knock what the staff is doing, even if it appears we have no O line depth. It's possible that once Getts feels that the team has been built outside of the O-Line that he pulls the trigger and trades down into the top 10 for a Franchise Tackle. Meanwhile, I think Oher becomes Pro Bowl material now that he has some stability
  10. Offensive Line

    Meh, I'm not gonna think that hard about it. Gettleman and Ron know what to do. They will make mistakes but oddly, they are able to minimize the impact of their mistakes. Every year we have gotten better and better and better! We go a lil deeper each year. I'm fully expecting a Super Bowl win this year and I see no reason why we won't! What really sucks is playing armchair GM is no longer any fun because we have true professionals at the helm of our team. Whatever the fans think is a problem, never really is a problem! We will not miss JNo. Sure, there will be moments we can scream JNo would have made that play, but I'm confident Bradbury and Worley have the mental maturity to become JNo level a lot faster than JNo did.
  11. According to these analytics Gettleman killed it again

    Really reading into his analytics report, Getts drafted 4 players with high starter potential and 2 with high pro bowl potential in those two WTF CBs. By his same measure, we have 2 potential starters in our UDFA pool. Granted, none are day 1 threats but that's because Dave apparently can see the hidden analytics like Earnhardt could see the air and has been using them since he arrived in Charlotte
  12. Offensive Line

    None that are better than what we have without going back into cap hell lol
  13. Offensive Line

    We needed a viable RB outside of Stewart, Tolbert was brain dead that game! We need RBs that could pass protect. We needed a viable 2 TE set. We needed WR that could beat their secondary from the snap of the ball. Our WR needed so much time to get open. We needed a more opportunistic Defense. Denver attacked our weakness HARD. They challenged us to win by increasing our play development speed.....and we had no answer. That goes a lot deeper than the RT
  14. About those corners...

    Norwell and Remmers were UDFA/Practice squad players. Other places to get lineman than 1-4rds. Getts pulled the trigger on Trai so we know he isn't against drafting offensive lineman. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that he didn't see anything in the draft at the time of his picks that would improve the OL. Let's cut to the chase, every fanboy on this site has a bad taste from his refusal to bring in an LT two years ago....leaving Byron Bell as our starting LT. Fans cried "Nooooooo" and it appears fans were correct even though we won the division. He had to take a calculated gamble then because our cap space was atrocious. It's a gamble that he still won on. We won the division and Cam became a better player. Oher will be a better LT this year. Remmers will be better and possibly not even starting. OLine is fine.....we need a viable 2 TE set to deal with elite pass rushing. We needed an effective RB outside of Stewart to deal with elite rushers. We need effective screens to deal with elite rushers
  15. Offensive Line

    Anyone that wants to grab random OL from draft or FA and start trying to force it to work! I'm quite sure GMan is aware of the potential failures of our OL. But in his head this could go one of two ways, they get better or worse. Odds suggest they only get better with a year playing together. Plus, Oher should improve greatly now that he has some stability and confidence going through an offseason!! Remmers has Williams pushing him this year. Our interior OL is on the verge of being elite. There is no one player that is going to improve our OL situation