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  1. Teams you hate to lose to!

    no one enjoys losing to any team. Beating teams in the NFC east is the best feeling though. Media is on their dicks all season even when they blow mad dick.
  2. when the other team is running suicide blitz

    So random question. A lot of people on here treat the Offensive Coordinator vs Def. Coordinator matchup like a chess match. So on that note, if the other team started running something that was working really well. When would you try to counter it? Would it be right away? Wait a bit and seen if they try to predict your counter? Because let's be real, if they've been running heavy blitzes and on the next play we call a screen to deal with it and they have it predicted completely and shut it down, whose fault is that? There's a reason you can't run the same play over and over again in the NFL like in Madden. They might keep using it that drive and yeah it sucks. But even with 5 sacks they didn't get much out of it. Shula makes weird ass calls sometimes. No one is denying that. But the reason we're 9-0 is because this team knows how to work together in conjunction with one another. We'll still see knee-jerk reactions to playcalls in a drive. But in the clutch, we have made it happen. I trust this team. There is interdependence. We're not like the Saints where they have no defense and everything is on Drew Brees to keep scoring and if they don't they get poo on by the Deadskins. We are not like that. I love it.  
  3. Refs......again and again

    Refs have been bad for years. All the new rules they keep adding and the 'areas of emphasis' or whatever the fk are taking away from the game. So you lose a lot of the clearly defined calls and you have more ticky tack calls being made in the game. That means the flow and control on the game is too much on the refs. These aren't like 5 yard penalties either. I will admit the refs weren't that bad this game and in fact I think they hurt the Titans more than us overall. They're still bad because that's how the NFL sets them up to be.
  4. Refs

    refs have too much power over the game. There's too much interpretation of the rulebook going on and because of that we see inconsistent calls. I feel like every week there's a new interpretation of a catch. The calls were bad both ways. They missed a PI on tillman. A series or 2 later they missed a guy riding Funchess' back for 5 yards which was crucial. They're missing BLATANT calls yet making ticky tack grey area calls all too often. Unfortunately, the NFL thinks this makes the game more exciting even though it completely takes away from the skill in the game.

    freeman had 12 yards on the ground wtf. Did i miss something?
  6. Funchess Touchdown Gif

    yes, that's called priapism.
  7. Ref Discussion Thread

    This is what happens when you let Buffalo Wild Wings staff referee.
  8. kekekekekekekeke

  9. hahahah sweet.

  10. Lol, just noticed you avatar. I have that poster in my room.