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  1. Chimera added a post in a topic Choosing between two women   

    Nurses tend to have a high burn out rate, over eat, then become angry at the world. In 20 years, she'll lop off her hair, wear loose fitting shirts and yoga pants. While being completely dependent on you for her survival, she'll make mutual decisions exclusively and overrule you on everything. If that's what you're into, go with #1.
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  2. Chimera added a post in a topic More IS Attacks   

    I don't know, sir... Threads in the tinderbox have informed me that the US acts in a vacuum and everything bad that happens is the response to us.
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  4. Chimera added a post in a topic NBA Champion Golden State Warriors   

    Cam's got Steph and MJ to motivate him now.
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  5. Chimera added a comment Do women post on this forum?   

    pics or it didn't happen
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  6. Chimera added a review What the fug?   

    one day, maybe we can post on the huddle how rivera likes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    e: whoa... is snatch finally uncensored?
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