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  1. Chimera

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    1. ok. Mexican immigrants. does that change whether it's a choice? 2. a. arguing from a position of ignorance about troops = ok because it (e: being a troop) is a choice 2. b. arguing from a position of ignorance about Mexican (since that word is important to you) immigrants = not ok because being an immigrant isn't a choice I'm asking you to explain why, if one is not ok, then why is the other ok? Or, you know, bend my words instead. We've seen it before. (I already know you will lol have fun)
  2. Chimera

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I filled the previous cop thread up with examples of "one bad apple" before these mods deleted it. But that still doesn't explain why being a troop = choice, but being an illegal immigrant = not a choice.
  3. Chimera

    ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    being an immigrant isn't a choice?
  4. No, the complaints are about how police treat black citizens. Remember the shooting of Keith Scott? It sparked some protests in Charlotte... does that ring a bell? He was shot and killed by a black police officer. Did anyone say "meh, it's ok. The guy who shot him was black"? Hint: no.
  5. Chimera

    New (potentially) Panther owner on Trump

    I guess that makes this a little awkward
  6. Chimera

    European Vacation Advice

    I loved Greece when I went, but that was 2008 so a lot has probably changed. I took a train from Athens to Corinth and spotted a gem of a beach as we were crossing the Corinth Canal. I believe it was called Loutraki Beach. Also, Greek pizza >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Italian pizza.
  7. Chimera

    Biggest cry baby on the huddle

  8. Chimera

    European Vacation Advice

    Who told you Barcelona is awful? I'm sure the aquarium and the transbordadora will be enough to entertain you and your kid for a day or two. Then there's the beaches and day trips. I mean, there are less boring cities, but Barcelona is far from awful.
  9. Chimera

    European Vacation Advice

    I can't answer about Split or Costa Brava, but a good day trip from Barcelona is to Terragona. Train ride that goes along the Mediterranean coast to get there. There are some ancient Roman ruins in Terragona. Are you taking young kids in a stroller? Almost all bridges in Venice have steps to climb. If that's not an issue, Venice is nice. Drink prices are outrageous there.
  10. Nobody was mad. We were happy as fug. We had one DT worthy of an NFL roster going into that draft: Dwan Edwards. The other two on the roster were Fua and Ron Edwards, who lasted like 25 minutes into offseason workouts before he was done for the year in 2011, then retired before dealing with another offseason program in 2013.
  11. Chimera

    Theory about Lamar Jackson

    This article is dumb like its author. The draft is approaching and a coach GM spends his time doing which of the following: A - bringing in players he's interested in to see how they might work out. or B - bringing players he's not going to bother with because he specifically knows 1 of the other 31 teams will take a guy after wasting a day or more with him. I mean, does Belichick have a time machine that gives him more days than other head coaces or GMs to waste and pull this poo? Maybe he should take some days away from Florio so Florio can't put out garbage like this article.
  12. Why are you trying to make it sound like Kuechly and Beason wasted their rookie years playing out of position? Morgan played 3 games during Beason's rookie year and Beason played like 4 games during Kuechly's rookie year. Beason wasn't traded until the next year. And it was very obvious that Beason and Kuechly were drafted because their predecessors were falling apart. You act like you weren't the biggest idiot on the board back then too. You were here for the discussions.
  13. Chimera

    TV question (maybe stupid question)

    I have the TCL Roku HDR 4K TV. I put it in the kids' gameroom as their Christmas present. If you're only looking for the streaming apps, the TV is fuging amazing. If you want HDR content, you'll be a little disappointed. It's pretty weak and probably meets the very bare minimum to get the HDR certification. You'll also be wise to invest in at least a low end sound bar and subwoofer.
  14. On Nick Chubb: Yeah, I'd say 128 feet is well above the average broad jump. Who writes this stuff?
  15. Chimera

    The Walking Dead season 8

    Well Sunday's episode kinda emphasized Morgan and Carol losing their kids and the results it had on them. With Rick, it seems to be the setup for him to show compassion and let Negan live when he has the chance to kill Negan, because Carl's death will eventually have results on Rick, too. You know... predictability