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  1. Why are you trying to make it sound like Kuechly and Beason wasted their rookie years playing out of position? Morgan played 3 games during Beason's rookie year and Beason played like 4 games during Kuechly's rookie year. Beason wasn't traded until the next year. And it was very obvious that Beason and Kuechly were drafted because their predecessors were falling apart. You act like you weren't the biggest idiot on the board back then too. You were here for the discussions.
  2. TV question (maybe stupid question)

    I have the TCL Roku HDR 4K TV. I put it in the kids' gameroom as their Christmas present. If you're only looking for the streaming apps, the TV is fuging amazing. If you want HDR content, you'll be a little disappointed. It's pretty weak and probably meets the very bare minimum to get the HDR certification. You'll also be wise to invest in at least a low end sound bar and subwoofer.
  3. Is this it ? Is it? Yea

    there's an easy way to make it stop.
  4. On Nick Chubb: Yeah, I'd say 128 feet is well above the average broad jump. Who writes this stuff?
  5. The Walking Dead season 8

    Well Sunday's episode kinda emphasized Morgan and Carol losing their kids and the results it had on them. With Rick, it seems to be the setup for him to show compassion and let Negan live when he has the chance to kill Negan, because Carl's death will eventually have results on Rick, too. You know... predictability
  6. The Walking Dead season 8

    Well I thought it was trending upwards. Sunday's episode crashed and burned.
  7. I'm sure. I had him blocked, but seeing a notification got the better of me and I clicked to see his message. Of course it was a waste of time.
  8. Is there something wrong with cookie cutters?
  9. I had this one in the past https://www.target.com/p/dreamgear-xbox-one-grx-340-gaming-headset/-/A-52061575 They're not great, but they serve their purpose fairly well. It works well with Windows Sonic (free on Xbox, enable in settings) and Dolby Atmos for Headphones (also in your Xbox settings, but costs $14.99 I think). They are virtual surround sound programs. Atmos works a little better in Fortnite and it comes with a free trial period if you want to compare the programs for yourself.
  10. Ahh, ok. When you join a team as a random, the other guys are usually in party chat and it won't make much difference, anyway. However, a good headset + Dolby Atmos for Headphones (or Microsoft Sonic) adds a layer of awareness in FortNite.
  11. Well that sucks. Are you playing solo or queueing up with a team? Sometimes working with a team can help you better pick and choose your fights. When I first started playing, I simply performed janitorial duties. I'd wait for others to fight it out, then swoop in and attack the winner before he had a chance to reload or pick up better weapons from his downed opponent. However, I started playing back in the fall. The game wasn't nearly as popular and everyone didn't know exactly how to play. It was a little easier back then. Now there are more players playing at higher skill levels, so I'm sure it is much harder for someone just starting.
  12. Hap and Leonard on Netflix

    Never heard of it, but I see it has Omar Little. That's worth a watch in and of itself.
  13. There is a RNG for bloom in the game. Basically, shoot faster than the other person. I don't know if this is confirmed, but higher classes of weapons have less bloom. (Weapons in order from worst to best: white > green > blue > purple > gold) Also, some of the recent updates have caused issues with latency and desync. What you see on your screen may not necessarily be what actually happened.
  14. Yes, it'll be there. I think there are a few options. Just be sure to get the one called Fortnite Battle Royale with "season 3" on the icon.
  15. Out of curiosity, how long ago was that? Even the most hardcore Xbot will acknowledge the Xbox One's launch was terrible. But Phil Spencer took over the Xbox Division about 2 years ago and made it enjoyable again.