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  1. Shula unrest

    In other words, you want a pendantic argument. No. You're not getting it. Other teams strategies: Put pressure from the edges on Cam. Anyone who should be a quick outlet will be used in max pro. Then you will have 4 defensive players covering 3 offensive players deep down field, and only Olsen needed to be doubled, if he's not in protection. You want to argue terminology? Go argue it somewhere else. This thread is about how every team knows to beat us by following the preceding paragraph. How many times has this strategy been used against us? How many times have we tried to make that strategy not work against us?
  2. Shula unrest

    Ever since our one loss in 2015, teams have used the same strategy to defeat us. In the 11 losses since then, have you seen changes in our game plan? Or are we doing the same thing, hoping for a different result? Like I said a few pages ago, Shula has his strengths. Whoever said his offense is simple... just stop. His offense is quite complex. But even greater than his strengths is his unwillingness or inability to adjust. We're doing the same poo and we WILL see the same results.
  3. Shula unrest

    This was true in 2013. We stopped trying to put together long sustained drives a while back. His offense is generally above average between the 20s, on first and second down. As soon as he's in a long yardage situation or in the redzone, the wheels come off of this thing. That's where people's issues arise. There are simple adjustments that can be made, but Shula doesn't make them. Super Bowl 50 was a perfect example of this. It was a one score game for most of the night. In a one score game, Shula assumes his game plan is working and will not make a change. Everyone watching knew 7 step drops and deep routes were killing us. But Shula... he didn't see that.
  4. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, that should be 2, 3, and 4. I mean the first one is ok, but 2 through 4 are all about Jason. 4 is widely regarded as the best movie in the series.
  5. Barnidge Time

    Barnidge was definitely with this regime. He left in 2013 to follow Chud to Cleveland. There's a reason nobody has signed him. We don't know what it is, but I promise you - each of the NFL GMs who haven't signed him have a reason for it.
  6. Held on marijuana and HGH possession, but is linked to the crimes. http://heavy.com/news/2017/09/kenneth-gleason-baton-rouge-racially-motivated-shootings-bruce-cofield-donald-smart/
  7. RIP:WWE Bobby The Brain Heenan..great all time heel

    He was 73? I thought he was pushing 90. Definitely an all time great. The Brain + Gorilla Monsoon were the GOAT commentator team.
  8. Cam doubters sign in here

    Why does anyone even bother replying to Fiz? I like when everyone ignores him and he tries to get edgier and edgier until someone responds. Hey Fiz. Here's that attention you were whoring for. Aaaaand it's gone.
  9. White people are angry...again...

    lol this dude clickbaited everyone (listen after the hanging)
  10. Warning: Graphic content

    . http://www.nfl.com/rulebook/protectionofpasser
  11. Eagles Need a Kicker

    Every team had a camp body at kicker who was recently cut and can be quickly called back to action. No one is going to trade for a kicker at this point in the season.
  12. Steve Smith at Taco Bell

    I've never seen a Taco Bell that clean. I call BS
  13. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    What's time warner? And back when time warner existed and had the time warner app, it only worked on your home network.
  14. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    You can cast to a roku
  15. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    According to the information from the android app, you can watch your local stations from anywhere. I'd like to read more about limitations before I commit to it. Just to be clear, it says "Take your TV with you. Watch recorded and on-demand TV, anywhere you go in the U.S." Maybe it doesn't let you watch live TV from anywhere.