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  1. Impossible to predict which postions they will be at this point. It’s also plausible Samuel,Moton and maybe even Hall can become full time starters by 2019 as well but of course we can’t bank on that.
  2. Everyone seems well aware of what our current holes for 2018 are but looking one more year into the future shows many more that will need to be filled soon. Heres every player of any significance on Offense and D under contract past this season. QB: CAM, under contract thru 2021 HB: McCaffrey under contract thru 2021 (Assuming we exercise 5th year option) WR: Torey Smith thru 2019 LT: Matt Kalil thru 2021 (potential out year for team would be after 2019 season) RG: Trai Turner thru 2021 Thats it for offensive starters, Moton and Samuel will be under contract thru 2020. DE- Addison thru 2020 DT- Short thru 2021 DT- Poe thru 2020 MLB: LUKE thru 2021 OLB- Shaq Thompson thru 2019 (we must exercise 5th year option) CB- Bradberry thru 2020(assuming we exercise 5th year option) Thats it for starters on defense. Still have Butler thru 2019, with team 5th year option for 2020, plus Corn Elder and Daeshon Hall thru 2020. We are currently scheduled to have in the neighborhood of 50+ Million in cap space next season as it sits right now. This is the most I can remember us having since 2011 following the new CBA. We will have to replace retiring players, Peppers, Davis, Ryan Kalil, and possibly Olsen as well who is scheduled to be a free agent after this year. In addition to that Funchess will have to be extended or replace by 2019 as well on top of our current holes. Next offseason is looking like it will be one of the craziest in our history.
  3. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    Colts just released Jonathan Hankins.just signed him last off-season to a 3 year 30 million deal with 14.5 guaranteed.
  4. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Also, Look at Cleveland who never seems to have a shortage of 1st and 2nd round picks. They just finished 0-16. Primarily because they don’t have a QB. I think the Jets did just fine here and apparently the Colts have confidence Luck will be back. He just won’t have Barkley to help him now
  5. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Seems like a fair trade for both teams. Jets are desperate for a QB. They recently traded Sheldon Richardson for Jermaine Kearse and Seahawks 2nd rounder. So essentially, Richardson and their 2 this year and next, secured them a top 3 pick to get themselves a QB and a WR in Kearse
  6. Gave up picks 6, 37 and 49 in 18 draft and a 2019 2nd rounder to the colts for 3rd overall pick in 18
  7. Secondary...

    That’s the opposite of the original plan. We just went out and attempted to spend big money on a secondary player.
  8. Jordan Rodriuge just reported Breelands physical was today. 0 chance at any correlation here.
  9. I think the question is more of, did we only target Poe after we found it Breeland deal wasn’t going down and we had extra money to play with? That still seems unlikely but possible I guess.
  10. Tracing back it was reported we tried to retain Star and the Poe signing was more a side effect of that, than having anything to do with Breeland.
  11. Very good question. I had wondered that myself. Depends on when the physical was actually taken.
  12. CAP Space

    Just updated my post as I forgot to add in the top 51 rule.
  13. CAP Space

    Best educated guess is roughly 7 to 7.5 Million If you care to see how I arrived at that figure, keep reading below: https://www.nflpa.com/public-salary-cap-report Has 62 players accounted for and they say we have 16.275. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers Has us at 62 players as well. They do not show Peppers or Poe's deals listed. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/ Has us at 64 players listed but no terms on Peppers or Poe yet. Being that NFLPA is the most legitimate source I'd use there numbers, then deduct the 5 million for Peppers. That would leave us at 11.275, minus whatever Poe's first year cap hit ends up being. Breeland got 24 Million over 3 years and has a 1st year cap hit of 3.9M. Poe got 27 Million over 3 years, first year cap hit has not been reported, however you can assume it's at least 1M more than Breelands (1 million more per year than Breeland). That would mean roughly a 5 Million hit in 2018. 11.275M, minus 5M = 6.275M Now here's where the top 51 rule comes in. Once those contracts are added in, it will push down contract's valued around 500k to 550k cap hits and they will no longer count against the cap. Thats 1 Million we can add back in.
  14. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    Reporter are you going to miss Olsen if he joins ESPN and retires? Huddle:
  15. Greg Olsen Retiring for Broadcasting Job?

    Its a future consideration. Not for this year! http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/16/greg-olsen-auditioning-for-television-job-with-espn/ Can you update OP @NJPanthers12 to save a meltdown over nothing.