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  1. I'm looking for the total package. I've been on the Davis bandwagon all offseason. So we are on the same page He's a top 3 for me. Fournette, Davis, Adams are who I like at 8.
  2. Ginn Jr. is quite under appreciated on this board for some reason. Filling his shoes is the biggest void remaining this offseason. I'm sorry but not sold that CJ2 or Shepard have this ability. 2 Best draft candidates here are. Davis and Ross. Davis is 6'3 210. Ross is 5'11 190 Here's a reminder of what we got from Ginn the last 2 seasons. Ross Highlights: Davis Highlights:
  3. Skip to 45 seconds on this one. You'll see a couple of good plays against the run and then a play where he drops in coverage, Winston scrambles, Addison comes up and hits him for the forced fumble.
  4. Don't let me stop you. You go way more in depth than I do. Or edit your current post in this one. Plus I only came across that video thanks to you linking that guy's twitter account in another thread. He has some very good stuff on youtube.
  5. Addison had the highest ratio of sacks to snap counts of any Defensive end last year with at least 9 sacks. 1 sack every 45.6 snaps. He averaged 31 snaps per game total last year but half of his games saw only 19-28. However as the season went on he started to see 30 or more snaps consistently and his production rose. 7 of his 9.5 sacks came in his last 7 games. There was only 2 games where he saw more than 28 snaps and came away with no sacks. That was against the cardinals in week 8 (matched up vs Veldheer) and the Skins week 15 (matched up vs Trent Williams). After doing a little more digging I found this little nugget as well. So based off this we know he only played 125 snaps in run defense. (434 total snaps,minus the 309 pass rush snaps listed above). I don't remember him being a liability against the run nor a dominant force. This helps clarify why, as the sample size is low. (Just under 9 run defensive snaps per game in 2016). His new contract seemed a bit hefty at first for a guy who's already 30 but the guaranteed money was so low (only 9 million) this makes the deal a very high/low risk reward deal for the team and possibly the best contract Gettleman has put together yet. He certainly appears to be penciled in as the starter at RDE and with the ascension we have seen in his play over the past few years he could turn into a major star in 2017. That being said, who knows how he will respond to the increased workload and potential double teams or tight ends coming into chip block him. Either way it creates a new matchup problem for our opponents and at least for 2017 our front 7 looks to poised to return to a dominant level assuming we stay healthy. As someone who's not shy to criticize Gettleman when I disagree with his moves, I must give him props on his quick fix for our 17 D-line. He really played his cards well here in locking up Addison to a very good deal before the free agent frenzy started and going out getting Pepper's,plus being humble enough to swallow his pride and admit the mistake Ealy while still salvaging some value out of him. btw. the guy who made the above video has some other really nice one's featuring other players and the team as whole.
  7. Well I hope he took the time to ask him about Stewart's deal while we had him on the phone. We want the details!
  8. You are all over this. Just want to add my thoughts to this. 2018 was a voidable year much like Gross' was and Kalil's was before he re-did his deal last year. We were already slated to have dead money of 1.5 million in 2018. I can tell by the change in the NFLPA salary cap report we reduced his 17 cap hit by about 2.75 Million. So he goes from a 8.2 Million cap hit in 17 to a 5.5 Million cap hit. So we must have reduced his "base salary" for 17 in exchange for: His base salary goes down from 5.5 Million (not guaranteed at all) to 2.75 million fully guaranteed. In exchange for this his deal now runs through 2019 and 2018 is no longer an automatically voidable deal. 2019 may still be voidable? Need to see more details before we can truly analyze this deal. What is his now 18 and 19 salary's and are any of it guaranteed? The running back market is ice cold right now and Stewart virtually had 0 leverage at all. Gettleman may have been able to capitalize on this and approached Stewart about an outright paycut. Stewart knew he wouldn't get the 5.5 million salary he was set to make here anywhere else so why not stay here and take his real market value? Be very interesting to see the details on this, but again Gettleman had all the leverage in the world on this one and I have no reason to believe he didn't capitalize and struck a very good deal for the team here.
  9. Cam- 5th year option exercised on 24th of April (couldn't find official announcement date but did that even need to be announced ahead of time?Of course not, biggest no brainer in franchise history). Luke- 5th year option exercised on April 25th of April (announced he would do so on march 24th) Star- 5th year option exercised on April 26th (announced we would do on march 22nd) Todays date March 24th Still plenty of time to do this and as Toomers alluded to, it's not guaranteed until after the first day on the league year, so that pretty much makes it a no brainer unless: 1. If we renege and cut him before the 1st day of the league year, I assume we wouldn't be in consideration for a comp pick, since he wasn't technically a free agent loss as we'd have to cut him before the league year starts in this scenario. 2. We know we value him long term and can work a better cap friendly long term deal ahead of that time. All that being said, we have officially exercised the option on every first round pick 5 days before the draft started. 2017 NFL is April 27th. If we have not announced intentions to do so or officially exercised the option by April 23rd, then it will get interesting, until that point I believe it's safe to assume we will retain him for the 5th year.
  10. NFLPA had us a 11.1 million yesterday. Now we are at 13.8 in cap space. So this moved saved us 2.7 for this year. That's all I got for now. Need more details on the future cap implications before passing any judgment. Either way congrats to Stewart on his new born daughter and increased job security.
  11. OJ Howard. Don't think I'll have to sweat this one at all.
  12. Before I could even get to "OTA's" my heart stopped. Glad it's nothing new or major
  13. Head coach makes that call. Just as he does on deciding when to go for it on 4th down.