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  1. Just watched some of his games. I really like this guy a lot. Seems most scouts have him as a second rounder but I could easily seem him go 1st round. May even be a potential trade back target for us.
  2. Damn, so glad you responded. I need to go back and watch Goodwin. My brain is mush right now. Spent most of the day watching games and I confused him with Samuel I believe. I'll check him out tomorrow and get back to you.
  3. Can't say I love any of those scenarios. A. got ruined when I saw Goodwin at 40. My dream draft while balancing the realistic options goes. 8. Corey Davis WR ( Assuming Fournette,Thomas and Adams are gone). 40. Teez Tabor CB 64. Evan Engram TE 75. Tarell Basham DE via trade (package 112,152,192 and 242) 98. Wayne Gallman RB
  4. Ok man. You already shamed yourself enough into having to create this alt. I'm not going to argue with you. All I have said is that i'd rather package picks outside of the top 100 to get more inside of it. You disagree with that apparently. Gentleman does not disagree and has done exactly what I suggested in the last 3 drafts.
  5. And Tom Brady was picked 199th! Its an argument that does not hold weight. So yes possible to get a good player late and even undrafted. Your odds are still better when picking higher. If you package 112,152 and 192, that puts you in the mid 70's. To me I think a guy in the mid 70's has a better chance of helping us short and long term than a combo of 3 of those later picks. Its the whole Quarter over 2 dimes argument. You are playing the odds here. Even Gettleman admitted it becomes a crap shoot after round 3 to a degree. Said something to the effect that you are trying to find out why guys in 1-3 can't succeed. Vs 4-7 where you are just looking for a reason for optimism on why they can make it.
  6. I'm all in on packaging picks after 98 to move up at some point. Really isn't even a knock on Gettleman. It's just very hard to find a player in rounds 4-7. I haven't done the research but I bet we have had more players make the roster and start from undrafted free agents than we have from picks in rounds 5-7.
  7. You and me both! I would love to see what Gettleman does here. One of the things that intrigued me the most, when asked about the drop off in talent after Garrett and Thomas at DE, he said he didn't think it was a big drop at all. Not sure if that means he doesn't think that highly off Thomas or if he thinks higher of Barnett and or other DE's than most.
  8. I think the Fournette train started to lose steam when someone mentioned his lack of carries out of Shotgun. This is a valid concern and even caused me to pause of my enthusiasm on Fournette. However he's just too damn good to worry about that. He's more in the same mold of Stewart who's currently been running out of Shotgun more than any other back in play for us at 8. McCaffrey may have run more out of Shotgun but its not his bread and butter either. If you want a back who has experience running out of a similar system, wait until later and grab Kamara or even later and grab Gallman (very under rated imo). Both of those players primarily ran out of the gun and were good at it. Also, many dream of McCaffrey being some amazing weapon out of the slot and reduces our burden of having to find a competent WR. This simply is something I can't agree with. He caught the ball for just over 300 yards last year and I'd be willing to be 75% or more of those yards came from passes within 3 yards of the los or from behind it. Then the final factor that boosted McCaffrey's stock, had nothing to do with him. Dalvin Cook's character concern's and reported abuse of dogs made the huddle turn its back on him (including me). That being said if we are going based on talent alone, Cook is better than McCaffrey. Lastly, I want to mention the most hypocritical thing I see on here regarding these 2. "Our o-line sucks and Shula isn't smart enough to utilize a good offensive player". Thats a cliff notes quote of what is often said around here. If you really believe Shula is that bad and don't think our o-line will improve, then this the biggest reason of all to pass on McCaffrey. Stanford made McCaffrey the focal point of their offense and did everything they could to get him open in space and often at the cost of eliminating the threat of a pass down the field. Unless Shula changes the playbook drastically to play to his strengths much like Stanford did, then he'd be a colossal waste of pick 8. Even then he'd still be a waste.
  9. We actually agree then. I think it is rigged against minorities when speaking in general terms. That just so happens to coincide with the big picture of money protecting anyone regardless of race.
  10. These are the only 5 players I believe are in play at 8 above a corner and not necessarily all or any beat out a corner. This list is not in any specific order but just as the names came to me. If for some reason we trade down from 8 it may be for a different player, but you guaranteed we won't move at all, so that would then cancel this bet. 1.Corey Davis 2.Jamal Adams 3.Malik Hooker 4.Soloman Thomas 5.Derrick Barnett So thats the bet. We pick one of those guys or any corner. Since you already agreed without terms. I'm willing to create a sig, acknowledging I lost this bet to you. You really don't have to do anything if you lose, as I think you are taking the bigger gamble here. Edit @15 . Forgot to quote you.
  11. Money knows no color. If you are rich you can get away with crimes others can't. The justice system says innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. People with money, regardless of race can find a good lawyer to create strong reasonable doubt for you. People without money can't unless they get lucky. The whole system in the U.S is rigged to favor people with money over their race. You pick a rich white person who you think is a racist or a rich black person who you think is racist towards white people. Give them a choice of a bum on the street the same race as them to have dinner with their family or an affluent person of the opposite race and you know who they will choose.
  12. Sounds like easy money to me. In other words don't do it lol.
  13. I'd make the corner bet, with one caveat. I get to pick at least 5 players who have to be off the board first.
  14. We won't. Gentleman said the rhetorical question he asked himself about moving up" is it worth the 2nd or 3rd rounder it would cost you?" That finally confirms and makes an ass of anyone lying about sources telling them we talked to San Fran about pick 2, as a 2nd or 3rd won't move you that far.
  15. Also want to add, another thing I found very cool for fans of draft If you click to watch the videos on youtube vs through draft you can copy and paste the youtube link into From there you can create as many gifs as you want. I've got some really good gif's on Corey Davis I've made doing that and I am far from technically savvy on the internet.