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  1. That is definition of a TEAM! Thread title did not lie.
  2. Lasagna confirms this.
  3. That may be true and good for them if that's the case. Everyone should follow suit for their own sake .
  4. Is it fair to say many said the same during Obama's years? To me there's so many agenda's and behind the scenes stuff going on it's hard to weed through all the BS. So I just choose to ignore most of the political news. Again maybe that makes me an idiot in the eyes of some, however I have enough stuff so stress about and I choose to focus on things under my control.
  5. Cool. Bottom line is I have no business straying from the Panthers forum. I could give a poo about politics and maybe that makes an ignorant idiot. However sometimes ignorance is bliss. I didn't lose any sleep or endure any extra stress over "evil Obama" or the "evil Trump". That being said, I am entertained by all the partisan craziness.
  6. Amazing to me that if you watch roughly 50 episodes, you are 1000 X more likely to successfully pull off a crime if you were inclined to do so.
  7. To me that's what it seems so many on this Forum do. Not just as a causal thing either but obsessively. Again it's not exclusive to one side. They both do it when their party isn't in the WH. I saw it all over facebook and can remember it going on all the way back to the Clinton days (born in 83). Now with social media is just more in your face 24/7 and just insane how some people let politic's affect them in such a negative way when they don't have to. Their is such an appetite for this kind of thing tho, because without it Headline News would still report news vs playing forensic files non stop and all the other bigs ones wouldn't be so successful as they just pick one side to pander to and even worse incite them.
  8. Fair point. However wouldn't you agree at a certain point being so obsessed with rooting for the President to fail for your own entertainment (not saying you directly ) is 1. Dumb and 2. Flat out unhealthy
  9. Notice the date? Ever see any outrage then? Or this time when the White House showed complete incompetence. I only post this, because I'm intrigued that so many are obsessed with politics and root for one side religiously likes it's a sport. Just seems like so many wake up to search for any bit of bad news they can find about the President and bitch to anyone that will listen. Supporters of both parties are guilty of this. So I'm not attacking one side or the other.
  10. Did anyone notice TD and Shaq were both on the field for all of those plays shown? Looking back at snap counts nobody has played more than TD over the past 5 years and it's not even close. He rarely comes off the field. Over 90% average of d snaps played over past 4 seasons. Nothing short of incredible for a guy who's come back from 3 ACL tears. I still think we will see plenty of TD he may just sit an 1-2 extra series a game.
  11. These videos should help you visualize the potential impact McCaffrey and Samuel can have for us next year. Going to be a long summer waiting to see these guys in action in the fall. Top speed players in 2016. Panthers 17 draft class:
  12. I just watched the football life on Curtis Samuel last night. Had it stored on the DVR but never cared enough to watch until Gettleman said McCaffrey was the best instinctual runner or something like that since Curtis Samuel who was the best he had ever seen. Needless to say Samuel tore it up his rookie year and helped take the Pats to the Superbowl and was an obvious favorite of Parcells, who he eventually followed to the Jets.
  13. Short Answer: Around 30 Million Long Answer: Depends on how much the cap increases. If it increases like it has been should be somewhere in the 175-182 range. We have 162 committed on paper for 47 players next year. Lets say say the league sets the 2018 cap at 178. That would leave us 16 million plus about 16 million we are scheduled to roll over in to next year. That would put us at 32 Million if we don't use any more space this year. However, those figure's don't include any dead money we have for 2018. I know TD's contract has a voidable year next year (reason he's scheduled to be a free agent). Dead money from his deal next year will be 3.2 Million. Didn't see any but not certain there aren't other deals structured this way they may cause more dead money. In 18 Ryan Kalil and Olsen have large cap numbers. If we extend them we can lower their cap hits a nice chunk. If Oher isn't on the roster we would save another 5 Million in cap space in 18 as well. Lasty a decision will need to be made on Stewart too as we could save 3.75 next year if we release him after the season.
  14. Saw this regarding Davis. If we wants to keep playing I say we bring him back for a couple more years. He's 34 now but still playing at a top level. We also have other key players who's contracts will be expiring soon, so a lot of tough/interesting decisions will be made over the next 11 months. Most notable 2018 Free Agents: Thomas Davis, Star, Norwell and Turner. Franchise tag's for Guards and DT's is nearly identical at 13.6 -13.7MM. Who would you prioritize in bringing back?