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  1. 1. Pacman did nothing wrong 2. Kudos to his sister for trying her ass off to keep him out of trouble 3. The camera man let us down.
  2. panther4life

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    Well it’s up to us to make that statue go away now.
  3. I agree it seems thats the likely cause. That being said if the shooter was white, many on this board would absolutely be chomping at the bit to politicize it or make it about race at the bare minimum. Clearly I'm not big into politics hence the reason I don't post in here much but I can't help but watch some in here treat politics like its a sport with 2-3 teams and watch them make outrageous claims likes its a smack forum between panther fans and an NFC south rival. Some of the things that drive me nuts when a tragedy happens like a school shooting, a lot of people get excited over it because it gives them a reason to get political about it. Prime example was CRA jumping to conclusions about the recent mass shooting at the newspaper and chomping at the bit to blame Trump for it. Or when a black suspect get's shot by a white cop, instead of mourning the death of the victim, people love to come in here and use that as a platform to stereotype all cops as trigger happy racist. Theres no denying racism exist and plenty of racist are wearing badges but that does not mean all cops are that way. I don't know the stats but I'd imagine there hundreds if not thousands of black people arrested by white cops daily without incident, not to mention those who likely get out of a ticket from a "cool cop" and get a taste of that white privilege thing. Lastly the other thing that drives me nut's is how Trump supporters get blanketed as white racist who are the scum of the earth. Again there's no doubt some unsavory racist pieces of poo who support him but they do not represent the majority who do, so the stereotyping is played out.
  4. Everyone can agree this is a horrible tragic event. That being said you can't expect a reaction out of this place, considering those who post in here a lot. The perp was not white, and was not killed by police. There is no political slant for them to take and get all hyperbolic over.
  5. panther4life

    Shooting at newspaper

    I agree. I assume everyone else on this forum is just trolling the other side with their extreme's but it seems as if he's really lost it.
  6. panther4life

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    OP was obviously motivated to post this to embarrass someone who said Shaq was a bust or OP has lost his mind lol. 1. Shaq is a good starting caliber LB. I can't think of any 4-3 teams where he'd not be a starter. 2. He's already a starter, don't know why anyone else would think he's not.
  7. Thanks, I edited in bold for clarity.
  8. If you use a 5 season qualifier then the only retired players to play exclusively for us their entire career are: Gross, 11 seasons Charles Johnson, 11 seasons Minter 10 seasons Hoover 10 seasons Mangum, 10 seasons Gamble, 9 seasons Rucker, 9 seasons Goings, 8 seasons Morgan, 7 seasons Biakabutuka, 6 seasons Active players with at least 5 seasons of service exclusively with us TD, 12 Seasons Kalil, 11 Cam, 7 Luke,6 Addison, 6 Short, 5 Horton,5 Overall, Kasay (15 seasons) and Smith(13 seasons) still lead the franchise in total seasons and games played for the franchise. After this season Peppers will join Muhammad(11 seasons) and Stewart (10 seasons) as the only other players to spend 10 years here not listed above
  9. panther4life

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    Hip hop is different now and beef poo is played out to me. I agree if you had to pick a winner its clearly Pusha from a lyrical and exposure standpoint.
  10. I've always been of the school of thought that the 5 most important positions are. QB Edge rusher, DE or 3-4 LB OT WR CB I can't not see WR falling any lower than number 5 on that list anytime soon.
  11. I think so. Its a passing league. Every team builds around the idea of passing the ball and defending the passing game. This is why pass rushing DT's get paid more than Run stuffing DT's.
  12. I prefer to follow the money trail. WR's have the third highest franchise tag value, behind QB AND DE. Just out of curiosity, how would you rank NFL positions by value?
  13. I read the Bucky Brooks article. He just said teams are saying you can find receivers outside of the first round, so you don't have to reach for them. If you follow the money trail then you can see that WR's are not being devalued. The same can not be said for RB, which is what the whole conversation is about. 5 Wide receiver: $1.6 million Wide receivers are sometimes labeled as divas or ball hogs who get upset when passes don’t come their way. That’s hardly the case, and they’re more important now than ever before. The prototypical receiver has become bigger, faster and more precise in route running, exemplified by a guy like Julio Jones or A.J. Green. There are also smaller receivers like Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr., who win with quickness, speed and the ability to get open with ease. Regardless of which type your team has as its No. 1 receiver, it’s a very important position despite the false stereotypes that come with being a wideout. Getty Images Getty Images https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/gallery/nfl-position-importance-ranking-value-every-player-053117 It's a holiday and I am not bored enough to argue back and forth with you on this. So it sounds like we will have to agree to disagree. Have a good day!
  14. Thats a horrible argument. Only 2 D.E's were taken in the first round this year. Does that mean the league is devaluing them? Number 1 receivers are not being devalued at all. They are actually increasing in value. Supply and Demand. Every team has a number 1 receiver by default but that does not mean they have the talent to be a universal number 1.
  15. panther4life

    Rap/Hip-Hop purveyors, here's a song. What you think?

    You get it. The younger generation does not. They have no clue how good rap used to be. Was talking to some co-workers in their 20's last year and they had 0 clue what Jay-Z's first album was, but can tell you all about these garbage rappers today. We are talking about the same generation who swears Lebron is the goat, but never saw the real goat in real time (Jordan). There's a small handful of decent rappers out there today and probably some hidden gems I don't have the time or care level to seek out. This song came out in 06 and it proves to be fact more and more as time goes on.