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  1. That much is obvious. I am just intrigued/curious to know just how lucky we got, according to our board. For instance,did we have him rated highly enough that if we picked at 20, he still would have been the pick, if no acceptable trade offers came in?
  2. From the sounds of it looks like he was a top 15 player or better on their board.
  3. Was Shaq Lawson rated above Butler to your knowledge?
  4. Any idea of other players we would have taken over Butler, had they fallen as well?
  5. Enough people disagree with my interpretation. Can someone kindly explain how I am not comprehending things here.
  6. That article states we elevated him to our number 1 target after Jackson was taken.
  7. The full article seems to imply that pretty strongly. This picks up where the last part I quoted left off. Pick 25 was Artie Burns the CB that went to Pittsburgh and 26 was Paxton Lynch who I doubt we had as an option. So unless Artie was on the board as well, it seems like Jackson III would have been the guy over Butler.
  8. At least thats what I gathered from this article on the panthers website. Here is an excerpt and the full article is well worth a read as it breaks down the final moments and the 5 picks preceding us. So from that I gather we had William Jackson III rated above him. Would be interesting to know the other players we had above him on our board as well.
  9. If anybody got put on notice its Kyle Love. He only has 80K Guaranteed and thats all he would cost us in dead money if cut. Soliai got 3 million guaranteed and would cost us that much to cut. Love is 29 and Solai is 32 already. They are not core, long term players for your team. Short and Star have proven they deserve to be here long term. I'd have to imagine with them already on the roster and other more pressing needs, they must have valued Butler miles ahead any of those positions. So while it is excessive, if he turns out to be the caliber of star and short then it can be a good pick. The obvious is it provides us insurance in the case of Injury to one of them. The other factor that hopefully never comes into play, is we may ultimately let 1 or both(highly unlikely) walk over salary demands like we did with Norman.
  10. I don't care for too much network tv, but am like you prefer to binge if I find a show I like, vs waiting for it to air live every week. HBO: The wire, Game of Thrones, Sopranos, True detective season 1, Boardwalk empire(never personally made it to the end and not even sure how close I got but was still a great show), Rome, Kenny Powers. Showtime: Homeland,Billions, Dexter.
  11. Current cap space

    35 million. After paying draft class falls to 30.8 million. Currently slated to have 60 million in 17. Time to lock up short and star before they hit the open market.
  12. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Start naming elite corners under 30. Norman, Peterson, Sherman. crickets.
  13. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    I am not a blind Gettleman worshiper, however I due agree with him on the decision to pull the tag. Just too much to invest for a year rental. Also had potential to cause a locker room distraction, or even could hurt Normans play if the situation got in his head too much. I was pissed when they franchised Hardy(before the domestic abuse news broke), knowing there was little to 0 chance a long term deal could work out. That year we could have actually spent the money on offensive tackle help, instead of blaming cap hell for rolling with Bell and Chandler.