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  1. The Braves

    Thanks for the info, I was actually shocked to see Simmons traded, I thought he would be untouchable but I guess Freeman is the only one. Didn't really recognize the names right away, but it seems like a good prospect haul (because that's all the Braves are interested in) . This front office will either look like geniuses in a couple of years or will have destroyed the franchise for many years to come.  I'll miss Simmons a lot. You'll learn to love watching him play. His bat has never developed like hope, but he has shown some more pop recently. While he doesn't score a lot of runs, he will save you a lot.   
  2. The Braves

    Crazy about Tommy Hanson, dead at 29. The guy looked like he had a ton of potential when he was called up.
  3. Not too much going on here. For the first time in my life, I'm actually ready for classes to start up again... Hope everything is going well with you.

  4. What's going on man? :cheers2: