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  1. Joscott added a post in a topic The Braves   

    Yeah, after a promising start, this team has been horrible after the all star break. Between the trades and injuries, they turned out right where I think we thought they would be. Sending Gomes in to pitch last night was the ultimate topper on this season. 
    The most baffling of all is Gonzales got extended during all this. If they really consider keeping him around for the 2017 season, I don't think it will be as fun as originally anticipated. 
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  2. Joscott added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    Not giving Boykin time with the 1's seems pretty telling. 
    He may be one of our best receivers (which may not say much), but this staff seems pretty loyal to guys like Brown and Bersin. Even with the preseason he's had, it looks like it going to be tough to make the roster...which is probably a mistake on our part. Cotchery won't be cut.
    Bersin hasn't done anything to lose a roster spot, but Brown has me worried. He showed a lot of potential last year, but those mental problems can be hard to overcome. 
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  3. Joscott added a post in a topic The Strain - FX   

    I was into it the first couple of episodes, but dear lord that acting is horrible. Lost interest quick. 
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  4. Joscott added a post in a topic The Braves   

    They are doing what they need to against these bottom teams to put them in decent position at the All Star break. AJ and Maybin have been big after the loss of Freeman.
    Tough decision for the front office. Are you buyers, sellers or somewhere in between. Guys like Johnson and Grilli have pretty good trade value right now.
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