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  1. Braves Fire Fredi Gonzalez

    He was setup to fail this year, but he would have failed with a good team anyway. It was past time to move on. The writing was on the wall with opening a new stadium...lord knows they need some kind of excitement to head into next year if they want to sell tickets.
  2. Uncharted 4

    I'll admit I was a bit disappointed. It's still a great game with gorgeous graphics. The story just didn't really move me and I had a hard time really caring about Drake's brother. I would have cared much more about a Sully or Elena centralized story to go out on. Spoiler...I kept waiting for the Uncharted supernatural twist, and it just never came. Between the zombies, blue man group, and drug hallucinations, it just became part of the Uncharted charm and made me miss it in this one. Like I said, still a great game, I guess I was just expecting a little more to go out on/
  3. The Braves

    Bright side...Freddy G is as good as gone
  4. Eisen: Nortman to Jax

    I think those of you saying Brad was just average are being a bit too generous. Punting was something we could definitely look to improve and it's something that won't take too much to be better than last year. Nortman just isn't consistent and regressed during his time here.
  5. Not a great year to be a FA Rb and looking for money. Way too many names out there to be had at a bargain.
  6. Boldin is a free agent

    Why do people think that getting KB back immediately solves all our WR issues? KB will enter basically his sophomore season and could very well be a little rusty at game speed. God forbid if anything else happened, then we are right back where we started.I really hope Gettleman doesn't look at our WR position like some posters do on here. There's a difference between Brown being your #5 and Bersin being your #5. Boldin is getting up there in age, but he had a decent season with trash QB's. He's also the physical type receiver that can help in the blocking game. Probably worth kicking the tires.
  7. The Braves

    AZ looks to be in major win now mode, hope it works better for them than the Padres of last year. I didn't think the Braves would get anywhere near that value for Miller. He's goo, but not that dominate #1 to completely destroy the farm system. The Braves have now essentially traded one year of Heyward for one year of Shelby Miller and keepTyrell Jenkins,Ender Inciarte,Aaron Blair, andDansby Swanson. Not to mention they also got AZ's #1 pick from the previous year,ToukiToussaint. The Braves still wont be good next year, but the future is looking brighter.
  8. The Braves

    Thanks for the info, I was actually shocked to see Simmons traded, I thought he would be untouchable but I guess Freeman is the only one. Didn't really recognize the names right away, but it seems like a good prospect haul (because that's all the Braves are interested in) . This front office will either look likegeniuses in a couple of years or will have destroyed the franchise for many years to come. I'll miss Simmons a lot. You'll learn to love watching him play. His bat has never developed like hope, but he has shown some more pop recently. While he doesn't score a lot of runs, he will save you a lot.
  9. The Braves

    Crazy about Tommy Hanson, dead at 29. The guy looked like he had a ton of potential when he was called up.
  10. The Braves

    Yeah, after a promising start, this team has been horrible after the all star break. Between the trades and injuries, they turned out right where I think we thought they would be. Sending Gomes in to pitch last night was the ultimate topperon this season. The most baffling of all is Gonzales got extended during all this. If they really consider keeping him around for the 2017 season, I don't think it will be as fun as originally anticipated.
  11. The Braves

    They are doing what they need to against these bottom teams to put them in decent position at the All Star break. AJ and Maybin have been big after the loss of Freeman. Tough decision for the front office. Are you buyers, sellers or somewhere in between. Guys like Johnson and Grilli have pretty good trade value right now.
  12. The Braves

    Losing Freeman wasn't something this team could overcome. And now with Perez out, looks even worse.
  13. The Braves

    Wisler looked really good and Perez has done nicely since moving from the pen. Hopefully we get 'good' Teheran today and can sweep the Mets before heading into the Nats series. Oh, and the Braves basically gave the DBacks some money for their first round pick last year. Yet another top pitching prospect, 19 years old, that can get up to 97on his fastball.
  14. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Holy cliffhangers. I'm used to them setting up the next season by now, but it's like every storyline left off with no resolution. Not complaining, just a lot to take in for one episode. I'mguessing Melisandre could pull something similar to what Thoros did for Beric. Hard to imagine him being gone for good. The amount of revenge next season will be off the charts.
  15. The Braves

    ​Looks like they'll be using that international money for position players now. Gotta wonder if they are thinking about selling high on a guy like Perez, but I doubt it while still in the divisional race. Kolby Allard hopefully gets over his back issue because the potential there is exciting. I'm officially going to start to wonder how will replace Gonzo at the end of the year when his contract is up. The bullpen is awful, but the way he manages it is a joke.