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  1. Is star regressing or are injuries to blame?

    He has always had the same role. He didn't just change positions but his impact just isn't the same. You can argue my knowledge of the game all you want but by his numbers are down. So if u think I am saying he  should be benched no.  I am only looking at his development as a player. He hasn't been as dominate as he was and to say he is performing at a high level is debatable.  
  2. Is star regressing or are injuries to blame?

    I know what his job is and that he is not a pass rusher. But it can be argued he applied much more pressure and was a dominate for against run where he was routinely seen making tackles for a loss. This year I would say he has been average. Not sticking out either way.
  3. Title speak for itself. Not that I'm am calling for his head or anything but, it is clear he is not the same dominate force we are use to him being the last few years. He is eating up blocks as well as ever but that penetration and winning against the double team isn't there this year.    So is this what we should expect for the rest of his career? Have injures robbed him of what was once a bright future? Or will we see a return to form next year? What say you?
  4. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    So... no room for biz or vonleh but .....tyler fug yeah!!
  5. Batum to Hornets, Hendo + Vonleh to Portland

    Mario Hero or but for me.
  6. What's ignorant about my statement from a player who almost got suspended a game by his own team during his Heisman run because of his actions? Buying stolen goods, taking money, etc.

  7. double trouble advocate..