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  1. Top 30 players left after Round 1

    Hunter Henry or Derick Henry please
  2. Butler selection Presser, 7 teams tried to trade

    Usually the non flashy pick is the best pick. I was sold when I watched Butler toss a guard like a rag doll for a sack during the senior bowl game.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    When Gman says he doesn't reach, he means it. I love his BPA philosophy. This guy bench pressed and tossed one of the guards during the senior bowl game. This kid is a beast. We got a top 20 talent at 30, I'm not going to argue that
  4. Poll: who do the Panthers draft tonight

    Joey Bosa or Jalen Ramsey
  5. Jaylon Smith?

    nothing more than a 5th. Poor kid got unlucky
  6. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Marquise Williams ftw!....
  7. Would rather have Pharoh Cooper honestly
  8. If Cravens or D Henryis the pick at 30, I'm sure there will be a small meltdowncommunity on this board
  9. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    Ehh who cares. Just don't do it again Cap. Everyone in this thread has probably gone just as fast as that before.
  10. Cam at Braves game

    BREAKING NEWS: Cam newton just made some Top Ramen
  11. Gettlemen offered Norman just above 10 mill per season

    After thinking about it, I just don't understand the Panthers' thought process here. They lose NOTHING by keeping the tag. - The extra cap space is meaningless this late into the offseason with all of the major FA's scooped up (and we for damn sure could've used some OL/WR/DB depth). - If Norman holds out then we don't have to pay him - He isn't going to purposely play poorly because he would've missed out on his payday next year I completely understand not giving him a big contract. He isn't a proven commodity (yet) and plays arguably the most volatile position in football where stars fade in & out on a yearly basis. Not many corners out there that you can realistically expect to produce at a high level every year. But ****in' a. Just keep him for one season and let him walk. Gman ust let an all-pro at a premium position walk to prove a point.
  12. Draft Availability / POLL - Round 1

    1a-Kevin Dodd 1b- Josh Doctson
  13. Desean would be Tedd Ginn without the million dropped TD's. Oh lawd
  14. You just went full retard. I'm not even mad, I'm actually impressed
  15. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Norman is a way better pure cover corner. PP is just flashy. He should shut his egotistical mouth