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  1. Kakarot added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Probably the Bills game in 2013. I knew they were going to march down the field and score the winning TD, but for some reason I still went ballistic when it happened. I just remember being surrounded by other Bills fans giving me hell afterwards, and me storming out of the bar. 
    That Arizona game was bad, also. I've never been good at losing. I went off on this Cowboys fan telling him to stfu cause he wasn't even from Dallas. I remember cutting the game off after I believe Jakes 3rd int, and wasn't heard from again until the next week.
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  2. Kakarot added a post in a topic Which current coach would you want to play for?   

    Mike Tomlin. Seems like a no-nonsense type of guy, but knows how to have fun at the same time. Plus he seems like the type that has his players backs. 
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  3. Kakarot added a post in a topic Coach on Robert Griffin III: 'There's no coming back. He is done'   

    I hope he's able to bounce back.  He's def a cornball and a square, but I do want to see him have some success.
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  4. Kakarot added a post in a topic Last week of the offseason   

    Tears of joy! Thank God the offseason's about done.
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  5. Kakarot added a post in a topic Panthers vs Browns replay on @1:30   

    I see Stewart running wild this upcoming season, and I see our overall run game dominating.
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  6. Kakarot added a post in a topic So who really is the best player in the league?   

    Richard Sherman or Calvin Johnson
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  7. Kakarot added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    I applaud him for this, but man...
    After seeing some of Ciara's music videos, it would be hard for me to be around her, sleeping next to her, and contain the crowbar. This chick has a music video on how she likes to ride. Plus she was quick to give it up to Future, Bow Wow, and others. That would mess with my head. I'm happy for both of them, and hope they're able to accomplish this.
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  8. Kakarot added a post in a topic What would be a disappointing season for you?   

    I expect NFCCG. Been in the divisional round 2 years straight. It's time to move up.
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  9. Kakarot added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin is Fat...   

    Flex on them KB!
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  10. Kakarot added a post in a topic Florida State dumps QB   

    So she called him the N word? Not surprised at that, if true. Smh...
    He shouldn't have hit her, but she was in the wrong as well. It looks like she knee'd him in the groin. So she does that, raises her fists like she's going to hit him, and calls him the N word. My pop told me to never hit a female, but I would've been tempted. 
    Anyways, everybody just needs to learn to keep your hands to yourself. Both man and woman. I hope he's able to land somewhere and work his way back up. I know his dream is NFL ball, and I hope he eventually gets there.
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  11. Kakarot added a post in a topic Free Agent signings/rumors/post whatever you got thread   

    Just happy the Pels locked up AD. They should be fun to watch next season. 
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  12. Kakarot added a post in a topic Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll   

    Let Winslow and Booker go, smh. 
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  13. Kakarot added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    I used to be a big Lebron hater, but his playoff run has changed my view. If he gets this Cavs team a ring, then he's the GOAT imo. 
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  14. Kakarot added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    I wanna see Lebron get another ring. Curry and Thompson...fug those light brites lol
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  15. Kakarot added a post in a topic Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Cavs might lose game 4 on purpose, and avoid sweeping the Hawks, just to give Kyrie a little more time to get healthy. 
    Lebron is amazing. His stat line from last night is crazy! He's going to carry his team to a possible sweep over the #1 seed. 
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