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  1. Learning experience for the kid. He didn't let me down. I understand as humans, we act irrational at times. Hell, I was a sore loser when my gal caught more fish than me on a fishing outing once. Acted pissy and she doesn't let me forget it ha. His daddy probably told him he could've handled it better.
  2. Hornets Win PIE up 3-2 Now

    Glad I'm not coach, because I was telling my friend at the bar that Batum needed to come out and shouldn't have been playing. WTF do I know? Haha. Those 3's were huge
  3. Cliff fires shots at the Heat

    Really surprised floppin Wade didn't get that call at the end. One of the most crying a** players in the league
  4. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Both Jordan and Cho are responsible for this. Jordan has quietly become a good owner, and fans have always been too quick to judge Cho. He's done well since he's been here. People don't realize how hard it is to hit in the NBA draft. Both have quietly been building a decent Charlotte squad that should contend in the east for some years
  5. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    That's game!
  6. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Knock em down Kemba
  7. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    That's clutch!
  8. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

  9. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Lee should have made that
  10. Your final predictions (#30)

    Corey Coleman
  11. I really hope our team is not one of the teams doing this.
  12. Damn, everyone is leaving ESPN. Once my baby Molly Qerim leaves, I'll have no use for the station anymore.
  13. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    One of my favorite Panthers. I hate he left the game so soon, but I understand his decision. Gamble was a lunch pail guy. Did his job, and you didn't hear much out of him. Played corner in high school, and wore 20 because of him. Glad the panthers reached out to him, and yea, it's probably going to be a CB picked.
  14. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    One. Russell is not broke. An older gentleman that I worked with is from Mobile, still lives there,and knows the Russell family well. Was around him from the time he was a little boy, up until now. Two. I hope he does get another shot. Atleast a tryout. I believe in giving people chances, and sometimes it takes some individuals quite a few chances before they get it right. Do I think he's able to come back and start in the league? No. I do think he's good enough to be a second or third string guy. Honestly, I think it's too late for Russell, but I do hope he atleast gets a tryout. I just believe he's doing this because he doesn't like the way he went out. Wants to right some of his wrongs and change people's perception of him
  15. Courtney Lee Appreciation Thread

    Great addition. Hope he stays beyond this year. Sidenote.... @HeatCheckThose hornet teal jerseys are so dope. Best uni's in the city. Dope Avi man.