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  1. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    I honesty believe that Bersin is better than Cotchery. What we need to find out is can he offer more than Hill and Philly Brown. We already know Benjamin, Ginn and Funchess are locks so the final 2-3 spots will be Cotchery, Hill, Brown and Boykin. Hill and Brown offer speed but Brown and Boykin offer special teams exp. Boykin and Cotchery offer experience.
  2. Rookie Camp MVP - Damiere Byrd

    I wonder how much speed he will loose if he adds about 10 pounds?
  3. I am happy we got Williams. I don't know if he would have been available when we picked so trading up was a good idea in my opinion. I believe Williams could end up one of the best tackles in the draft.
  4. Final Panthers Mock Draft

    If we could get Gurley, Smith and Hardy I would be very happy. Add Daryle Williams in the 4th, and James sample in the fifth I would believe our team had a perfect draft.
  5. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    Here's a scouting report on Martin. Ironically his pro comparison is Jordan Gross. Wouldn't it be great if Gross could give Martin some tips and leadership since he still sticks around the team. http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2012jmartin.php
  6. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    I'm confused, I read Martin started 9 games but someone said he started 7 last season so which one is right?
  7. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    Seattle claimed him off of our practice squad if I remember correctly.
  8. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    For those who are complaining would you rather us have Chandler and Foucault as back ups? No let me guess you would rather us spend a few million on a injured Jake Long because he was good four years ago. How about spend 5+ million on Barksdale? Or we could claim a former 2nd rounder by just taking on his rookie contract of about 1 million. This was a great move by Gettleman. He isn't going to be the starter unless he earns it and if he can beat out Reammers then he deserves to start. I don't care about what happend two years ago because that is the past.
  9. Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    Can he play OT... Oh wait. Well he is automatically better than Chandler and was decent as a starter last year with Kaepernick as their QB. It may not be a rockstar pick but it puts us in a better position come draft time. He will be a better tackle than any rookie we draft and will battle Reamers for the RT position. This gives us decent depth. Also is cheaper than signing an injured Jake Long or Barksdale. Good signing.
  10. I defiantly see Cotchery gone unless we don't sign or draft a WR. I guess the same could be said of Cole and Harper but I don't see them being cut unless we draft a solid replacement. Harper did play well in the second half of the season and finished in the upper half of safeties according to pff. So do we keep him and just use him part time? Tolbert would save a lot of money but we don't have a solid vet would could replace him. I would love for us to sign James Casey as his replacement. He can play TE and can play the H-back role while being an above average blocker. Loosing Tolbert would take away some of our toughness.
  11. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    I believe we will still try to sign Gachkar after all he can really help our special teams and can play all linebacker spots. We need linebacker depth so we could kill two birds with one stone by signing Gachkar.
  12. Panthers In No Hurry

    You forgot we signed Teddy Williams.
  13. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    We need specialized players so our starters don't get hurt on special teams. Our special teams cost us one game against the Vikings and hurt us plenty of others to a lesser extent. I just hope we have special team players who can contribute as a successful back up when called.
  14. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    Great point there. I forgot how good the chargers were statistically that year and guess who their defensive coordinator was?
  15. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    Because Hill doesn't have special teams experience. Gettleman must see something in the kid. I don't know if it's just for special teams or if he sees him competing for the nickle back role. He didn't play college football and played some WR in the NFL before jointing the Jags so he was pretty raw and may just be getting at the point where he can do something in the NFL.