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  1. I feel like we got screwed unless we end up receiving a draft pick because Vonleh has potential and we don't have much depth/ talent at PF. Hendo has been a decent back up and has shown he can start when injuries occur. Maybe we will draft a PF but why would we need a SF when we already have MKG? If Vonleh ends up being a good player I will be very mad. Honestly I am starting to question our front office. I do hope we have saved some cap room but doubt it.
  2. Hornets offseason

    I couldn't help but notice that out squad only had two players play more than 66 games which was Hendo and Marvin Williams. Injuries did put us back a lot. Kemba was playing great but he got hurt and struggled to look like the player he was before his injury. I believe big Al only played 65 games while Zeller and Biz missed a lot of games which hurt our front court. Even Lance and MKG missed a lot of time and it seemed like every time MKG was out our team was horrible which is saying how good MKG is
  3. Hornets offseason

    So now that the Hornets season has ended less discuss our offseason. Cho had a presser that says that Lance didn't work out this season and he told Lance that. Also he said that he did a lot of Pro scouting this season and he believes we will get a good player for our team. Does Cho have a plan on acquiring a new player for our team? Will Jefferson stay with us or will he opt out? So far he says he will stay but things could change. Who will we draft? Who will we resign, cut and sign? Could Lance be on his way out? Time to discuss. Personally I would love for us to get rid of Marvin Williams. Bizmack played well in short periods of time so I believe we should keep him as a back up. I don't believe we have a lot of cap space so if we plan on signing a big name we would have to cut someone.

    Plenty of NBA stars have been found later in the draft. Just because we don't have a top pick doesn't mean we won't find an all star.

    Next year!
  6. Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack

    Maybe Vonleh will be improved enough to start next year. He had a solid game the other night which has me hopeful for his future. Zeller is probably a bench player at best but I have noticed we went on a loosing streak when he got hurt so maybe he is better than I notice.
  7. We're officially tanking it out

    Boston made the playoffs which to me is shocking since they are rebuilding. Milwaukee is a shock to many but I believe that they have a solid team.
  8. Hornets officially locked into 9th worst record

    We are in the nba lottery right? I know we normally get screwed in the lottery but maybe just maybe we will get lucky this year and get a top pick. A man can dream at least
  9. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    iPhone has spell check. I'm not getting paid to write perfect so I could care less if I get your and you're confused right before I go to sleep.

    Just remember Frank was the player of the year and a senior. Okafor was in foul trouble the whole game and didn't play long in the second half. Frank couldn't even make half his field goals but yeah he dominated. I can't wait until UNC has another bad season so you can talk about how good you'll be next year.

    I thought players decide if their going pro by now. I wonder how long until we find out who's going to the NBA?
  12. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    I have seen it. There are plenty of big men who can shoot free throws, your a basketball player and practice basketball probably daily. Free throws are important so why not improve your free throw %?
  13. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Funny thing you say that because the Asian dude from the hangover went to Duke. I saw him in the 30 for 30 about Christian Laettern.
  14. Who's Your Choice?

    No way we get Hezonja and Jones without trading. I have seen Sam Dekker mocked to us in one draft but I would rather have Hezonja. I believe one reason why we suck so bad is because we never go after European players. Also I believe we should keep Hendo, Kemba and Biz.
  15. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Yes I thought Okafor was going to hurt us with his free throws. One thing I have never understood is how a professional basketball player cannot learn to shoot free throws at least to the high 60%. I have never played basketball for school or been trained and still could hit at least 60% of my free throws when I played around.