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  1. yeah, it really sucks that Samuel went down. Yeah in a 1:1 comparison between Shep and KB, there is no comparison. But as far as fit and role, I can see why the Panthers made the deal.
  2. Haha, we never disagreed on whether the Oline improved or not, we disagreed on the reason behind it. But truthfully it probably was a little of both, a little bit of just random timing of marked improvement, and a little bit more speed on the field.
  3. That's the best and most informative breakdown I've seen from RR. It is so crazy how everything feeds off of each other. With the improved run game that forces defenses to be on the field longer, makes them more tired, and also doesn't allow them only to focus on pass rush. Also, that LASER from cam to shepard was amazing.
  4. Y'all just wait and see how fast this Defense looks on that turf in N.O.
  5. The Ewing Theory

    So again, your reasoning is that we are just calling better plays and blocking better. Just randomly out of nowhere. okay.
  6. I see where you are coming from. I just believe KB not being on this offense changes the fundamentals of the team, and makes us a completely different animal.
  7. Philly Brown?

    TF? I had all pro for 2 years, never got a scooop like that!
  8. Philly Brown?

    Bring back Drew Carter.
  9. The Ewing Theory

    You fail to understand the effect of a stacked box. The reason we can afford to double team Suh, which we did on several effective running plays is because there are less defenders near the LOS. I am not expert by any means, but I was a highschool DC for two years and coached O-line for 5. I am not bragging because we are a middle of the road 2A team, but I understand the basics of defense and offensive line play.
  10. The Ewing Theory

    Okay, if you want to make an argument. That the lines play in the last two weeks, which we both had huge rushing numbers, and in 2015 when we had the leagues 2nd best rushing attack are completely unrelated to KB's absence then fine. I respectfully disagree.
  11. Yeah, I don't know any reason that he shouldn't be signed today.
  12. C'mon, this comment is very self-serving. This Dolphins team went into ATL and won. They had a chance to go 5-4. We are not talking about the Browns here. Give credit where it is due. Maybe, just maybe the KB trade does change this team and offense, like many had predicted it would. Getting a primetime win in against a .500 team is nothing to sneeze at, especially when this same team with KB couldn score against the Bears.
  13. The Ewing Theory

    Is it though? When there is at least a threat of a WR going vertical and burning the defense. The defense has to play differently. Their whole mindset changes. I liked KB, but damn the proof is in the pudding. Like objectively look at Cam's numbers when he is not playing.