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  1. I thought it was pretty loud throughout the entire game.  Definitely the first time I have felt BoA actually shaking.  I am just shaking the massive headache from screaming the whole game.   I agree with Lady P.  I was actually impressed with how many fans stayed for the presentation.  I would think 90% stayed.   Im glad Mr. Richardson hit the drum because it was a huge moment for him.  But, I don't believe he added any pregame juice like KB or someone else would have.   Not many people waved towels.   It was a massive party. 
  2. NFC Championship game eve

    I am going to be there.   My first game of the season.   Been a fan through it all.  1-15 Weinke, 2-14 Clausen,    Now it will be 17-1 Cam. 
  3. Taiwanese game preview

    Still better analysis than First Take.
  4. Panthers taking Patriots game seriously

    Hope we don't suck then. 
  5. Breaking down the league's head coaches

    Still want Tom Clements. 
  6. It has become obviously clear..

    That Rivera is not only building this team with talent, but also, and more importantly, he is building a culture. It is a culture that values hard-work, opportunity, and putting the team first. Look at two players that signify this. First, Jeff Otah, an extremely talented player, who has the potential to be a top 5 RT in this league. However, over time, it has become apparent that Otah did not have the work ethic or desire to come back from injuries, or to play through negligible amounts of pain. Next, look at Thomas Davis, who is also an extremely talented player, who had/has top 5 LB talent. However, as apparent as Otah's lack of desire was, Davis' was desire and hard-work was obvious to anyone. These moves illustrate that if even if you are 'injury prone', if you bust your ass, be a team player, and not make excuses then you will have the opportunity to prove yourself. Word of advice to new players, if you haven't already noticed, bust your ass and work to get better, than you can unseat a first round draft pick even if you are an undrafted rookie. (Byron Bell). This is how winning cultures are built.
  7. Panthers Sign G Mike Pollak

    From Colts. Per Twitter Russellmania980 Redskins Insider. Solid sign. Will compete to start. 2008 2nd round pick. Started over 40 games for Indy.
  8. Post a pic, any pic.

  9. Post a pic, any pic.

  10. Post a pic, any pic.

  11. Post a pic, any pic.
  12. Post a pic, any pic.

  13. Post a pic, any pic.