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  1. We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio

    Goof Troop
  2. Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...

    After thinking about this pick a lot.  I believe Frank's career will come down to one thing.  Can he hit the three pointer.  It opens up his whole offensive game, as well as, shows his versatility.  It will open up he entire court if he can make it.  Again if.   Kemba and Frank pick and pops could be deadly.     
  3. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    I wished I trusted the Hornets FO like I did the Panthers.
  4. Boston offering Sullinger for #9

    fug no
  5. Hornets Acquire Jeremy Lamb

    Ok then.
  6. Drafting PF makes the most sense...

    Someone pretty good is going to fall.    #9 isn't as bad as some thing, IMO.    Even like Willie-Cauley Stein could be there.  If we are going to be elite defensively then he would really help.  
  7. 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

    fug this noise.
  8. Is it possible for us to get Jimmy Butler?

    We'd have to trade a lot of pieces to make the money work.   Possible? Yes.     Likely? Nope.    Other contenders have much more to offer, and will likely be in much, much better position for him. 
  9. Hornets offseason

      Those can go together.
  10. Hornets offseason

      You could be right.     I think the biggest issue is lack of shooting.
  11. Hornets offseason

    We are never going to be a contender without better players. 
  12. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

        You make fair points.     I am probably biased because I coach right now, but I hope he is sending a message that playing time is earned and that it is a precious thing.  Especially to show that playing in the NBA is a privilege, not a right.     I do wish Cliff would play rookies too, but I think it there is a method to his madness.  
  13. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

      Switch 1 and 2.    His failures so far are much, much more do to his lack of professionalism.    His lack of professionalism is likely a big part of his lack of playing time. 
  14. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

       i agree it is very, very unlikely.      It would be much more like Cam leaving us and going to the Falcons. 
  15. Hornets officially locked into 9th worst record

    Are we officially locked into the 9th pick?   What if we win the lottery?                             oh yeah.  The NBA hates us.