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  1. Are we about to have a good O-line?
  2. PantherBrew

    3 headed monster Run game!

    Definitely the most talent we’ve had in the backfield since the prime of Dwill and stew. Its early but CMC might be better than both.
  3. PantherBrew

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Aight, I gotcha. That being said, I don't think we will cut him.
  4. PantherBrew

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Dez Bryant not having a job is not a good reason for Torry not getting another job. Two completely different personas. Are you implying that Torry would not be signed by anyone else?
  5. PantherBrew

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    I said Falcons or Saints. Why would he HAVE to be a 3rd option? He could be their 4th or 5th option, which he would almost certainly be an upgrade for both teams in those positions. Not that it matters, but someone would scoop Torry up quickly.
  6. PantherBrew

    To Torrey, or not to Torrey

    Keep in mind, when cutting him that makes him available to anyone... Saints, Falcons, would probably make room for him. With that said, I could definitely understand if they did cut him. I would prefer to negotiate a pay cut because that would probably be the best of both options for him. Maybe knock his 5 down to 2.5. He obviously won't like it, but its better than he would get on the open market right now. But damn, one or two injuries to Samuel and/or Byrd and we would be so mad about cutting him loose.
  7. PantherBrew

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    No, cause someone will get hurt, maybe 2 guys. You don't make a strength weaker. Anyone who we COULD trade for is likely going to be cut anyways.
  8. My god, I forgot how great Cam was in the game vs the Saints. One of his best. I went back, cause I am crazy person, and watched the long highlights from that game. We absolutely outplayed their asses. Ron was way conservative and it cost us. And I like Ron and I am glad he is the coach, but damn. NO ONE is going to win in a playoff game at the Superdome kicking FGs on fourth and 2. Can't believe we even had a small chance, and we botched the hell out of the redzone opportunity at the end. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH
  9. Damn man. For Steve to write this and have the reputation that he has is amazing. It is likely that of the thousands of people who read this, at least one of them will seek help and possibly get it. 89 has always been my favorite player, and that is not changing.
  10. Stop interrupting, I was almost there.
  11. First time listening. You guys are better than the Panthers Reddit Podcast. I will comment again when I finish.
  12. PantherBrew

    Should be bring in FA Cornerback?

    Why not wait, there will be some good players cut from teams in a couple weeks.
  13. PantherBrew

    Jordan Rodrigue

  14. PantherBrew

    Jordan Rodrigue

    That's a fair opinion. I disagree, but I don't think that is dumb if that's how you feel.
  15. PantherBrew

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Maybe I missed them, but can you describe the antics? I didn't say she was handicapped, I was defending her work from her perspective. But I get it, some people don't want to acknowledge that some have a more difficult time based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.