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  1. PantherBrew

    What Business Side Changes Would You Like to See?

    Training Camp in Boone would be awesome.
  2. PantherBrew

    To steal, or not to Steel?

    I expect a few small hires, but I bet he is just going to keep 2018 the way it is, and just look to 2019 for bigger changes
  3. PantherBrew


    I was pissed about this a few months ago, but i have to admit. It was pretty funny and well done. fug you Saints.
  4. Just go to goodwill and get a HARDY jersey.
  5. PantherBrew

    What we think we know

    It would definitely shock me too. I would like to see him pounding the drum and embracing some of the positive Panther traditions.
  6. PantherBrew

    What we think we know

    Could want to get rid of "Keep Pounding".
  7. PantherBrew

    The team under Tepper

    I am down for Khan, just because this would be attached to every draft pick ever.
  8. I'll go with the Bald Panther.
  9. PantherBrew

    The team under Tepper

    I was going to be fine with Navarro or Tepper. Tepper is really sharp, opinionated, and philanthropic. We could do much worse than Tepper. I would like to see what he does with his "team", and how much he wants to change the culture. Which is hard to know unless you work inside.
  10. PantherBrew

    The team under Tepper

    I like where you are thinking. I would really like to hear his strategic vision for the team. But I am sure that is ways off. Have you read anything about sourced information of him pulling people from the Steelers, or is this mainly speculation on what you would do if you were him and what othes have done?
  11. PantherBrew

    Matt Moore as a backup option

    Meh. I would wait. Let Garrett get the reps at 2. See how he responds. There will be veteran guys to sign at any time. Including DA if we need him.
  12. One thing I noticed from those videos is his balance. It isn't that he is too weak. He just plays with too much weight on his toes. Usually, with high schoolers, this is because they are trying too hard, almost pressing. Then he is getting overextended leaving him vulnerable to the pull-rip.
  13. Where do they draw the line on this legalized collusion? I am not disagreeing with anything you said. But I am wondering, could they not vote for a guy cause he is black, or because she is a woman? Are these "sales" subject to civil protections, or are there limits to what they can be picky about?
  14. PantherBrew

    18’-19’ Hornets

    okay, so you just wanted everyone to comment that the team sucks and has no hope? Cool.