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  1. oh, I did not mean a working relationship. I only meant knowledge of Buckner's availability
  2. The fact that we didn't with Washington's knowledge of Buckner should put your mind at ease.
  3. No one knows if he is going to be a good NFL D-line Coach or not. So being super happy about it or pissed is pretty dumb. He could be the best, he could be the worst. Probably someone in between.
  4. Defensive Strategy

    Haha, damn I used to run the old 3-3 Stack. It is the ultimate boom or bust defense, but you cannot stop midline in it, and you have to run base cover 3.
  5. Defensive Strategy

    You can't even get away with a 5-2 in high school anymore.
  6. Defensive Strategy

    Not really going out on a limb with this speculation
  7. Damn, I remember being so excited about Keyshawn. Good times.
  8. REPORT: Panthers will hire Norv Turner as OC

    Stole this post from someone on Reddit. Pretty good read.. Patriotssonder_lust 154 points 10 hours ago* I'll be the devil's advocate here. In Norv's career, he has demonstrated three things. Firstly, that he'll run his offense stubbornly (and I don't think the play-calling is bad at all--some here are making him out to be Marty Schottenheimer but he isn't in the least--, his issues are with the offense as a whole). Secondly, that his offense is really good with the right personnel. Thirdly, that he is a good coach of quarterbacks because (IMO) his routes develop with really good timing to make sequential reads (which are spaced out a bit more than some offenses, part of why protection is important). The reason Norv's skills have not been in demand is basically economic. With more talented rushers and fewer talented offensive linemen, deep passing has decreased. Secondly, with basically every team trying to have a passing attack, receivers who are capable of running a complete route tree while still having the physical tools to compete downfield have become very expensive in terms of both draft capital and cap money, so most teams have looked for alternative passing weapons (receiving backs, slot receivers, gadget players, and flex TEs) to supplement usually zero to one "classic" types. Alternatively, teams are settling for less complete WRs and relying more on scheme to get them open, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. The argument against Norv in Carolina is that it isn't clear how Carolina's personnel will hold up to his system. Ideally, they would add talent at WR and on the OL, and perhaps they will. It's also possible Norv has made adjustments to his scheme, but that doesn't seem that likely based upon his history. The argument for Norv in Carolina is that they have some personnel (Olsen, Funchess) who are good fits for his passing game. Secondly, that Cam's arm and body are good fits for his system (and his mobility and arm strength may compensate some for the OL). Thirdly, that Cam's ability to run play-action out of fake-option sets could be deadly in the system. And finally, that Norv's QB-read-friendly system could make Cam more consistent. Norv Turner was a lousy head coach. He was a terrific offensive coordinator everywhere he went prior to Minnesota. His offensive system does not impress me as tactically antiquated (in fact, it should be a cover-3 killer, which isn't bad in that division), but merely economically inefficient versus the simpler to supply horizontal passing systems. If Rivera and Turner think they have the ability to get the pieces that they need, it makes sense. Perhaps they're wrong about that, but I will be entirely unsurprised when Cam is much improved in the passing game next year.
  9. Jaylan Samuels would be a perfect F-back.
  10. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    yep. So Norv + Cam might just be fine.
  11. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    Yall remember when Sean McDermott got fired in Philly? He was supposed to be awful for us.
  12. Norv would be good for Cam.

    I am imagining Phillip Rivers with some called run plays.
  13. Norv is at boa..

    I gotta get these whiney ass negative bitches off my twitter feed.