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  1. I believe today is the the first day of practice, correct? So how could they even go through the protocol without doing things like having to see how he responds to things like the bright sun and jogging like he did today? There is no shortcut to the process I don't believe.
  2. The protocol doesn't work or make sense at all if you don't apply it very liberally. The Mayo Clinic says that symptoms may not show up immediately. Therefore the only way to approach the situation of determining whether or not to enter the player in to the protocol within an hour of the incident is to look at the incident and be more apt than not to place the player in the protocol. People are optimistic because the immediate words about Luke were all positive. There is no downside to realistic optimism. Now if there weren't encouraging words at all I would be pessimistic about the outcome. In the end our attitude doesn't affect anything.
  3. Luke was not a popular pick around here. About half if not more were angry with the pick.
  4. Game etiquette

    Always always sit on offense. And no matter what do NOT stand and cheer when going for it on 4th down on offense. That is a super special Panther fans feature..
  5. Every measurable is within a hair of each other with most agility and size numbers in favor of Worley. Longer arms, bigger hands, taller, heavier, quicker in most every category. His ceiling is not lower than Normans.
  6. I admire the effort.
  7. people just like to complain.
  8. Screw it....blow them out. I'm not going to sit around worrying about it.
  9. What's obvious is that they had reason to believe it should be done. It's not that shocking to think someone would sign him as their third if their entire depth is shuffled.
  10. As long as the team doesn't overlook them
  11. They released Southward if you didn't see the giant thread about it.
  12. Quintuple option with the OL in a 4 point backward stance.