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  1. And the race of the player becomes the issue. Too funny
  2. I was actially just thinking if we woukd take Davis
  3. You should ban everyone who quoted your post in this thread.
  4. Except when it comes to injury. He hasn't been too bad in that regard but not great
  5. Lol.. ..Gerheart was at Stanford in 2009. Same line? What is this junk?
  6. I think Peppers was the last big time DE prospect to live up. Who am I missing? I don't see Barnette as a high bust potential. He's not being very highly touted And he's produced consistently in the SEC.
  7. I don't see the later guys as big busts since they already have questions as to where they should go. It's the guys who are just being assumed will be great. Garrett and Fournette.
  8. I don't even think they are smokecreans. Front offices don't give a crap what bloggers tweet. This is just click material to drive visits to whatever