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  1. We know for a fact that McCaffrey is white. He is admitting that he used that as his basis for judgment. Are you Jimmy the Greek?
  2. If it's anything like the ones my friends have owned it won't work often.
  3. I think Samuel is intended to play slot and Byrd on the outside. But who knows..
  4. Poor Jameis...

    Pretty much everyone who has any analysis about QBs under pressure say Winston is good under pressure. 4th best by football outsiders in 2016 and actually is a higher rated passer under pressure than not. So yeah...
  5. Even if it were true...Blame Shula and Cam if he is targeted too often. Dont blame him.
  6. If we really do go more man coverage he won't be as helpful.
  7. Not every receiver needs to be a 1300 yd all pro in order to be useful and productive as long as they aren't paid like one. 1000 yds and 8 tds is always helpful. If he can develop his blocking game then he's a fantastic piece. It took Moose 4 seasons to get to that point and he didn't have the greatest reputation until the later in his career. His targets are really not high.
  8. Winning will certainly help us forget. If he had more than one good season it would be different.
  9. Yes. I was there.. ..which means I barely remember it. The most fun I've ever had at a sporting event.
  10. How can you answer without seeing It?
  11. I wonder if they are reporting incompletions as drops sometimes.
  12. Poor Jameis...

    It wasn't too long ago I was being told to be petrified of the Bucs
  13. Poor Jameis...

    I heard or read this somewhere too.
  14. Of course. Funchess has never been a starter and Benjamin has always been one. He was 4th of receivers last year in snap count. 5th taking in to consideration Olsen. This season provides a significant opportunity for that to change. As a 3rd year guy its time for Funchess to step up...or not.