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  1. Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi

    He was a Huddle sensation.
  2. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    Fan voting makes the pro bowl half of a farce.
  3. The starters are irrelevant. It's how they divy up snaps which is always relatively even. 
  4. Why is the huddle so slow?

    It's cold
  5. Sportsnation: Cam is MVP

    There are only 2,000 + votes. I imagine most have come since that piece aired.
  6. Richardson is one of the most active and influencial owners in the league. I can't believe the angle that the league is out to get one of its most prominent owners. 
  7. Newton played the Cowboys in 2012. We lost 19-14.
  8. A special request to the media

    I'm not saying you are wrong but I cant find an explanation of line setting that does not say it's about getting the money split evenly.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if he is only used sparingly this week.
  10. A special request to the media

    The home team getting 1.5 means we are favored anyways. 
  11. A special request to the media

    Vegas doesn't give a crap about Dallas. They only care about getting the money split.    
  12. I dont really hate any of them.     Maybe Wilson 
  13. It was a questionable call but hardly the reason for winning by 30.
  14. Oops. .....I guess it was the latter 
  15. Pretty windy on the field.

    Stewart and Tolbert have scored both of our TDS and this isn't shaping up to be a cake walk.