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  1. The media

    The sooner you realize the media is insignificant to the process of winning a Super Bowl the happier you will be.
  2. SQUAD

    Same thing though. Maybe Coleman? 
  3. It's nice to see them really get that tightened up. 
  4. SQUAD

    Ny and Pittsburgh
  5. Phil Simms

    There is a significant population of people aim for bitterness as a base state.
  6. SQUAD

    I remember everyone shitting on Cotchery.
  7. Before we get all happy

    Good grief. 11 and zero and our special teams ace not being the greatest corner is not a reason to not be happy.
  8. Dumb Josh. You won the play. Stay smart.
  9. Skip Bayless

    I dont like him but he's basically a Cowboys employee and fan. I don't expect him to say differently
  10. I like this more than the all black.
  11. Funch Master Flex

    It's Fun Fun
  12. I'm in Thailand. HELP

    Guaranteed you can find a feed outside of the US
  13. I believe it's only happened twice with the first time being on purpose just to show it could be done. I could be wrong.
  14. If so the play is redone