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  1. Arians is incredibly overrated.
  2. They say "if you have two punters you have no punters"
  3. Heeyyyyy
  4. The huddle has jumped the shark that jumped the shark.
  5. If you are Oakland and you finally have a really good young QB you don't do anything to screw that up. It's not surprising at all.
  6. Here's the interview with Shefter: starting at about minute 32. He certainly didn't say no when asked very directly. http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=19695545
  7. It's direct quotes from Olsen. What's not to buy?
  8. But Howard hasn't proven anything either and the same could be said about him.
  9. I have no dog is this fight but a handful of .gifs are not proof of anything. I can hit some three pointers and you can show a video of only the ones I make but that doesn't change reality.
  10. At least he's not another SEC rb. Then you might have a point there. If only there was a way to look up how current and recent NFL running backs stack up production wise to see how well PAC guys have done in recent years.
  11. I thought this was pretty bad in a way overproduced manner. Not at all what I expected it to be... http://www.panthers.com/media-vault/videos/Watch-Christian-McCaffrey-minicamp-highlights/7604cc7c-6140-4f71-bdd0-5081345fca4f
  12. Exactly. The high OT picks have pretty much all sucked recently.
  13. Whoever created that meme might be twice as stupid as they think they are clever. Good grief.
  14. It an attempt to make anyone who doesn't carry themselves like a caveman sound bad.
  15. See Saints, Seahawks, and Saints again in 2015.