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  1. This assumption that every time a player meets with a team it means they are drafting them is getting absurd. Is this the first year people have paid attention to pro days?
  2. The logic is you get something in return for trading back.
  3. Thone players have done few visits at this point with anyone. It's just starting to speed up now
  4. He doesn't know how they prioritize the prospects.
  5. The third post on the thread did.
  6. The point is to avoid surgery if possible. They attempted that. Watch the Kalil brothers video
  7. And now people are repeating he can't tackle when that's his strong point. You can only be amused.
  8. The only team he has had any contact with is the redskins. It will appear more possible once the have some sort of contact.
  9. They're Lebanese and Mexican. Hence the beautiful sister.
  10. Smaller and slower. I'd prefer Howard but this guy could be more likely after our first pick
  11. To top prospects seem to have the least visits of all at this point. It's early
  12. Probably because this process is just now getting in to gear. Dont make too much of what has occurred to this point. By prospect or by team http://walterfootball.com/ProspectMeetings/ByProspect
  13. You don't know what the words you are typing mean do you?