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  1. Along the Sidelines - The book

    If self-publishing, you might want to look into (they are based in Raleigh), but there are likely printers in Charlotte that can books too, just depends on how much you want to manage yourself.   Triumph Books is a traditional book publisher that you might want to look at if you want to have less to do.  I believe Scott Fowler had a Panthers related book published by them a few years back.  
  2. This is one I have read - a year with the Ravens during Billicks(sp?) tenure.
  3. GQ For the Win!!

    That's awesome!  Pie for you,sir!
  4. Doubt it will be flexed. Even if we are 8-0, small market great team vs small market awful team is still small market ratings.
  5. Everything is great Troy! Hope you and the family are doing well. My guy Tito Ortiz is fighting tomorrow so I am pumped up. Hope to see you at a tailgate soon!

  6. How's it going, Jeff? Hope all is well. Great pics of the kid's.

  7. Just a heads up... you're on the clock in the mock draft if you didn't notice already :P

  8. Sorry Meat! I fat fingered a pie, my bad.

  9. Yes!!! That was very nice. Thank you Troy.

  10. very nice offer for ladypanther