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  1. Russel Sheppard is looking is playing exactly like he does in Madden =\
  2. As a resident of Atlanta. I fuging know it. And these sorry red and black wearing pieces of poo keep telling me that I've lived here too long to still be a Panthers fan and I need to convert to a Falcons/Bulldogs fan. I pull for Auburn in college just to spite these motherfugers. Man fug them.
  3. What time will you start drinking Monday?

    Just made the baby a bottle of formula and I just grabbed a bottle for myself out of my mini-fridge so... now
  4. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, not even the cowboys

    i have ptsd because of Byron Bell. Every fuging time I hear his name I cringe and Cams face flickers over Daks everytime he goes down. I feel so bad for the kid.
  5. Kelvin TD...

    You got this in any other resolutions? 1920x1080 or better? i'd like to make it my desktop background.
  6. Dear Patriots,

    Keep it going...
  7. BLM Cam vs ALM Cam

    Ask yourself something. What kind of person am I when I'm allowed to be myself and stand for something important to me? Now ask yourself what kind of person you are when you are forced into conformity. Are you not stronger when you can just be you?
  8. How important is Olsen?

    Olsen is our #1 receiver as far as I'm concerned. KB is 2 and CMC is 3. Everybody else just gets in where the fit in. Olsen is our only reliable weapon on offense. You know he is gonna catch everything he touches. He may not get anything after the catch but he will fuging catch it.
  9. Steve Smith picks the 49ers

    I'm not gonna say it didn't hurt my feelings. I understand. I really do. I'm just a little disappointed, but I still love you Smitty. I'll always love you.
  10. Bill's working our QB Joe Webb

    Bruh... This was an inside job. We gifted him to them. Nobody wants Joe Webb. He's Joe Webb. However he had become engrained in our culture. Which is now also the spinoff culture in Buffalo. They need system guys to push that culture. That's why they too older guys like Tolbert too. Joe knows our system. He had a better preseason than DA. He isn't a young developing talent, but it seemed like he was coming into his own in OUR system. Plus he is dynamic and gives our defence a comparison to Cam they can practice against. It would have been nothing to let Joe be our number 2. I'd take him over half the 2s in the league right now. P.s. I'm drunk and not too insecure to say I fell in love with Joe this preseason. I feel like Byrd provably would still be on the practice squad if it wasn't for Joe.
  11. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Jared motherfugin' Allen
  12. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    that almost looked like a planned screen play.
  13. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    How is it possible for something that fuging big to be that fuging magestic and graceful. Cam just isn't human.
  14. Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    CAP tried to put the stiff arm on'em like J-Stew