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  1. Sam Bradford wants Philly to trade him

    Lol lots of Denver fans so super excited to get such a garbage ass scrub QB. Can't wait to see them be bottom feeders for the next decade.
  2. So what does Gettleman do with this money?

    This exactly. Does Gettleman take a flyer on a one year "prove it" or "rental" type of deal? Yea that's a lot of money to use on players next year but what if someone could make a difference for a year? He's done it before with Ginn, Cason, Mike Mitchell, and more.
  3. I need a new TV show to binge (any recommendations)

    Pretty Little Liars....actually pretty good..
  4. With the freed up cap space, how does he spend? There is a couple of Safety's on the market that may be serviceable and affordable. Walter Thurmond, Donte Whitner and Dashon Goldson. Will Getlleman revive some players with new scenery much like he did Ted Ginn Jr.? One name that looks like he could fit here is Henry Melton. You may remember him a few seasons ago, playing for Chicage andblowing up offense lines much like KK does now. So what do you think? Are you expecting Gettleman to invest in the bargain bin again this year? He has been sticking to his formula of not overpaying, making the tough cuts, and then signing a vet that seems to have his best years behind him only to have a very respectable season here. Here is where I got the list of free agents:
  5. We're currently favored in every game but one

    31-0 at the half...
  7. Business is business, and this was certainly business. He gets his fat pay he deserves, and will more than likely produce less than his contracts number of years. This, gentleman, is how to stay out of cap hell and not overpay aging players (he will be 32 at the end of his contract)with messy big binding contracts.
  8. Josh Norman - 6'0 FT 195 LBS 4.66 40

    Ok, I'm calling you out got like the fifth time. You changed your name from PanthersUnited, DIDNT YOU??!!??
  9. Most certainly major stress. Do you have particular stressors in your life at the moment? Especially worried about a test or event or date? Etc? When I am stressed over things like that, I am often very irritable and a messy home or works space makes me feel like I am itching out of my skin. Having said that, do you drink a lot of caffeinated products too? That always makes it way worse for me. I also take colder showers than I normally would, because I am burning the hell up when I get out and walking around getting ready. The cold showers help my anxiety stay down better and it makes me much less annoyed and flustered when I'm not feeling like I am on fire. What really helped me overcome my last bout was doing something I didn't normally do, I went out and stayed out until about 2am, and just did things I don't normally do. It was a breathe of fresh air and a nice step out of the rut.
  10. Cam's response to Von

    Why didn't he photoshop fart bubbles onto Von?
  11. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    I would be down. "Not first round worthy", this draft as a whole SUCKS. Not sure why there is so much trading and crap going on for the number 1 pick so they can have a shitty and goofy QB.
  12. Blockbuster Trade in the Works

    Such desperate assholes, hope you go winless the next ten years!
  13. Why is it different for him?

    Basically, no one outside of the Panthers fanbase liked how arrogant Cam came off as. The other fanbases were also mad that the Panthers spanked their team. Now, poor little Broncos and "the great underdogs who were disrespected and pulled it off" like many Broncos fans continue to say, think it's great to see Cam served "humble pie" even if it's from a ridiculous amount of memes where Cam won't jump on a Lombardi trophy photoshopped on onto a football, Cam with the old fishing "you gotta be quicker than that" or Von Millers weirdo ass posting all kinds of stuff mocking Cam, even though he probably knows that SB win was a total shocker to everyone. Let him have his stupid memes, him and Mark Sanchez can be bottom feeders for the next ten years.
  14. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    "All the dude ever wanted was his rug back"