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  1. Lol that's the only way? Denver will not be able to stop Cam, coughing the ball up to our D or not.
  2. You're a very lousy troll. Carolina won't need any interceptions to win this. You make it sound like the only way the panthers win is if Denver gives them the game by turning it over repeatedly.
  3. You're doing a piss poor job at trolling. If that happened against the Browns, what will Carolinas d do? MCKNOWN started that game, had two interceptions, and still almost won.
  4. They did articles on why both teams would win, here's there's:
  5. This exactly, Denvers offense is a MAJOR libaliity for them in this game, against this defense. Carolinas offense is by no means a liability against this Denver d.
  6. Yea the same "awesome, amazing, electrifying, best defense in the history of the nfl" that let the Browns hang 20+ on them...
  7. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    No kidding. Remember when Luke was ejected for touching an official? The ref was tugging all over him in a pile and he couldn't see him, thinking he was an opposing player.
  8. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    Honestly, I think it has a whole heck of a lot to do with Cams abilities. with that read option, DEs literally dance around too scared to be aggressive and smoked on a read by cam or stew, and too scared to be conservative to go for a sack. 
  9. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    "Are you employed, Mr Lebowski?"
  10. Emmanuel Sanders & JNo spar with words

    Maybe Denvers strategy is to suck all game, let Carolina get a big lead, have Sanders try to ear hole Norman in the third quarter, draw penalties from Norman and keep the Carolina d on the field as long as possible while scratching up a comeback. Ya know, kinda like the Giants ;)
  11. We all know Cam wouldn't lay day taking that poo. Maybe he would try to be getting Cam ejected.  I truly believe if romanowski did that to him, Cam would more than shove back and then burn down the stadium with a 15 touchdown performance.
  12. Ware and Miller? Anyone else remember how effective the great, mighty, awesome, magical, indestructible, unblockable, blue chipper JJ Watt was against us??
  13.   I have always thought that, it may even be Zod himself...
  14. His stupid looking hats told him to do it.
  15. Hate how people defend this asshole and talk major trash about guys like Donavan Mcnabb