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  1. I have seen a whole hell of a lot more Panthers beanies, and keychains and more than I have in years past. I also, have overheard many MANY people who want the Panthers to lose or "hate Carolina". Most of those guys are Patriots fans or fans of teams we have smoked this year. Personally, if Cam was on any other team I think I would really hate him and I would love to see him get decked. So glad he's a Panther! 
  2. Once again; Rodgers was 15-0 after coming off a loss. The Panthers were winless after a bye week under Ron Rivera. Russell Wilson was undefeated against the Panthers.
  3. Say this!   Aaron Rodgers was 15-0 coming off of a loss. The Panthers were winless under Ron Rivera after a bye. Russell Wilson was once undefeated against the Panthers
  4. [thread title redacted]

    Uh, yea.  IF can stay on point that would be fantastic.
  5. Walking Dead Season 6

    Ok, a few things. Did anyone notice how Glenn just hopped right into that window near the dumpster and fire escape? Did him and the other guy just not see it there plain as day while slow ass walkers approached them. When Rosita was laying into Eugene, did anyone notice that lady acting like she was getting ready to pounce? I also noticed what looked like Rick's girl reaching for her gun when Rick was giving a speech about staying quiet.
  6. [thread title redacted]

    Aaron Rodgers was 15-0 coming off of a loss. The Panthers were winless under Ron Rivera after a bye. Russell Wilson was once undefeated against the Panthers. What else?
  7. 10-0 team is a 1pt underdog? to a 3-7 team

    Aaron Rodgers was 15-0 coming off of a loss. The Panthers were winless under Ron Rivera after a bye. Russell Wilson was once undefeated against the Panthers.
  8. Jonathan Stewart

    I love how he always racks up almost 100 yards a game and never breaks off huge runs.  Some backs have those stats because they break off a big run or two and don't do much else all game.
  9. Three weird moments today

    1. Kicker slipping, I have never seen such a poo in my life, always wondered if it would ever happen. 2. Never EVER seen a team quit like the Redskins did after the half today. Even then announcer said someone needs to speak up! 3. How in the blue blazes in any dimension of reality was Ginns TD pass incomplete?!!!?
  10. Youngins at the games.

    NOOOO!!!!!! For real, NO! My five year old wanted to go,  he changed his mind the night before and I didn't shed a tear. He would have been super bored before the first quarter was over, would have whined, and the walk back over that bridge in Nashville would have been pure hell, probably having to carry him as he cried "my legs are hurting". i took my nine year old and fed her  a big brunch at 1130, on purpose. By 2 she was "starving" and her and my wife had no clue what was going on with the game. She continued to whine about now hot she was and how boring it was. Seriously, i wouldn't take anyone that age. My youngest, 2, was not allowed, period.
  11. Lucky Birds, Vikings, Cards

    Teddy "Two Gloves" and his was ass schedule.
  12. Walking Dead Season 6

    If I was Darryl, I would be saying "fug that" to anyone asking for help after running into those pinheads and getting his poo stolen.
  13. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    My nine year old was there, and was DYING to see Cam, literally asked the entire game where he was. Quick question though, how did she get permission to leave the kitchen for such an extended period of time? My wife only got a pass for going to the game with me.
  14. Rob Ryan Fired

    I have never understood the hype behind Rob Ryan, his defenses are always bottom of the barrel and he is considered such a defensive coaching commodity.   No one has ever taken my side, but Herm Edwards also sucked as a head coach, terribly.
  15. This is the first Panthers game I have been to in five years. It is also the (extremely likely) last Panthers game I will be able to attend before I leave to be stationed in Germany. The two random looking pics I took are near the end of the game, when some Titans fans starting talking mad crap and a fight almost broke out. The last is  my wife, my oldest daughter, and me. Just a few things about the game today, who else found it super annoying when "Florida Georgia Line" would super redneckishly ask "what down is it?" and did anyone else find it tough to find the elevator at first? Walk all the way to the end on the stadium to get turned around? BOA just seems overall way nicer and much easier to navigate.  In my opinion, BOAs field is leaps and bounds nicer, and the Titans logo and endzone a didn't seem very well kept. BOA also doesn't stop serving beer after 2pm do they??!!??