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  1. Will Brenson must be a neanderthal. If he had even a basic understanding of Newton's career he would know Cam had no issue picking up Chudzinski's offense in 2011 even with a lockout giving him less time to do so. It's not like Newton went on to become the offensive rookie of the year or anything...
  2. TheRed

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Without even clicking the link or knowing anything about this story I knew it had to be about a black person doing something bad. But remember, don't you dare generalize Trump supporters though.
  3. You've gone from labeling Newton a "running quarterback who throws", to complaining about how he thinks "run first", to now moving on to even complaining about him scrambling within the pocket. It sounds like the issue is you just don't know what the hell you're actually talking about, and you clearly have an axe to grind. Quit while you're behind dude.
  4. How can someone with a functioning brain complain about Cam Newton "running too much" after watching our RB's barely muster 3 yards a carry last year? And this after investing a top 10 pick in the running game. What was the other option? Another losing season?
  5. Yeah guys, because nothing says "run first QB" like entering the NFL and immediately proceeding to break rookie passing records.
  6. Ahh yes, the ol' "run first" tropes
  7. It's very understandable that Americans who ultimately have much more at stake within this flawed system are tiring of waiting around year after year while being fed the same "well at least we're better than the Republicans, amirite?" mantra from the Democrats. For whatever mistakes we've made in the past, or whatever disagreements we've had, we must find a common ground together for 2020.
  8. At this point it should just be about maximizing opportunities and making things as fluid as possible. Cam has undoubtedly had some accuracy issues from time to time over the years, we all know this, it isn't up for debate. But we've also seen what little margin for error he has had to work with more often than not in this passing offense, as in too regularly having to thread the needle like it's Madden, and even then the receiver still might whiff or just drop it. With the speed we have now there is no reason that we can't get better looks for our receivers or expect them to make plays as well to help out the QB. Personally I'm more concerned with establishing our run game than I am whether Cam will step up. Even with practically no receivers last season he carried the offense and our run game to the playoffs.
  9. TheRed

    JR Statue to remain

    Watching @ickmule of all people in here desperately shining "ol' mister" Jerry Richardson's shoes after littering countless gameday threads over the years ranting and raving about how poorly the team has been ran is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen on the huddle.
  10. The only Jangler thread you'll ever need to see.
  11. Just a free thinking hippie that coincidentally parrots right wing talking points at every turn.
  12. TheRed


    This guy definitely needs a firearm.
  13. TheRed


  14. TheRed


    Now I want some livermush.