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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    It wasn't his throwing shoulder in 2013, hes done for the year.
  2. who backs up Mayo?

    Insert Zeek Bigger
  3. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Need Keek back after halftime
  4. Nic Batum out for season?

  5. Think Vernon Butler plays this week?

    Yes, Cox will be inactive as long as the other DE's are healthy
  6. Eagles RT Johnson in concussion protocol

    Halapoulivaati Vaitai meet Julius Peppers
  7. He mauled that DE after he got penalized
  8. Peppers vs. Kuechly

    Holy poo stop making threads
  9. Mike Mitchell is such a drama queen
  10. No way Rivera will play Byrd more snaps than Jones
  11. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

  12. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

    Big Cox gonna get up in there
  13. Hall to IR, Southward to active roster

    Me thinks Bryan Cox Jr. is gonna end up getting some PT at some point