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  1. Dear NFL: Bring Back the Fullback

    I'm in favor of a rushing attack lead by a bruising FB, but I also understand the need to change with the times. Todays offensives are more deceptive. Offensives now like to disguise what they want to do. Unless you have a FB like Tolbert, it's hard to disguise every play because you'd be limited by the athleticism of your FB. If you a have a true bruising FB, when he's on the field, there's a 90% chance that it's a run. When Tolbert is on the field, who knows...
  2. Sports Franchises are in a very good position to influence those that makes these decisions. Money = Power...and our sports are our escape from our shitty world, but don't forget that we all live in the same world. If our athletes can use their platform to help our shitty world turn things around, maybe we'd be reminded of nicer things...