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  1. The Panthers Coming Home LIVE

    If you are local, WBTV 7:00 news is all live for their arrival on the TV.
  2. Anyone greeting the team back home

  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

      This feed is working
  4. Anyone greeting the team back home

    They're not down yet. But time for 6:30 national news. WBTV has news at 7:00 & they said they'll show it all.
  5. Kansas City Royals Tweets Panthers

  6. I love Darin Gannt, he's a smart, funny man. But this is not the way postgame has been done in the past and I do not think it is the way it should be done.  The Denver defense can crow because they were fantastic but they are being jackasses more so than anything Cam did. I can not recall at any point when our team did anything but praised the other team as professionals. Even Josh Norman in his own odd way. Beckham doesn't count; he's not professional. I wrote this last night in another thread: It's funny how, despite the "50" hoopala & marching past MVP's on the field, the history of the Super Bowl is more like recent events. I remember when no one wanted to talk to the losing team. When the losing team's locker room was off limits to the press, out of respect for the players. When QB's & players refused to talk to the press after the game. When only written statements were issued. When statements were read at the podium with no questions taken. When grown men cried at the podium. When QB's would throw their teammates under the bus (Hey Jimbo, I'll never forget, you asswipe. Karma is a bitch.) When, out of respect for all the men who play the game of football, the meet-the-press areas were separate for winners & losers. And now, because social media. I have no problem with Cam's demeanor at the postgame podium or that he walked away. Would it have been any better if he had said, "I can't talk about this now" like others before him have? No. People grieve differently & that is what losing the Super Bowl is, grieving. I do have a large problem with how the NFL is handling all the postgame crap (in the losing team's locker room? Really??) & especially how our local media has blown it up, starting with the Charlotte Observer.
  7. Denver's defense are being jackasses. The things they're saying, about Cam & our team. It's amazing to me that nothing is being said about that level of disrespect. With 17 wins I do not recall that anyone on our team ever disrespected the other team after winning like they are. Even Josh Norman would show respect to the professionals he played against. (OBJ is not a professional.) I don't care if it is the Super Bowl.
  8. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Despite us arguing about a "weak" schedule this year, next season's will be tougher. AFC West & NFC West. That alone means more travel & that will wear players down. We will be playing 6 teams that made the playoffs this year. Plus you know our division games are always tough. Consider all of that when thinking what our record may be next year.
  9. Yes he played. He came in for Norwell who pulled a hamstring. I can see, too, a need for depth at some spots where we're okay for now so I hope DG keeps his late round draft magic going. :)
  10. Perspective (too early?)

    Please don't say that lol. It could be forever. ;)
  11. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Cam Newton has returned from the off season every year with at least one skill vastly improved. Who of us had expected the pocket passer he has become this year? It started last off season. I have no doubt that he will be doing self scouting & working to improve again this off season. I don't know what it will be but I look forward to seeing it.
  12. Turn on this team like rabid dogs...

    To put this in perspective .............. Early 4th qtr & my son starts texting me that he smells gas in his house. Shuts down heat pump. Calls gas company. My daughter-in-law is 8 months pregnant. They end up in their car in the road waiting on the tech. Tech was fast! Turns out, not gas leak (garbage disposal he had just replaced. haha) BUT the tech found a small leak in the attic from their gas logs so that is fixed. If they had turned on the logs at any time, their house probably would've caught on fire. The day was a win-win as far as I'm concerned. My son is a hero. God bless PSNC Energy. The game was on but I wasn't really watching that last quarter closely. I'm sad the Panthers lost but my family is safe so it's not bothering me. It's a matter of perspective & priorities.
  13. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    The better defense won. However, Talib can eat rocks & die for all I think of him. I hope Philly Brown is going to be okay. What were the Bronco DE's doing that had both Ohr & Remmers jumping offsides at the same time? Happened multiple times & I'm sure it was some underhanded poo. It is a foul for the defense to mimic the QB. Josh Norman, don't cry. Stand up & be proud. It's been a hell of a season. Then I turned the tv off.
  14. And you believe him?