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  1. KillerKat

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    Yeah he needs to be getting the bulk no matter what CJ did last season. Top 10 pick in their 2nd season needs to shine.
  2. A lot of these "reporters" write this stuff because they WANT to see Cam fail and so they keep writing this narrative in hopes that it comes true despite facts saying otherwise. The 2015 dancing and cocky Cam pissed a lot of them off and they can't get over it.
  3. Thought this was going to be about my ex
  4. I want the OC to be more consistent.
  5. Good cause he didn't
  6. For Ron, being on the hot seat takes him out of his ultra conservative, do the samething over and over again self. I hate that he has to be on the hot seat to actually coach, but to quote someone whose name escapes me "It is what it is".
  7. KillerKat

    Shady McCoy

    Well the NFL kinda fuged themselves with the Elliot situation. They'll have to suspend McCoy for half the year now even if false.
  8. KillerKat

    JR Statue to remain

    They could just cover it until the contract is up?
  9. Remember when Ron turned into the Riverboat when his job was on the line a while back? It then suddenly sailed away once it was known he was safe. He went from going for it on 4th downs to punting within field goal range.
  10. I think just his presence lights a fire under all coaches and staff to perform this year because they may not be back next season if they don't.
  11. He's our punt returner
  12. What do you guys think about cat eyes at mid field instead of the main logo since we already have our logo at the 30 yard lines anyway?
  13. Hurney has to be gone at the end of the season at least. No amount of success this year will overwrite all the damage he did to this team.
  14. lol @ those that wanted JR to say something about the allegations and/or apologize in his farewell letter. This is a piece of history. People that are interested will read about this transaction for the rest of time. JR isn't going to taint that by mentioning his wrong-doings.
  15. KillerKat

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Judging from the server's way of publicly airing their dirty laundry, I tend to side with Jackson