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  1. QB2 - who's our backup?

    Gilbert was the sharpest QB during the preseason last year. I wouldn't mind keeping him, but also adding a solid vet.
  2. Btw Butler played the least amount of snaps last year out of all our DTs. Again, he's supposed to be a first rounder. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/car/2017-snap-counts.htm
  3. idk. Do something with him to get something on the offensive side. Money, player, idgaf.
  4. Yeah my eyes were blurry atm. Still want him traded to free up some money to spend on the offensive side of the ball.
  5. nvm bout my quote Toomer. too eary lol
  6. Yep. Butler should've never been the pick, but since he was, we shouldn't have extended Short. We did both. Someone has to go. We can't have a first rounder coming from the bench for his whole career. Let him start somewhere else.
  7. Benson died

    Saw Beason for a second
  8. We have bigger holes to fill than to blow 9mill a year on another DT.
  9. Well he can actually block for one thing and be good in the FB role that we tried to force Dickson to be so many times.
  10. Just give me Mathieu and another good WR and I'll be fine until draft time.
  11. Breeland a Panther

    I hope he doesn't wear #26
  12. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    Might could be our next Ricky Proehl?