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  1. Culturally, what will change?

    Thank God. Those places are full of idiots.
  2. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Talk to Cam about head hunting
  3. Or make another Panther in place of him lol
  4. Move the statue of Mills in place of him?
  5. I missed that. What happened?
  6. It was a dumb move by Carr. They had another down to work with. Just get it closer and make the next play. He didnt have to go all in or nothing there.
  7. Are the lights working properly? Seems like it's darker than usual there.
  8. I wouldn't assume things will be the same with a new owner and a potentially new GM next year.
  9. How can I save this? I want to keep it forever.
  10. What I'm wondering now is how the hell is Jerry Jones still the owner of the Cowboys?
  11. I would like to think that Shula's seat is the hottest and should be shown the door next year. Can't see a new owner or GM firing Rivera. Everyone goes record blind after 10 wins.
  12. His contract runs out in June. He can't be full time without us interviewing a minority. So it's 6 months.
  13. lol this is the most blatantly rigged game I've seen in a long time.