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  1. are you happy with deactivating CAP now Rivera? DId you fuging think about depth?
  2. another up the middle on 1st for no gain
  3. You know its a bad day when even your IR players get flagged.
  4. Kuechly missing tackles
  5. Through Ginn's hands. We're just about done.
  6. Just get a TD and then a pick 6 on D please. Please God please.
  7. wow Ginn should be our RB
  8. why does Brown always fall on his back?
  9. It's like all the players regressed to pre-reguar season. Last offseason Tolbert, Cotchery, Brown were crap. Then they played well in the regular season, now they're back to the pre-regular season selves. Gano also is not clutch anymore.
  10. i knew that loser would miss it.
  11. COTCHERY IS A fuging LOSER