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  1. Tolbert was a Hurney signing.
  2. https://catcrave.com/2010/09/11/second-annual-carolina-panthers-2010-regular-season-predictions/ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/226912-panthers-5-position-battles-to-watch-at-camp
  3. Except Hurney had a big role in personnel decisions before he became the GM and Hurney’s 2003 FA pickups were the catalyst for our Super Bowl run
  4. False, I was okay with any of them. All better than DG.
  5. Same people who want Derek Anderson to lead Carolina?
  6. I’m sure he’s pretty insightful. Looking forward to reading his posts. Very knowledgeable family.
  7. People seem to ignore 2002-2008. Hurney wasn’t hired in 2009.
  8. The anti-Hurney trolls are too old to remember the early Hurney years. I don’t blame them. Brain function can decline as you age.
  9. 2003 free agent signings. Best Carolina offseason.