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  1. Car123

    tre boston

    He's right.
  2. Corn Elder did ok (maybe Seymour's ineptness made the rest of the db's look good). I did not notice Obada.
  3. Car123


    To stand during the anthem? Players weren't even on the field for the anthem until recently.
  4. Car123


    Nope. Players union did not agree.
  5. Car123


    Standing up for the anthem is not in the contract.
  6. Car123

    Colin Jones...

    I heard he used to mow Rivera's lawn back when Rivera played for the 85 Bears.
  7. Car123

    DJ Moore is legit.

    Nah, he's a proven deep threat unlike the other receivers we have.
  8. Car123

    Jarius "got me feeling" Wright

    Yep. Shepard wasn't proven. I'm not sure how we thought he'd pan out all of a sudden.
  9. Winners: DJ Moore, Samuel, Ian Thomas, CMC Losers: Seymour, Byrd, Colin Jones
  10. Seymour making Benjamin look like Ted Ginn.