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  1. Some of you are overrating the Vikings.
  2. Nope. I'm certain JR forced Gettleman to rescind the tag.
  3. Davis, Stew, Gamble, Beason, Williams all sucked?
  4. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    3 catches 41 yds 0 td
  5. Olsen is out @ NO

    Hey, we beat the Jets last week. Anything is possible.
  6. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    Can't burn the Hurn
  7. Disappointing 1st half

    Bye week struggles
  8. I don't think CMC is a bust, but Kuechly was Rookie of the Year and Smith was well on his way to the pro bowl. No one would have labeled them busts.
  9. Thankful Gettleman is no longer in control.
  10. His hands were iffy in Miami, San Fran and with Carson Palmer.