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  1. Car123

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Wishing him the best
  2. Car123

    Don't ever change, Smitty

    Carolina’s GOAT.
  3. Moving the stadium near South Carolina won’t bring in a substantial number of fans. This would be a terrible decision.
  4. Wait til the camera pans to the players walking out before the anthem is played.
  5. Car123

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Yes, it’s a blow. Ratings will take a hit, but key games will do numbers.
  6. Car123

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Triple A baseball teams and lower division soccer teams have decent attendance figures. Most usl teams fill up more than half of their capacity. http://www.transfermarkt.com/usl-pro/besucherzahlen/wettbewerb/USL
  7. Car123

    MLS to Charlotte?

    MLB is a dying sport and we have a nice AAA field uptown. Soccer is on the come up. World Cup gets huge ratings in the US.
  8. Car123

    MLS to Charlotte?

    MLS is a subpar league. International soccer is far superior.
  9. Car123

    MLS to Charlotte?

    The World Cup is the greatest sporting event.
  10. Car123

    Dear city of Charlotte

    Fear mongering
  11. Do we pay him or let him walk if he has 79 catches 1080 yards 6 tds this season??
  12. Always thought Beane was overrated by Panther fans.
  13. We wouldn’t have made the playoffs with KB at WR.