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  1. Wonder where Hurney 2.0 would rank.
  2. What is our cap space?

    Low cap space =\= cap hell
  3. Gettleman didn’t draft well, no remarkable FA signings. Only thing he has is team records, but many things contributed to that.
  4. How was Gettleman better?
  5. We made the playoffs in 2017. Cam and Luke weren’t healthy in 2016 plus starting rookie corners didn’t help.
  6. Nothing you posted is new information. As I have stated before, Gettleman did well by finding a few role players, but an experienced Cam and Luke were the biggest reasons for the success. We weren’t going to SB 50 with a qb like Matt Moore starting.
  7. With Cam, Millen would have been more successful.
  8. Cam Newton > Joey Harrington
  9. There were many factors that contributed to the success. The biggest: an experienced Cam Newton.
  10. Correlation does not imply causation.
  11. Not a small school. It’s D1.