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  1. SB Hangover gone for me...

    I'm fine, til someone says we got dominated by a D... and refuse to acknowledge the refs fuging us over, saying it happens in every game... yea, other then that, I'm fine haha  I try to focus on KB coming back next year more then anything, and knowing we have Cam and Luke signed for the next few years is a plus as well
  2. Bersin's Contract status?

    Hopefully, it has expired and we all forget ge ever want here. He wasn't a bad guy, but his skill level is more of.... Canadian league haha
  3. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Funny thing is, my boy knows the pimp who's hoe was with Manning a couple of years ago out here, she got beat cuz she didn't get more $$ from him lol
  4. 2016 Schedule Notes

    All I know is... when rams got the ok for L.A. I was happy as fug, I'm in Vegas, so im going for sure, and, depending on when it is, I'm making my first trip to Charlotte to see the San Francisco game. This year is going to be good
  5. Boldin is a free agent

    Boldin openly said last season he'd retire after the 49ers tho
  6. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Ginn is great when used properly. Someone said we have Brown so we don't need Ginn, they aren't even close to the same. Ginn is flat out fast, Brown is just quick. Ginn should be back for sure
  7. Boldin is a free agent

    Another off season, another time where this forum wants us to sign old vet wr's..... every year,  never fails
  8. Can't quote OP on mobile, but its 12000, not 1.2 million, how stupid can you be? Jesus Crist, if it was that easy to make a million dollars, there wouldn't be so much poverty haha fug, reading your post made me lol... not once, but 3 times. Good job
  9. In the interest of prop bets...

    On my way to hitting Luke with 9.5 tackles/assists.  was +170, couldn't pass it up
  10. Not surprised, I'm one of maybe 10 Panther fans in Vegas haha Denver is largely supported on west coast
  11. calling ALL Gamblers

    We are turning Cam loos... no reason he won't throw more, we aren't holding back, I'm taking: Cam over passing yards Cam over completions -game- over on sacks possibly Cam over on rushing yards (haven't decided) Over - on times they show the golden gate bridge (lol) and i'm leaning towards over on Ginn for rushing yards... 1 run usually gets 5-8 yards minimum  
  12. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    damn, I had a bunch of graded Cam rookie cards, I saw the prices going up and sold them, shoulda held on to them longer lol
  13. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    I'd Say replica ring, but jewelry isn't my thing, so I want to get a black jersey with the super bowl patch, just can't decide the player, I have Cam in white and blue but don't want a 3rd haha,already have Luke in black and KB in black....  decisions, decisions.    I have a whole closet full of jerseys of players through the years, a lot of them are the black ones, started trying to get away from black when it seemed we wore white more.  Still love my black Walls, black Green, black Moose, and somehow... all the way in Vegas, I was able to get a black Tyrone Poole at JC pennys.
  14. Injury updates

    Did you not see him pop a dislocated finger back in place MID-PLAY?  haha There is no way in hell he misses this game