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  1. just saw your neg rep on my "Madden" post. you told me to play more than the demo before judging it... except the demo is the game itself. that's why they always wait two weeks before the release date to release the demo... all they do is lock out certain parts of the game so you can't access it in the demo. and since it has been released, none of my friends who did buy it like it. got a friend who works for gamestop, told me she had more than half of her customers come back to her store demanding their money back. have you played it yet?

  2. didnt start watching NFL football untill 2004 (ya i know i missed our best year...) but became a fan b/c of the smash mouth football we played on offense and defense. couldnt stop watching the team so thats why im still here!

  3. sup man, how does a canadian become a panthers fan. Even my cousin from Canada who was born in NC is still a Giants fan.

  4. Notice I left out what church it was lol

  5. haha - man the way you bounce around I wouldn't be surprised to see you here in Winnipeg - lol hey have you watched any CFL while you have been out here? I always find it interesting to see what amercians think our 'our' game...

  6. Not a problem to say hi. LOL... I'm not really Canadian. I'm an American. I moved to Canada a year ago. I was raised in North Carolina. When I heard a team was coming to my home state I jumped right on and have been a fan ever since I knew we had a team. I love it here in canada. My real name is Andrew. I've only known about this site since abou Feburary last year. 3 years ago I lived in Atlanta... Got tired of falcon fans and moved to Boston. A year ago I was tired of Pats fans and I moved to Canada. Was missing NFL talk and anything related to the Panthers then was searching the net and stumbled on the site. I don't post much but love being able to talk with panthers fans.

  7. hey! thanks for saying hi! im from Winnipeg, MB. great to see there are more of us canadian cheering for a southern team. everyone around here are vikings fans as its 'only' a 6 hour drive. anyway my real name is alan. have you been on this site for a while.... i mean pre hacker era? ive been on it since 2004 but i usually dont post too much. i just like talking with panther fans!! how did you become a panther fan? alan

  8. Where are you? I havent met anyone thats a panthers fan from canada. I'm in Peterborough ON.