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  1. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Bradberry/Worley Butler Garrett
  2. It would nice to see either him or Kony get somewhere around 10 sacks
  3. Yes this mock draft is different than all of the others that we've been seeing for the last couple months but as we all know, the draft is so unpredictable and almost anything can happen. That's the beauty of it. I personally never thought Starwould never make it to the panthers. Crazy things happen year after year
  4. Do we trade up now?

    I would love Hargreaves. He reminds me of Tyrann Mathieu and Brent Grimes with how quick he is. I just don't see us trading up that far to get him
  5. Was there a single game in the entire playoffs that nothaving Norman would have changed the outcome?? Come on let's know overreact QBs and defense win super bowls and we still are as well off as anyone at both of those aspects. We get Bene back who was out during the playoffs as well and I'm sure we will add another one in the draft. Maybe Brandon Boykin can be this years Kurt Colman/ Mike Mitchell although we shouldn't count on it We run a zone defense with a great front 7. Norman is a tough loss but we will be fine without him We all thought we were done when Benji went down last year but clearly one player doesn't destroy a teams success outside of QB
  6. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Just shocked. It's a shame to lose such a talented player but at least we have a lot of room for star and kk now. Maybe in the end Norman will come crawling back to Carolina if other teams don't give him the money he wants
  7. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    Yeah it would just be awesome to win the Super Bowl and then afterwards have a top 5 pick
  8. Panthers trading out of Round 1 more likely

    Id rather try to get the Browns first round pick ofnext years draft
  9. Kenneth Dixon in the 3rd please
  10. Derrick Henry Making Eddie Lacy Look Small

    I think it depends on the system he goes to. Look at Demarco Murruy last year. He clearly did not fit Chips shotgun running system. I think Melvin Gordon is another good example. He has clear talent but he just doesn't fit the Chargers at all
  11. This years "breakout" players.

    Star has been good but this year I'd like to see him be great
  12. Are people trolling with this Derrick Henry stuff?

    I personally would much rather have Kenneth Dixon in the second round. He's a monster who refuses to go down and is really shifty for anyone that hasn't seen him. Kind ofreminds of a young Frank Gore
  13. Phins may un-tag Vernon

    Wow Dolphins might cut Brent Grimes too. He would be a great fit
  14. Mostly true but Mario Addison had an amazing chase down on that punt returnin the super bowl which was just amazing speed for DE
  15. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    Panthers Syracuse basketball Mets Syracuse football George Washington basketball (My friend from high school is on the team)