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  1. True, I was trying to greatly exaggerate to make the point. I do think grades should be PARTIALLY based on need. If you have good depth at RB and BPA is RB, but you have a Byron Bell at LT and a good LT is out there I think you take the LT.
  2. I wouldn't say that. Hypothetically if we have Cam Newton, and get another QB in the first who is BPA. But we have a huge hole at CB and there is a very good CB on the board. Would you consider that an A?
  3. Dear Josh

    It is funny seeing people say "It's not about the money." That's what it seemed to be about, but that is fine. Josh was a great guy in the locker room from what I could tell, and left it all out on the field. He played out his contract and wanted what he deemed himself to be worth and possibly even more. I can't blame him. I'll hate to see him go, but just like with Smith we'll move on (hopefully not the same start as that season...but you get the point)
  4. Sucks to lose an All-Pro Corner with as much fire as Josh. Can't cry over spoiled milk now. The thinking on my end is that we'll draft a DE to help our pass rush, and in the 2nd-4th round pick up a capable DB. If we do something to that extent I believe we'll be fine. The only thing keeping me calm is my trust in Gettleman.
  5. Well, he got Julio, Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, and Brandin Cooks. Those aren't exactly slouches. (though OBJ and Dez are other worldly at this point.)
  6. One thing that no one can take away from Josh is that he gave his all out there on the field, I'd never heard of clashing with his teammates besides Rivera's mysterious dog house his first few years. I'll definitely miss that character and play making ability. But it's far from the end.
  7. Eh while I agree to an extent, there is a difference between a guy being a distraction and wanting what he perceives to be his worth.
  8. Exactly, it's not the least bit required at all. Just a tad bit expected.
  9. I was about to start a thread on this, I woke up realizing...Wow, I've seen literally almost NO response. I saw more guys wishing Luke a Happy Birthday than even making mention of any "We'll miss you bro. Always family." type of posts. Which to me can be very telling.
  10. Likely won't happen. No reasoning, just feeling.
  11. Bills sign C Fernando Velasco

    Great high character guy when I ran into him. Wish him the best in Buffalo.
  12. Cam Newton: #lateN1GHTsessionPERFECT1NGtheCRaft

    Not to say Cam CAN'T get burned by a high schooler... but I think he let him as a part of a drill. Kind of like a coach letting you go by him when doing layup drills in bball.
  13. Josh Norman/OBJ Feud Re-Ignited

    I'm sure someone thoroughly broke it down but yes... Subtweet - To Subliminally make a statement clearly directed at someone. Without specifically stating who the intended target is. "Trigger Fingers Turn To Twitter Fingers" - Infamous line used by rapper Drake aimed at Rapper Meek Mill. Meek Mill while known for "street" lyrics often mentioning guns, took to Twitter to express dismay with Drake. Which is frowned it's Twitter. "So Wassup" - "Would you like to continue this verbal sparring? Potentially even taking it into the physical realm?" That is today's lesson, class dismissed.
  14. Josh Norman/OBJ Feud Re-Ignited

    Yep, was trying to find his original post haha.