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  1. Now imagine two of these guys next to eachother...

    If you had to choose would you choose the D to constantly bring pressure from the DE's or up the interior? I always thought interior pressure was more of a pain for QB's.
  2. Salary Cap officially set

    With such a big jump in cap this isn't the year to go after free agents. They will be getting overpaid by the likes of Oakland and Jacksonville.
  3. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sounds like more than anybody you deserve this game and this season. You have the rest of your life to grieve.
  4. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    Caught sight of a fellow Panthers fan in Scotland for the first time today. We shared a moment.
  5. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Utter nonsense. Every bit of that. I've argued with you about it before and it's not worth my time.
  6. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    I'm not even going to argue with you. None of what you wrote his accurate in any way whatsoever. Carry on believing it if it makes you happy.
  7. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Haha what games were those? Chelsea were going to beat Arsenal anyway. Wenger can't beat Mourinho in any other than overhyped friendlies. Arsenal are too soft to ever get anywhere under Wenger. He keeps signing Robert Pires when you need to sign a Vieira.
  8. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    We clearly have different definitions of lethal. Lethal to me means if you give a team a chance they will score. That is not something you can say about Arsenal. If you give them chances they probably wont score - making them pretty harmless.
  9. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    So not very lethal at all?
  10. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Most lethal? 6 teams have score more goals than Arsenal.
  11. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Top of the league!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 2

    Outstanding as always Jeremy. Nice to see the offense fit to be on the same practice field for a change. Usually the defense is dominating and we are at panic stations already.
  13. 2015 Summer Transfer Thread

    I don't need to do my research. It's on the news every day. I know exactly what is happening. You've added 2 and 2 and made 5. Do you honestly think they spent £50 million on a player because he is English? Of course not. They've signed a highly talented player that happens to be English so fulfills another requirement. If they wanted English so badly they would have bought somebody a hell of a lot cheaper that would be a warm body for training purposes. Instead they bought a talented player and paid the English premium for him. The value your 'agency' puts on players is as relevant as the value I put on players. The only true value is what teams will pay. There is no salary cap in soccer. Only supply and demand.
  14. 2015 Summer Transfer Thread

    Valued at £35 million by who? The only thing that sets a value in football is what a team is willing to pay. In this case City are mega rich and can buy who they want if they think the player is talented enough. Either way they haven't purely bought Sterling because he is English. They bought him because he is talented, being English is just extra gravy.
  15. 2015 Summer Transfer Thread

    I'm a United fan. I'd love nothing more than for City to drop £50 mil on a talentless lump that's only redeeming quality (in City's eyes) is that he is English. Sadly this isn't the case and they paid fair value for such a talented player.