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  1. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I could potentially see a free agent RB added to fill the place of Wegher. I think that'll be the most interesting position to watch during training camp.
  2. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    This is mainly the reason I've left for the Panthers' subreddit. The ability to downvote comments out of existence is something that is sorely needed in this place, or it'll just continue to become an echo chamber.
  3. Um. You might need to see a psychiatrist, dude.
  4. Eric Shelton over almost any other player in that draft.
  5. Yeah, for sure, but the pick of Butler sort of negates that also. Like everyone has said, Short was tired deep into the games - Butler has been drafted so that, when Short is tired, we still have a poo wrecking beast busting through the interior line. I think we can trust almost any DB when the QB has less than 3 seconds to set his feet and find his reads.
  6. I don't think we were shown how to be beat at all, honestly. Von Miller played out of his mind and Mike Remmers, who had been solid up until that point, picked a bad game to have a bad game. It happens, especially against one of the best defensive players in the NFL. I don't trust Marlowe at all. His action was so limited last year, it wasn't even really worth noting. It's hard to say he's a 'developing player'. Trent might do something, but who knows? I mean, I definitely trust the system, but our defense is incredibly complex. It's not something that can just be picked up. I think Cash will be a fantastic player, but that will take time. It's very unlikely that he walks in day one and is a pro bowl level safety. Nortman was, honestly, below average. He was consistently in the bottom of Net Yards, because of how he outkicked the coverage or kicked it directly to the punt returners. That sucked. Punters are a huge swing, and they're part of the reason Fox always wanted a top Punter.
  7. Yeah. Dude had as much talent as we could ask for, yet couldn't kick the habit. It sucks. :(
  8. Now that the Draft is over and we've picked up our UDFAs, there are still some shaky areas on the team. What's your biggest concern heading into the season, assuming we head into this season with what we have now. For me, I'd say the biggest concern is Safety, followed closely by Punter. I'm still not convinced that Tre Boston is the best we can do in the defensive backfield. Often times last season he appeared to be out of place and trailing behind his guy (though, his athleticism was definitely an upgrade over Roman Harper). If we could sign Donte Whitner, that would be amazing. He would add that "4th LB", bringing a hard-hitting, run-stuffing Safety onto our team, and letting Coleman do what Coleman does. Punter is... Scary. The Punter is such an incredibly important position, especially when we need to flip the field. Is our defense awesome? Obviously. But, we still need to be able to pin other teams deep, not give up huge returns because of messed up hangtime, and be able to accurately punt into corners. Nortman was... Below average, I would say. He was never the best, and was always slightly behind middle of the road. I don't know if Roadhouse Swayze is an upgrade over him, but, I hope he is. Finding a Punter can't be that hard, right? ... Right?
  9. Head Scratchers in the Draft

    As we've learned from our picks, who cares about where players go? Just because says that a player shouldn't go in the top whatever doesn't mean that that player shouldn't. Teams are so complex, no one on the outside has any idea on what each team is doing.
  10. When a player doesn't fit your system

    There's always been two ideas about how to build a team (this goes for both college and the NFL): Do you choose an excellent athlete that you can mold or do you choose a guy who, might not be as athletically gifted, but fits immediately into your system. It's an interesting take on building a team, and both ways have had success over the last few years.
  11. What's amazing is that when the Browns hired the baseball exec to come in and look for ways they can improve using analytics, everyone panned them. 'What a horrible idea!' 'Lol, Browns gonna Brown', 'Sabermetrics don't work in the NFL'. Yet, here we are, using SPARQ as an incredibly effective way to analyze prospects.
  12. Chargers release P Mike Scifres

    We probably shouldn't jump at the first punter cut. Wait just a month or so, after mini-camp, and see what happens.

    Surner to the Taints
  14. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    Weakness: Not a CB