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  1. Bus pulls up and blocks the view. Man were those guys pissed. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/11/21/weather-channel-tried-to-film-georgia-dome-implosion-but-along-came-a-bus/?utm_term=.c5b7d2bdd954
  2. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Hopefully it's just a hyperextension. Hard to tell much from the video.
  3. Man, I wish I could make a ton of money for doing my job poorly.
  4. Hurney scouting?

    So from a sample size of two the conclusion is that throwing darts at a board is the best method? So who's worrying about the sky falling? Is this another sub topic?
  5. Hurney scouting?

    So who's gonna convince him to quit after round 1 and let someone else make the rest of the picks?
  6. Kurt Coleman Fined

    If that was fine worthy then it's time to just play flag football.
  7. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    Offense- Yds/gm - 16th Pts/gm - 17th
  8. One good offensive game against a mediocre team is a small sample size. Too soon to declare Schwartz a genius predictor.
  9. 6th round picks often flop. Funchess was the 41st selection and only available there due to his short time at WR in college, with a bad QB. Still a risk certainly, but the talent was obvious and it looks like the pick paid off.
  10. Alex Armah

    Smooth out the rough edges and he looks like a good piece of the team puzzle. Certainly more upside than Tolbert had.
  11. CAP is finally looking like a keeper in year 3 (yeah I know he wasn't a 1st rounder). CMC looks like the vet in year one, so even though he hasn't produced big numbers yet, he does all his jobs well, and he's a threat every time he's got the ball. I'm certainly not unhappy that we drafted him.
  12. Samuel getting MRI and other pc notes

    Larsen is a good run blocker and we've been starving for some of that.
  13. I never liked the idea of adding tall receivers to make up for Cam's tendency to throw high. All your receivers can't be TE tall. And nothing wrong with taller WR's as long as you don't overload or sacrifice too much speed. He doesn't seem to throw as many jump balls to Funchess, and he's got some good speed once he gets going. You can call our receivers mediocre/average, but when you account for versatility, and add in the TE's and RB's (especially CMC), I think we've got a good crew that can get the job done as long as Cam gets the ball to 'em in catchable territory.
  14. Hate to hear that. Luckily, we still have a player with his particular set of skills.
  15. Takeaways from MNF

    6th in the league in receptions is only average for a rookie RB? OK. Now you can proceed to explain how that stat has no significance.