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  1. We should be able to add to those 2 sacks allowed, and if we can't get some TDs against this defenseless NO team, then we're in big trouble.
  2. Greg had surgery this morning

    He'll be ready for the playoffs and in top form for the SB (my over the top optimistic post for the day).
  3. Armah or Barnage?

    Even before the season I was seriously doubting that Olsen would get 1000 yds. again this year, but there's no doubt we're hurting without him. Barnidge keeps getting workouts but I never hear anything about any offers. Hard to believe he's total crap all of a sudden so maybe he's making it clear he won't come cheap.
  4. We did win today. RIGHT????

    In '15, our average winning margin for the 1st 3 games was 7.6 pts. We did not look like a 15-1 SB bound team. Yes the Bills game was frustrating, but it's early yet.
  5. What I want to say about their secondary- easy pickins. The run game though, was our brick wall vs. their brick wall. Just no running room. The Bills aren't that tough to beat, but you better be able to throw your way to a win.
  6. Tell it to Peppers. He's the one judging the defense, at least in this thread.
  7. I have never felt as indifferent about anyone's opinion about how this season will end.
  8. Olsen has a broken foot

    Barnidge just worked out for Houston, and they also need a TE. No reports of any offer being made.
  9. Interesting Stats

    Cam's % in game one (Jags) in '15- 58%, with one TD and one INT. That said it all, right?
  10. Thursday games, aside from the money angle, are bad for everyone concerned. And for fans, better have access to the NFL network.
  11. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    Especially since speed isn't a Gunter strong point, he had no chance to stay with Beckham, who just sprinted for the endzone. I think pretty much any CB would have been beaten on this play.
  12. LA is notorious for NFL apathy, and the 49ers are bad enough to generate their own apathy. I'm not saying that attendance isn't a problem in a lot of NFL cities, but as I see it, high ticket prices (along with associated issues of slogging off to the game) are harder to deal with now that almost everyone has a big screen HD TV at home, where the bathroom lines are much shorter and the snacks (thanks to grocery stores) much more affordable. If they want more people in the stands then make it cheaper and easier to attend.
  13. At least he got a trip to the west coast.
  14. I googled it and apparently you said it first, since you're the 1st hit.
  15. Barnwell with good take on Cam

    Didn't like how long he was holding onto the ball in the pocket. Better defenses are coming Cam.