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  1. caatfan


    I hope Jackson is #1 in the impact dept., cause I'm not worried about Moore. He's gonna be good.
  2. caatfan

    Said hi to J stew

  3. Personally, I have zero interest in a prospective owner who chooses a different nickname for himself every other week.
  4. caatfan

    Interesting info about Panthers roster

    Having an undrafted player on the roster can mean you've done a good job of recognizing hidden talent and developing it, or you've done a bad job with your drafting, trading, etc., and you've had to settle for lesser talent. Having a lot of 1st rounders can mean you've done a good job of drafting (and keeping) your 1st rounders, or it can mean you finish in the basement every season and therefore gain access to the best draft talent every year and your team is still a loser.
  5. Doss appeared in 15 games in 3 seasons with Denver. Totaled 4 tackles. Cut by Denver and Buffalo. I wouldn't expect much from him.
  6. It's what has happened in the past. It's not written in stone. And the "terrible losing season" in '14 resulted in a playoff win in the postseason, so not exactly terrible. And if you keep calling 'em "panties" then expect to be viewed as a troll by a lot of us.
  7. caatfan

    "Why would I care?"

    This is one of those mine field topics. Ideally, you take the time to formulate a position that explains that your goal of coaching to win college games also develops the players for the pro game. Much easier if you run a pro style offense, of course. I do think it has to help recruiting if your program turns out a lot of NFL draft picks, and high school kids don't want to hear that their prospective college coach doesn't care about their NFL dreams.
  8. Yeah it's one of those extra cushy helmets; that and the lack of pads.
  9. caatfan

    Young offensive Weapons

    I would choose 'none of the above', but if I have to pick one I'd go with CMC. Moore isn't likely to sniff 1k receiving unless he goes wild with yac and/or we have injuries. This isn't a pass happy offense and Funchess and Olsen should get most of the action. Dickson only got 400+ yards once (last year) and that was mostly due to that one game where he had a career day, and Olsen getting hurt, so no way the rookie collects 400. I don't see Samuel getting enough return yardage to bust 1k. I'll be thrilled if he can just have a decent rookie season and not get hurt. And yes he's a rookie as far as I'm concerned.
  10. caatfan

    Adam Schein does it again

    This is old, and I don't think it's all there anymore, but I agree with the sentiment 100%. Schein is an idiot. https://phinphanatic.com/2012/05/31/adam-schein-is-idiot-of-the-week/
  11. caatfan

    looking to lease an suv

    My wife's been driving a CRV for 11 years (same one) with no complaints. I like Mazdas too. I've been driving the same Miata since 1989. The CX-5 is a huge seller.
  12. Based on team talent, the only reason to expect a losing season would be history. That's pretty weak and pretty pessimistic. I expect a winning record unless they give away multiple games due to mistakes/sloppiness, or there's a raft of injuries taking out key players.
  13. caatfan

    About the new stadium...

    This is the way to refer to a stadium that doesn't exist and isn't planned- 'a' new stadium, not 'the' new stadium.
  14. Steelers have only had 7 losing seasons in the last 46 years- since '72 and the start of the Bradshaw era. If Tepper wants to emulate that organization, I'm all for it.
  15. We could have done a lot worse for a new owner. We don't have to like every little thing about him.