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  1. If he can carry it there too he should be fumble proof.
  2. Moore makes the top 10 with 75 yds, but I see Samuel at 25th with 43 yds. Even if you only include WR's Samuel's 43 yds doesn't get him into the top ten (19th).
  3. caatfan

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

    Did you miss the part about the alternative reality?
  4. He's the only big target at WR now, plus the others are all new. Byrd and Samuel have a total of about 25 receptions between 'em. Funch gets a pass this season (hopefully a lot of 'em).
  5. Thought you were referring to Matsko, since he's the Running Game Coordinator.
  6. He turned 67 in Feb.
  7. I believe Anderson is a big part of plan A. If he isn't, he should be. CMC is gonna be on the field for lots of plays where he won't be running the ball.
  8. Bersin's a good fit for Brady's style. If they sign him I wish him luck, but not a SB ring (not with NE anyway).
  9. Worley appreciates the Raiders giving him a 2nd chance (or would it be a 3rd?), and I hope he gets his head and his play in the game and has a nice career, but I doubt anyone with the Panthers organization has any regrets about trading him.
  10. Only thing Cowhead is good at is stretching 10 seconds worth of content into ten minutes of on-air time.
  11. That says all you need to know about this poster.
  12. Who knows what all went down behind the scenes? Not us. My take is that the Buffalo Panthers wanted KB, while the Carolina Panthers obviously decided that they didn't need two tall WRs, but did need more speed at the position. If we'd been in love with KB I think he'd still be here. I believe they looked at both guys and decided that, for multiple reasons, Funchess was the keeper. KB is still butt hurt, and apparently it's festering. For such a big guy he's pretty small inside. Maybe he'll eventually grow up. Meanwhile I think Hurney was smart to trade KB and now WR is a pretty damn strong position for us, finally.
  13. Time for a new thread. Title- 'Who's the bigger whiner? KB or coralreefer_1?'