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  1. caatfan added a post in a topic Five Players to watch tonight (   

    He's on a lot of lists, including mine.
    Colin Jones? 
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  2. caatfan added a post in a topic Offensive line performance....   

    He was getting open and catching the ball well in game 3. This sure is his best chance to make a case as a starting WR.
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  3. caatfan added a post in a topic DA since cam is a DA?   

    You are the OP (original poster/thread starter), and maybe you should go back to lurking. Your conclusion as to what's wrong with the team doesn't seem to be gaining much momentum.
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  4. caatfan added a post in a topic The Mold   

    No doubt about Ginn at this point but I wouldn't say Brown is a lock unless he stops dropping passes.
    I think that's covered here-  IF YOU'RE NOT A SKYSCRAPER, BRING SOMETHING ELSE

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  5. caatfan added a post in a topic The Mold   

    It is kind of obvious for any and all receivers, but fast doesn't get you open if the CB can stick to you like glue, and open doesn't help if you're gonna drop the ball. I suppose I felt the need to add it out of frustration with the problems we're seeing this preseason- Brown in particular.
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  6. caatfan added a post in a topic The Mold   

    Good points on what team needs to look for in a receiver for Cam, and glad to see that the team also has some sense. Under 'bring something else', I would only add, for the little guys like Ginn, Brown, and Byrd- get open and catch the damn ball. Ginn and Brown have been doing the first part, but lately only Ginn has been successful at catching.
    Not me. I'm not into bitch fests.
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  7. caatfan added a post in a topic nullified....   

    As usual, punishment for cheating depends on who you are.
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  8. caatfan added a post in a topic When Don Shula watches Panther games   

    Another 'Shula sucks' thread!
    I've got better things to do, like contemplate my navel.
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  9. caatfan added a post in a topic #Mr.Clutch   

    I don't doubt it, although as far as I can tell it's never had a dictionary definition as a replacement for 'reactive'. It's just incorrect usage.

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  10. caatfan added a post in a topic #Mr.Clutch   

    Nice wording. Gives you an 'out' if he turns out to be a good receiver for us. He still won't be a "stud".
    I feel better about him than Boykin. They're both about the same size, but Norwood is advertised as a good hands receiver, and he seems to have some talent for getting to the hard to catch balls. 
    It's understandable that some would reach for that word as a form of 'reactive'. Doesn't bother me compared to the out of control and incorrect use of 'myself' in place of 'I' and 'me'. 
    Not according to the on-line dictionaries I've looked at. It's a political term. 


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  11. caatfan added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

    A backup as good as Anderson who doesn't want another shot at being #1 is rare. We're lucky to have him.
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  12. caatfan added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    Bersin is a tall target and is good over the middle. If he does what they're going to ask him to do, I see him contributing again this year (no returns please). We'll only have 3 WR's who were Panthers last year and with Bersin, Cotch, and Olsen, at least there's some continuity with guys who are catching the ball. Brown isn't inspiring confidence in me right now. Hopefully Norwood is the 'hands guy' he's advertised to be, and learns the offense. 
    And he's still a question mark. 

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  13. caatfan added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    Hundreds of players got cut and every one picked up by another team means another chop. No surprise that few are being grabbed. 
    Failed project my ass. He catches the ball (better than Boykin did) and can line up at different positions. I doubt they come up with anyone to take his spot this season.

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  14. caatfan added a post in a topic King Suggests RGIII to Backup Cam   

    I think the big question right now is the perception of value with this guy. The Redskins have a big investment in him, but they're now labeling him as broken since he can't beat out Cousins. What's an expensive QB worth when it's far from a given that he'll ever be worth a crap?
    Even if it were a sure thing that he'd make a great backup, seems to me like that's the last thing the Panthers need. Anderson could start for quite a few teams. Right now that's more than you can say for RGIII.
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