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  1. Even big RB's don't run through a solid DL. Maybe once in a while you catch a guy off balance, but you need your OL to open a hole or a crease for a consistent running game. Our run blocking isn't good, and until that changes our RBs aren't going to look good either.
  2. Chris Weinke news

    I guess if guys who never even played college ball can be successful coaches, then a QB can coach RBs. That said, if I was quality high school RB, I'd be crossing UT off my list.
  3. When a new owner takes over, nobody's job is safe, and the current GM will likely get the squinty eyed look the first day.
  4. Potential Steal Alert

    I watched some highlights and he does look very breakable.
  5. I'd watch this...

    It inspired me to keep my damn feet on the ground.
  6. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    WEAKNESSES Moves with somewhat restricted stride length. Is not a route salesman. Gives route intention away with early directional leans into breaks. Rarely relies on leverage and head fakes to create his separation. Looked bigger on tape in 2017 and quickness appeared to suffer somewhat. Would benefit from varying route speeds. Too eager to try for one-handed spear attempts rather than two handed snares at times. Agility with ball in his hands is average by NFL standards. Effort level as blocker can be inconsistent. Needs to get better hip roll into initial contact. May need a fire lit under him in order to handle in-line blocking duties as a pro. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 2-3 http://www.nfl.com/draft/2018/profiles/dallas-goedert?id=2559850 There really aren't any TE prospects that belong in the 1st round this year. Even Mark Andrews is a likely day two pick.
  7. FA: Doug Martin?

    A back with 6 NFL seasons under his belt shouldn't be looking for a big payday from any team. There are/have been exceptions, but you'd have to be nuts to bet on it.
  8. JIm Brown had a decent career as a football player turned bad actor. Fred Dryer probably made the best switch from NFL to actor. Gronk could probably get a part or two as a minor bad guy/henchman.
  9. Gantt is obviously all knowing. Let's just put him in charge.
  10. She dismissed the complaint yesterday. Don't know what the NFL plans to do, but there's no longer anything going on in the legal system.
  11. Here's hoping Samuel's getting all his injuries over with in year one. I take it as a good sign that he wasn't injury prone at OSU.
  12. The past year

    For one, a chance to get a good, 'hands off' owner.
  13. 2nd place still means you're at the top of the NFC or AFC. I'd rather be the Bills than the Lions.
  14. A fine mess

    Good thing the draft seems like kind of a crap shoot this year, with a lot of players projected anywhere from the 1st to the 4th round, depending on who's doing the mock. We can just have somebody throw darts at a board for our picks. After round one I think that's Hurney's method anyway.
  15. Panther organization and fans should be experiencing owner envy.