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  1. What are these 'things' and why do they favor Denver when they fall? 
  2. I do not want this to end.....

    Yeah, do tell.
  3. He would scare me if I did something that might piss him off.  40% us. 40% them. What about the other 40%?
  4. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    You go for the perceived weak links, whether it's a rookie, an aging vet, a scrub you have to put on the field, or a guy trying to play with an injury. We would do the same. Any team would. If the link holds up you try something else.  You better believe our staff will be watching to see how his arm holds up, just like Denver's will. Same goes for Allen's foot and all the other possible weak links on the field.
  5. I hope that's the case with him. He's clearly a smart guy, but always seemed to have trouble impulse wise. He doesn't seem so much the hothead anymore. I hope his legacy can end more gracious than grievous. 
  6. It's really nice to see Smitty set any past issues with the organization aside and look at the team and the upcoming game as an analyst (I suspect we'll be seeing him behind a mic and desk after he retires) and give an objective opinion. As for his departure from the Panthers, I think it's clear that he's a strong willed guy, and a leader. He just wasn't the leader the team needed. This needed to be Cam's team.
  7. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    It's the Cam offense. You must have a Cam for it to work well, and there are no more Cams available. You can't make a system work if you're missing the main part. 
  8. Funny clip. Panthers win this, although Ware had a couple of good ones.
  9. Dilfer's picking the Broncos- true, but he was also on sports radio a short while ago (Mike and Mike?), absolutely raving about Cam. Said there's no QB like him physically (once in a generation athlete), and he's also become a very smart QB, ranking him up there with Manning, Brady, and Rodgers as far as great decision making. He also made a point that 'staying the course' with Rivera and Shula, and having patience in this impatient NFL environment, has been crucial to Cam's (and the team's) current success.
  10. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    All three of 'em seemed really surprised to be going, but they shouldn't have been. Didn't surprise me a bit. The private jet though- Wow.  
  11. Cam Newton disappointed me

    You can't give to your public all the time. If you try they'll just take their little piece and pretty soon there won't be any pieces left.  The singer Sia has taken to hiding her face when performing so she can go out in public without getting swamped by the public. Being famous is a double edged sword.
  12. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    I got it right away. It appears that some here are cherry picking the threads or just don't have time to read page one. We'll be nice and give 'em that excuse at any rate.
  13. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    I like how Billy Boy Barnwell thinks.  This team should not be as good as it is on offense. The consensus was that Cam and Shula didn't have what it takes to put up all those points. Lucky for us the consensus was wrong.