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  1. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    "of the PFF era" is in the title of the article and 'since 2007' is mentioned in the first sentence. They're not claiming best ever or even the last 2 decades.
  2. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    There you go. Get with the Panther program or get out of town. If he's not a piece of the puzzle they'll toss him aside. 
  3. The lethality of the Panthers

    And I think that's because he's targeted more, and gets the hardest thrown, hardest to catch balls. 
  4. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    How about our 'worst in the NFL' wide receivers? BTW I don't believe that. Or our sorry OL (many in the media were just not paying attention there).
  5. The lethality of the Panthers

    The team has no glaring weakness, and that includes WR. Old man Cotchery was the star pass catcher yesterday. I keep thinking the secondary is vulnerable but they keep making plays.   
  6. That's OK. Humble pie was served to Dallas fans yesterday. 
  7. Star and Addison have low ankle sprains

    We're good at DE, but I want Star back asap. 
  8. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    I'd buy a Gman T. Nobody would mistake me for a bandwagon fan then. 
  9. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    OK, how's this for some coverage and respect- "The New England Patriots might also be undefeated and they currently have the hardware from their Super Bowl XLIX trophy, but make no mistake the Carolina Panthers are the best team in the NFL right now." The article makes a good case for going 16-0 too.
  10. friday morning schadenfreude

    They should be. We just keep getting better, and if our Rivera December performance continues this year, the odds of finishing the season 16-0 go way up. 
  11. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    FTFY I like to think the Panthers are the best now. Time will tell. At least we're Panthers and not Cheetahs.
  12. Johnson and Hardy

    There's good and bad in every one of us. Unfortunately the bad in Hardy has been exposed publicly a few times and he's been labeled as a bad guy. His former Panther teammates, just like a lot of his current ones with Dallas, know that he can also be a good guy. Hopefully he's able to learn from his mistakes and become more of a good guy in the future. Really, no one should be surprised at the friendly greetings at the game yesterday, and as Panther fans, none of us should be either happy or mad that he's no longer with the team. We should just be sad for everyone who's been affected and hope that the bad that happened doesn't end up defining his career and him as a person. 
  13. Is Evans the first? No, somebody said it near the end or just after the Skins game. The Pats have some injuries on offense and we've been the most dominant team the last few weeks, so we're an easy argument for being the best, at least for now. 
  14. You probably should have put an 'm' in front of 'any'. I know several from work who fit all 3 of those qualifications.  You know we got some new bandwagon fans today. I see Panthers gear sales taking an uptick.
  15. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    Poop pie for all the Huddlers who wanted to cut Cotchery in camp. IMO he's been 'Clutch Cotch' all season and he saved his best for today. "Panthers wideout Jerricho Cotchery finished the game with five catches for 73 yards. Amazingly, four of those catches came on third down. He caught a 24-yard pass from Newton on third-and-5 early in the first quarter, a 12-yard pass on third-and-7 late in the second quarter, a 24-yard pass on third-and-17 in the middle of the third quarter and an 11-yard pass on third-and-10 later in the third quarter. That's what we call making the most of your catches."