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  1. Cigar thread reborn

    Damn, I see you with the Liga, Opus X and the Davidoff! Expensive taste!
  2. Cigar thread reborn

    That’s the one. I love Drew Estates and especially Acid. If you haven’t tried a Nica Rustica you need to, it’s very good. I’ll definitely check the Cao out, don’t think I’ve had one of those yet. Nice selection.
  3. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    No, I bought it at Stone Seafood in China Grove. I've thought about cooking it that way but I loathe lemon and citrus in general. I'm the only that eats fish in my house so family style isn't real practical.
  4. Cigar thread reborn

    As a chef I am certain you have a more refined palate than I do, but I just had a Toast by Drew Estates that was fantastic. It's sweet but the Nicaraguan blend offers the toasted flavor that I love. I was a great flavor profile for me.
  5. Give Credit To Stew

    Give credit to the OL.

    Fantastic game!
  7. Obligatory help needed thread

    I’m 40 but grew up in Concord, so there’s the old rivalry still brewing deep within. It’s coming around, anxious to see their growth plan as K-town continues to try to survive the mill closing. It’s cheaper than many places and I like being outside of CLT.
  8. Vague Worley tweet

    Wouldn’t have to wait if he wasn’t constantly out of position and missing tackles.
  9. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    Yes and it’s awesome. Adds a very good and distinct flavor. I usually break by hand but I’ve used the food processor a couple times too for a finer mixture. Best part? High in fat and zero carbs for plain.
  10. Obligatory help needed thread

    Kannapolis sucks...I live here too. Right behind the Y.
  11. Obligatory help needed thread

    It’s masterful is what it is.
  12. Fire Clifford and Promote Stephen Silas To Head Coach.

    Silas or fresh blood?
  13. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    It was awesome. Zero carbs, bunch of fat.
  14. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    The batter is worse than the oil in many cases. I fry a lot of stuff but do it with butter and no breading. Pork rinds are a very tasty breading I’ll use from time to time. I have speckled trout on tap for lunch tomorrow, will probably just pan fry in butter with seasoned salt and old bay.
  15. Give me your deep fried turkey recipe

    Just had 4 fried eggs, then 2 smoked pork chops in butter and lard.