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  1. Cigar thread reborn

    I definitely want to try a V series as well as the Nub. Had another Kuba Kuba this morning and it was as good as I remembered.
  2. In before "can he play OT..." That's awesome though, congrats and Happy Birthday to the little man.
  3. The Klein Factor

    While it gives them a slight advantage, it still comes down to execution. We have the more talented unit, but can we actually get something out of them?
  4. Cigar thread reborn

    I had a Tabak Especial by Drew Estates this morning on the way to work with h coffee. It was my first infused stick and it was awesome. If you like big, sweet flavor this was consistent from pre-light draw to the finger burning finish. I will definitely be buying more of these for my sweet fix. https://m.thompsoncigar.com/product/TABAK-ESPECIAL-NEGRA-ROBUSTO-MADURO-COFFEE/70162.uts Right now I think the Oliva G is about my favorite, right up there with the JD Howard.
  5. We did win today. RIGHT????

    That's the hope anyway.
  6. This Is A Superbowl Defense!

    Their O is talent poor overall, so I think Week 4 will be a much better test. You can never dismiss Brees, but he's their only real threat.
  7. Agree as you expect a first ballot HOF'er to play well, especially at home against a team he lost to last time. I'm still not excited about Worley or Adams.
  8. This Is A Superbowl Defense!

    Week 4 will tell us a lot.
  9. We did win today. RIGHT????

    Yes, we won but most of us know we had the benefit of playing two poor teams with brand new coaches and schemes. We were lucky to escape with a W today but the offense must improve.
  10. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    It's on everyone who plays offense and the coaches too. Completely inept.
  11. 6 points in two weeks is rare, despite the quality of opponents. So far they look incredible but the true tests are still upcoming.
  12. Cigar thread reborn

    I definitely plan on getting a better humidor but the clear one pictured stays in a closed cabinet 95% of the time. I just bought a larger Bovida pack and stuck it in there.
  13. Cigar thread reborn

    Don't know if you're familiar with Tim and Bradley of TNTCigar.com but my taste aligns with Bradley's very closely. Like him I don't like IPA's either. I do like the sweeter sticks but not too sweet, like the Drew Estates Natural Dirt, that's good but it's like smoking a Tootsie Roll.
  14. Saints attempting to trade Kenny Vaccaro

    If he wasn't such a collosal douchebag I'd love to have him.
  15. Cigar thread reborn

    My brother is infusing some now with bourbon and a little congnac. I'll look forward to trying those. Right now I'm having an Arturo Fuente King T Rosado and it's very good. Apparently it was manufactured by mistake but they loved the combination and rolled with production. I'm enjoying trying new stuff. When I finish a stick I have a very marijuana- like buzz. I love to smoke before bed because it damn near puts me to sleep