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  1. Quick question?

    We were the top offense in the league just one year ago, now we have a better OC that I think will use the guys to their strengths so I’m optimistic. However, defense will remain the focal point with RR at the helm.
  2. Gym help

    Trying to use the rowing machine at the gym at least 3 times per week as well as core work.
  3. Gym help

    I’m not there yet but it’s aomwthing I love. Not being 400 pounds makes it a lot easier as well.
  4. Gym help

    My autistic eight year old has taken a liking to frisbee so this would be an awesome idea.
  5. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    Let me talk to my mother in law who owns the land. It’s just outside of Kannapolis and only one guy has hunted it the last decade but I don’t think he comes out anymore.
  6. Gym help

    I’m carb free and limit my protein intake. My doctor told me to do whatever and my PT’s after surgery pretty much said the same.
  7. Gym help

    I also have so individual goals, I want to be able to do lunges with weight, Bulgarian Split Squats and Box Jumps.
  8. Gym help

    Thank you. I worked with a personal trainer at my gym and we did a HIIT routine and yoga is on my list. Luckily my kid’s speech pathologist is a certified yoga instructor and we’re suppoes to get together next week. My surgeon put not limitations on me but just cautioned to listen to my body. I still have several months of healing to go through but am excited by the prospect of building my core and my legs. I feel like my diet and knees have given me a second chance. I have two young kids and hate not being able to chase them or run around he bases, etc. I have no desire to do heavy weights as it’s just not smart with my joints, but I do have expectations that I won’t meet on the couch. I’ve been back in the gym for a few months trying to recover lost lean mass and strength and it has gone pretty well, but I want to shift my focus to strength and stability in the core and legs. I appreciate the suggestions.
  9. Gym help

    As most of you know I had both knees replaced in early June. I have also had 3 back surgeries and have 2 rods and 22 screws in my spine. I haven’t been physically able to run in over 12 years but that ends in 2018. I’m looking for your advice on exercises that will help with my atrophy and regaining my strength in my legs, hips, glutes, etc. I don’t think squats are doable yet, but I can do the leg press machine. I have done some light dead lifts and want to continue with those. Form is of the utmost importance as I try to return to some symblance of normalcy. Thanks.
  10. fat people!!!!!!!!

    That seems to be the thinking. Especially by those who don’t understand physiology, or insulin, or metabolic syndrome.
  11. fat people!!!!!!!!

    Disagree, it’s about nutritional composition. Exercise is good, but you can lose weight without it. In many cases exercise can hinder weight loss.
  12. fat people!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your insight.
  13. Hunting Land Lease opportunity?

    How much does a fee usually run? Or what’s reasonable for 10 acres with plenty of deer?
  14. fat people!!!!!!!!

    I’m about to do 30 days of only animal products. Meat, cheese and eggs primarily.