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  1. Better run fits, tackling, pressure on QB and coverage...so defense as a whole. Better start on O, some running lanes.
  2. His man made the play 10 yards upfield. I’m good with it.
  3. Jackofalltrades

    Question on Seymour

    No. His issues were all technique and discipline driven, can’t imagine a position change improving that. I’d give him an opportunity to learn and show marked improvement, but if it’s not obvious he’s one of the first to go.
  4. Jackofalltrades

    Official Panthers at Bills Gameday Thread!

    First preseason game.
  5. I’d say Smith gets replaced by Moore.
  6. Jackofalltrades

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    Agree but I’d be interested to see the numbers across the league. I do agree that a better practice surface is justified.
  7. Jackofalltrades

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    It IS football.
  8. Jackofalltrades

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    I don’t want anything to do with Incognito, he’s a dirty piece of garbage who should have been thrown out of the league.
  9. Jackofalltrades

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    Panther fan in me is glad, human side hates it for him. Maybe we’ll strike gold twice and find the air apparent to Norwell. Probably not but that’s my hope.
  10. Jackofalltrades

    Marquis Haynes continues to impress.

    If nothing else he explodes off the ball. His speed may create more opportunities for the inside guys as the OT will have to get further outside.
  11. Jackofalltrades

    Luke Kuechly's memory

    Don’t guess CTE has run its course yet. Luke will probably wind up being my all time favorite Panther, he’s close now. He’s damn near a proto-type of the perfect MLB with his intellect, instincts and freakish athletic ability.
  12. I’m numb because it’s the nature of the sport. Hate it for him but you know injuries are going to happen.
  13. Jackofalltrades

    Last year, or first year?

    Good question, not sure. I’ll probably write it off as a transitional year and hope for the best.
  14. Jackofalltrades

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Pats Saints Cowboys and other division rivals