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  1. Cam Newton or Lebron James... who is the better athlete?

    Can doesn't just fall over like LeFlop, easy decision for me.
  2. Gil Brandt's top 100, for what it's worth.

    Jumbo package of KB, Funch, Olsen and Dickson. Speed package of Ginn, Brown and Shepard. Then there's mixing it up. Do love.
  3. NFLDraft Scout 7 round mock draft

    Same here and as an OU fan I've seen a lot of his games. I think he's a perfect fit for our offense.
  4. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz City! Let'sGo Hornets!!!
  5. Anybody wondering what Sherrod Martin is doing these days?

    Glad to see he's doing well and seems to be doing something he enjoys. Best wishes for him.
  6. Better Call Saul!

    I'm not 100% sure what it is, but I'm anxious to find out. I loved Mike in BB and I love him now, such a methodical badass.
  7. NFC RB's Coach - "can't envision Derrick Henry going in 1st round"

    I'm skeptical of any RB from Bama, their blocking is so good all they have to do is run through wide open lanes that I could exploit. It's not their fault, but RB's in many cases are a product of their OL and Alabama consistently has dominant OL's. This years group got off to a slow start but as they melded the run game began to set the tone.
  8. That Locker Room Leadership...Wow!

    Old story, but still a good one.
  9. Best Way To Sell An Old Used Car?

    I made it known that I wasn't happy but there really wasn't any recourse. It's runs like a champ now and I hope I can get at least 100k miles out of it. I'd love to put a bigger Acura engine in it and really get some speed but it doesn't make any practical sense.
  10. RIP Merle Haggard

    One of the true legends of country music. Today's pop country is a disgrace. I do love Chris Stapleton though. RIP Merle
  11. Best Way To Sell An Old Used Car?

    I was told that the car never had anything but regular maintanence performed. So several months after driving it I notice a decline in power, etc and it turns out it needs a head gasket. Whatever, old car and such I wasn't bothered. It lost a couple cylinders one day and I had to abandon it at a business. After a few days of trying to diagnose it, including phone calls with the previous owner I just had to towed to a mechanic. I hadn't been in touch with him in years but he and I graduated together and he's a Honda/Acura specialist and was only 3 miles away. He calls me the next day and tells me that it's already had at least one head gasket replaced and that the head tabs on the back of the engine had been replaced and they JB Weld'ed in place. Turns out the engine was just gone, best cylinder was getting around 25% compression. So I swapped engines and that's when he told me the damn tranny had been re-built too. My wife called her friend that sold me the car to inquire, but they stuck to the story. I got a great deal on a rebuilt motor that had already been modded. I've since done a little extra work and it's fun to drive. I'm 6'5" and large in all the wrong ways with chronic knee and back issues, lol I can't only imagine what I look like trying to get in and out of what's essentially a glorified go-cart. I'm sure several people have had a chuckle at my expense.
  12. Best Way To Sell An Old Used Car?

    The seller lied to me and I ended up having to replace the engine. However, I'm glad because it's a pretty fast engine and far more fun to drive.
  13. Best Way To Sell An Old Used Car?

    I have a 99 Civic with 178k and its in really good shape, especially the interior. I paid 2200 for it about 9 months ago.
  14. House of Cards Season 4

    Anyone else find the intro music to be 100% perfect for this show?