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  1. Conan...that poo not funny

    I thought it was great.
  2. Who is the number 1 focus on Denver Offense?

    I hope we prepare for Brock too.
  3. Denvers O-Line vs Carolinas D-Line

    *A lot.
  4. Who is the number 1 focus on Denver Offense?

    Completely agree, he's the one guy that scares me. Small, fast and shifty guys will kill Finnegan and McClain. They were exposed against Seattle.
  5. Voth compiles the best Media day quotes

    I agree and Rivera said from the very start that he didn't just want coaches,  he wanted teachers and we're seeing that play out now.
  6. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    My top choices are DE or CB, but to say I trust DG would be a huge understatement. 
  7. Greg Olsen did NOT win NFL Man of the Year

    You're talking about the Jag's OC?
  8. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    I didn't even know who he was until he had the comeback game against Bama.
  9. Interesting conversation in early 2012

    I'm a Bohmani Jones fan before watching this, even more so now.   Jones may be my favorite of all the media guys.
  10. Jeans?!?!?!

    Dreadful, but whatever. 
  11. NFL's Number One vs. Number One Super Bowl Trailer

    Number 1 overall D v Number 1 SCORING offense 
  12. black lives matter planning to disrupt super bowl!! #nojusticenosuperbowl

    They're a domestic terrorism group and I'd be damned if they, or any other group is going to keep me from getting to my destination. 
  13. What did they do to my daughter.

    My boys
  14. I'm definitely going to Charlotte, but...

    Just join the Roaring Riot!
  15. Paging Smootsdaddy

    I've admitted repeatedly that I was wrong about Cam. I couldn't be happier that I was wrong. If Sam wasn't so fragile I think he'd be a to 10 QB.