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  1. I disagree about Turner, but it’s not like Rank’s comments were ill informed like most of these columnists.
  2. Actually....a good write up. Color me shocked. Sporting Fake News indeed.
  3. Shaq actually has to step up before TD needs to take that 3rd lb role. Hope it happens, would love to already have TDs replacement on the roster. We’ll see if there is meaningful improvement this year.
  4. JawnyBlaze

    Maybe one more after 2018...J. Peppers hints

  5. We were 2nd place, no?
  6. JawnyBlaze

    Good vibes at practice

    Hah, Assassins. Love that movie. I’m probably one of the four people that does.
  7. Carroll made a bone headed decision, trying to shift the stardom from his star RB to his lucky QB. It backfired. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a great coach and head and shoulders above anyone we’ve ever had in Carolina.
  8. I know what is and isn’t a constitutional right, and I suppose I could have worded that better. The point is, what is or isn’t a constitutional right is completely irrelevant in this matter. The right to bear arms doesn’t mean you can bring your gun to work. The right to free speech is completely muffled for me, as a member of the military. Constitutional rights do not guarantee your continued employment. They guarantee your freedom from prosecution for exercising those rights.
  9. I honestly don’t care one way or the other but it’s the employer’s constitutional right to require things within reason of their employees. People have the constitutional right wear a t-shirt and jeans to work, but Cam gets benched and Anderson throws a pick 6 on the first play because Cam didn’t wear a tie. That’s how it works. It’s absolutely within the league’s rights to dictate anthem behavior. It’s all a matter of how it affects public perception and how that affects the bottom line.
  10. Yea, add this to the New Jersey sizes trash heap that is evidence that PFF is complete garbage.
  11. JawnyBlaze

    Offensive Rookie of the Year Candidates Moore #9

    I think he has a legit shot. Obviously the favorite going into the season is gonna be Barkley, but aside from him I don’t think any other rookie has a better shot than Moore unless one of the rookie QBs plays very well.
  12. JawnyBlaze

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    Sucks for Fozzy, hate it for him, but at least this forces Ron’s hand to let the better players on the field
  13. JawnyBlaze

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

    Hayell no
  14. Better having Wright in this role than Legadoodoo Nanee