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  1. I’m not a huge Kirk fan but I’d love Miller in the second. Would be fine with him in the first, but would wish we had just traded up in the second for him or something.
  2. Useless trivia for you guys: The origin of the word “orangutan” is from the Indonesian words “orang hutan” which means “forest person”.
  3. I would LOVE Miller in the third. I would REALLY like Miller in the second.
  4. Eazy-E's Mock Draft

    I like it! I’m not crazy about Hurst, but I’m the second I wouldn’t rage about it. Like it very much as a complete draft class
  5. Both. His performance and apparently his attitude as well were hot garbage.
  6. heh Wesley is a curious choice given the circumstances leading up to his departure. I always thought it was a flagrantly illegal hit, but not a dirty one. He just mistimed it.
  7. I'd love to get Miller with our 2nd. Think he's gonna be a really good pro.
  8. this is less of a REPORT than it is a SPECULATION
  9. Yea Brees is an idiot and if he thinks getting upcharged at a jewelry store is an actual scam, he’s an even bigger idiot than his mole makes him look. “Wah this used car salesman promised me this car would increase in value as soon as it was 20 years old”
  10. In order it was: Shula subtle ref bias wanting Peyton to win Shula Shula
  11. Pick your Combo

    Never heard of her before The Gifted. So glad I found that show.
  12. Norv at Maryland pro day

    wish there were some videos on draftbreakdowns for him, but the youtube highlight videos I watched were quite impressive. I'd be good with him at 24
  13. Panthers Mock w/Trades Scenario

    I'd be very happy with that draft, but I'd probably prefer Jackson to Alexander in the 1st and maaaaaybe Penny over Freeman but not sure. Otherwise, solid A
  14. That’s my feelings on the matter too.