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  1. JawnyBlaze


    Get rid of silver or white, IMO. I don’t care which but don’t have both. Black, blue, silver/white. In that order of prevalence. That should be our uniform scheme.
  2. Workplace discrimination
  3. JawnyBlaze

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    They finally accepted what a moron Shula is, so Rivera called up his buddy who happens to be a veteran, well accomplished playcaller. Simple and plain.
  4. I really wanted Ogbah.
  5. I have a bit. But Funch has shown even less, it seems to me, than those guys. I haven’t looked up any stats or anything, and maybe I missed some contracts but even as overhyped as cooks is, he’s done a lot more than funchess. Watkins has done more, it’s just he’s been injured a lot. Can’t remember any other mega deals for WRs off the top of my head.
  6. Funch would have to improve a helluva lot to “be gone next year anyway”. No team is throwing a substantial contract at him otherwise. Except maybe the giants.
  7. Well, IF this is true, at least the silver lining is we can stop hearing about his “potential” and how THIS is gonna be the year.
  8. JawnyBlaze

    Your most hated NFL team?

    There’s two kinds of hate: rival hate (Saints and Falcons are the worst) and plain hate (cowboys, eagles, Seahawks, Steelers). Saints and falcons would probably be just under those four if not for the rivalry thing.
  9. I totally clicked this thinking it was going to be about New Orleans.
  10. JawnyBlaze

    JR Statue to remain

    I didn’t *strongly* think the statue should come down, but now that the egomaniac put it in the contract to stay up I much more feel that it should come down. I would imagine the new stadium idea is the only loophole and that’s an expensive loophole so we’ll probably have to wait a while
  11. JawnyBlaze

    No UDFA Hype this year

    You’re right, and I think it may be because we’re excited about our draft picks in a way that we’re not used to. We usually have to hope an UDFA or two shines through because our draft picks were lackluster. I don’t remember the last time I was excited about a draft class as a whole.
  12. Oooooh I like the new shackles-off Cam
  13. They typo’d, the first 2 was meant to be a 3
  14. I disagree about Turner, but it’s not like Rank’s comments were ill informed like most of these columnists.
  15. Actually....a good write up. Color me shocked. Sporting Fake News indeed.