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  1. Huh pff got something right. Guess every blind dog finds a bone every once in a while.
  2. Jesus Christ people he’s not saying we should. He’s just theorizing for shits and giggles. Gd.
  3. Well there ya go. David Newton has cracked the CamVinci Code.
  4. Curtis Samuel earned his Panther card

    I was annoyed when he dropped that TD pass, but he made a grown man catch earlier where he got blasted and held on. Cancels each other out. Hate he’s gone for the season, needs the reps. Hopefully it heals completely and he comes back to training camp ready to learn. I have very high hopes for this guy (after draft night 1 he was on the short list I posted here for wants in round 2 )
  5. 98 might be a bit generous. Maybe 50? 40?
  6. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Yea you’re right, Funchess had a really good game too.
  7. Marty Hurney Crow thread

    Eh. Tonight was Cam and the RBs mostly. The WRs were dropping passes left and right.
  8. Dancing with the stars on on abc here, heh. I just subscribed to Espn real quick to watch this game. I’ll cancel before next month.
  9. Is the game only on ESPN? I don’t have ESPN. I’m used to it being on NBC....I have Sunday ticket but it says it’s blacked out. Wtf
  10. TD calls the Falcons cheating a-holes

    My fantasy team started out with Aaron Rodgers, David Johnson and Greg Olsen. :( dropped Rodgers, still have Olsen on my bench and Johnson in my ir slot on the off chance he could be back for the very end of the season. Had a few other less major injuries. I picked up Palmer after Rodgers got hurt (ugh, qb cupboard was bare) and he promptly got hurt too.
  11. I hope suh doesn’t play not necessarily for any grudge he may carry, but for the random dirty poo he does that could get cam injured.