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  1. Yea, Dowling was already on our practice squad.  Makes sense to sign him to futures contract if that was needed to maintain his association with the team.  He may end up an active contributor sooner rather than later, with our situation at CB (only young CBs I can remember that we have that are currently under contract for the coming season are Bene, Lou Young and Teddy Williams...)
  2. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    agreed.  I would miss hating his slimy face on the sidelines when we play Atlanta.  He makes it even easier to hate them.  Get well, Mr. Blank.
  3. But in seriousness, he's quick.  Maybe they're keeping him around and giving him something to do on ST cuz they see a future for him in the secondary.  Not being good on ST doesn't mean he doesn't have potential as a CB.
  4. Without Ted who would handicap us with 5-15 yard penalties on every kick off/return?  We can't have it too easy, you know.
  5. video of Cam responding to criticism

    lol I'm with you. "this, that and the third" gets me every time.  I've come to assume it's just a regional thing from Atlanta or something.  I'm used to it being "this, that and the other".
  6. video of Cam responding to criticism

    That was truly the best interview I think I've ever watched.  I wouldn't want anyone else in the history of the NFL as my QB over Cam right now. and p.s.  "disappointed that Cam said it was fear for his leg"? no, that's not exactly what he said.  He said that he knew if he dove from the position he was in his leg would contort.  That's not "fear for his leg", it's "knowing that what would happen to his leg would prevent him from getting the football".  Contort doesn't mean he was afraid his leg would get hit.  Contort is bend the wrong way, as in he would have to bend his leg backwards the wrong way in order to get the football from where he was.
  7. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    Not at all. I'd still appreciate his personality.  Plenty of other characters in the NFL I like. I like Lynch's personality and unwillingness to sing and dance like they want him to.   I liked Randy Moss' antics. LOVED Brett Favre's personality and love of the game.  So I absolutely would like him still. 
  8. Who Should Go or not resign

    Yea if he's looking at something much more than what I mentioned, next year will probably be his last as a panther. 
  9. Who Should Go or not resign

    I'd be ok with ~$10mil a year for four years. He isn't OLD. He's got more than a contract left worth of dominance. He's not a guy that relies on speed anyway. 
  10. Who Should Go or not resign

    I think Stewart stays. He was critical this year and I don't think CAP is ready for the full load, though I'm very intrigued by Wegher.  If Allen is willing to take a huge paycut, not a restructure but willing to play for ~$3mil a season he can stay. Otherwise we can't afford him for his production.  Same deal goes for CJ, though he's more valuable.  I'd let him stay for a new deal that's roughly $6-7mil a year for 2-3 years.  Finnegan and McClain can stay on small deals.  Cotchery goes.  Peanut will probably retire but if he  wants to stay on a cheap deal let him stay.  D. Edwards can still play and he's cheap.  Harper's gone.  Norman gets franchised. KK gets a big new contract. Star gets 5th year option.  Tolbert might be gone.... Fozzy should be gone but won't be.  We need a true FB and our young RBs need reps. 
  11. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I'm hoping Daryl Williams is ready to take over RT next year.  Oher was fine this year.  Not great in the SB, but he wasn't a major part of the problem.  The issues with blocking last night were mostly Remmers, Remmers, RBs and TEs not picking up blitzes, and Remmers.  I think Oher got a false start or two, but didn't give up as much pressure as the others.
  12. lol I'd love to resign Hardy.  But you know it'll never happen.
  13. When Did You Realize They Weren't Winning?

    me too.  up to that point we were only down 6 points and plenty of time to come back.  when it became a 2 score game with like 3 or so minutes left, I knew it was pretty much over.
  14. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    Good post, didn't know he had set records.  He's gonna be a good one if we can just keep him on the field and stop this vet privilege nonsense.
  15. Remmers

    Remmers was the worst player on the field yesterday and our worst OLman all year.  I don't have anywhere near a Bell level of animosity toward him, but he doesn't need to be starting.  He can serve as an adequate backup.