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  1. I’m sorry bro but WR is our 7th most dire need is ludicrous. I could see maybe as low as 3rd but in my eyes it’s first. Funchess is far from a proven commodity. He hasn’t shown he can be even close to a #1. I have hopes for Samuel and Byrd but both of them are as unproven as it gets, and Byrd has been on the team a long time. At this point was have one guy that might start for a few teams in the league as a #2. We have two guys that might be buried on the depth chart, and the rest wouldn’t even make the roster of 30 or so other teams. We have by far the worst WR corps in the league right now for me it goes: WR S DE LT OL TE CB RB LB . . . . . DT
  2. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Yea, I was saying we’d probably get one good player either way but at least with the huddle guy we wouldn’t be risking losing picks next year to draft armanti Edwards 2.0 in the second or anything like that
  3. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I’d rather the dude here that is all about 10 TE sets run our draft than Hurney. At least we know we’ll probably get one good player and keep all our picks for next year.
  4. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    He deserves every last bit of it.
  5. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    I hope they do.
  6. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Lol @ Giants and lol @ p55 still white knighting for Shula. Eli’s last year in the NFL if Shula has much to do with running the offense.
  7. Potential Steal Alert

    I’d be cool with him as early as the second or third.
  8. Panthers Mock w/Trade Down Scenario

    No way I’m trading out of the first and only picking up a third. Our first for the trading team’s second and next year first? Sure. A team with two seconds this year? Probably. A second, third and second next year? Most likely. Not just a third this year. Not worth it. As our buddy gettleman would say, that’s giving up a quarter and getting a dime and a nickel in return.
  9. And it worked. I’m not saying it proves the patriots cheat. I’m just saying it proves the patriots cheat.
  10. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    It’s joe person. Even if he did put down his Pina colada (that he roofied himself) long enough to actually report something credible, “major input” isn’t the same as actually making the decision. Granted, it’s different than “nothing to do with it” like I was under the impression of, but as someone who everyone knows is selling the team he shouldn’t have any say in it. And even if he does, nothing would stop the new owners from using the Hurney contract as toilet paper and telling him to fug off.
  11. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    JR doesn’t have anything to do with it (sorry if this has been said, haven’t read all 8 pages yet)
  12. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    It’s already a great offseason. We got rid of shula and hired turner. We could have hired Hurney and he could have traded all our picks to move up and take jimmy clausens little brother and it’d still be a good offseason.
  13. A fine mess

    Ron is HORRIBLE at personnel decisions. No way in hell I want him drafting for us.
  14. As any Panther fan should know, they allegations don’t need to be true. The fact that he was accused is enough to get the boot from the Panthers. Works out in our favor in this case. Hope for her sake it’s not true, but I’m glad this means there’s no way he gets the full time gig.
  15. They were theorizing that it was just him giving up some plays against the Jags, not a conduct issue. Doubt we’ll ever know unless Butler comes out and says it. The “they gave up on me” makes me think it was his play though.