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  1. Tattoo

    Yea, I had a friend of a friend I coulda gone to see in WV, but wanted to check my local options first (I hate driving down to DC) and this guy and I clicked.  That was my progression of thought too, I wanted something to represent my Panthers fandom, but I didn't want it to be a strictly Carolina Panthers tattoo.  Nothing like the logo or anything, just a cool scene with a little something to connect it to the Panthers.  Take out the NFCS helmets, and it's not directly tied to our football team at all.  My original idea was for the panther to be walking upwards (rather than horizontal like what it is) and walking through a hellish scene (craggy stalagtites and fire and lava and stuff) with fragments of the NFCS helmets, but my guy had the idea to change it from hell to post apocalyptic NC with the helmets on spikes and one being crushed under the panther's paw and I LOVED the idea.  and making the Panther horizontal left more space for the background scenery, so I'm very pleased with my guy's input and ideas.  
  2. Tattoo

    come on, man.  everyone knows reverse mojo jinxes aren't real.  Jinxes only go in one direction. 
  3. Tattoo

    heh, if that's what you take from it, then sure.  I'm a fairweather fan.
  4. Tattoo

    lol no.
  5. Tattoo

    Yea, I certainly wouldn't pre-emptively put something stupid like that.  If I did add trophies, it would be after we'd won them....not sure if I like the fit with the theme of the overall tattoo though, adding trophies.  Gotta think it over.
  6. Tattoo

    lol I know, but it gave me something to think about anyway
  7. Tattoo

    hah you know, I hadn't even thought of adding anything like that.  but maybe that open space in the middle at the bottom of the rocks will be space for adding Lombardi's as we win them (might run out of skin).  We left it open for brainstorming.  The artist wanted to put skulls, but I wasn't sure about that.  Something for me to think about.
  8. Tattoo

    So this is a tattoo I've been planning for about 6 or 7 years.  Finally decided to start the ball rolling this summer and started saving and visiting tattoo shops here in Maryland to decide who I wanted to do it.  Came across a fellow North Carolinian, Panther fan, and (ex) military guy.  Looked at his portfolio and his specialty is animals and nature.  It was fate.  So without further ado, here it is, after session one (of 3 or 4): Next session will be coloring everything already there.  Gonna be full color.  The last session or two will be filling in behind and above the panther with post apocalyptic NC with landmarks in ruins (a ferris wheel from Carowinds, the Chapel at Chapel Hill, the mountains with probably a volcano erupting) and BOA as the sole remaining functional structure as the "last bastion of hope" with lights still on, grass still green, etc.
  9. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Kugbila and Norwood have both caught roughly the same number of passes and blocked the same number of D-linemen for us.
  10. Is Norwood the worst Gettleman move to date?

    Kugbila is still a worse move, if for no other reason than he cost us a higher pick.
  11. Cam can make more NFL history

    That's cool anyways.  Didn't realize his passing stats alone were already so impressive too.  I know his first year was great passing-wise, but his passing stats (hell, all of everyone's stats) got murdered through Shula's first couple years of ineptitude.
  12. Cam can make more NFL history

    That doesn't even sound right.  Sure it's not total yards?  I would guess that Luck has more passing yards than Cam even though he's been in the league a year less.  And Marino?  I'd imagine a few others as well. edit: according to NFL.com Cam's career passing yard total is at 16,892.  (and my guess about luck is wrong, he's at 14,838)
  13. Finnegan will start off as a nickel CB

    We officially have the most annoying tandem of CBs in history. (if Finnegan is starting opposite Norman)
  14. Finnegan will start off as a nickel CB

    I clicked the thread assuming the title meant start wide with Norman.  Was gonna say what are we not seeing in Bene that means he's better in the slot than out wide?  Everything I've seen has shown me Bene is a solid out-wide CB, but below average slot CB.  Hope this doesn't end up being the case.  Bene and Norman need to be "starters" with Peanut, Finnegan, whoever else in the slot/nickel.
  15. Cam can make more NFL history

    Eli and Elway came to my mind too, but neither won it with the team that originally drafted them since they were both giant d-bags and refused to play for the teams that drafted them.