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  1. Marguide added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    And you know this how?
    We have yet to play 1 down of meaningful football.
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  2. Marguide added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    Two games is way too small of a sample size to make any conclusions. It would not be very difficult to calculate the correlation coefficient between a random selection of NFL pre-season games 3 and the win/loss regular season records of the 2 teams involved. To make it more precise, use the score after 3 quarters, as that's how long the starters typically play.
    Try to get maybe 50 data points to have sufficient data.
    My guess is there is not much of a correlation.
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  3. Marguide added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    I tend to agree. Still unsure about our coaching staff. 
    By the way, it's 3.1415926535. And yes, that's off the top of my head. I often forget what day of the week it is, but remember useless trivia easily. Maybe it's the rum...
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  4. Marguide added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    I don't think that is a significant concern. FB's are not valued highly, so decent ones can be found on practice squads or sitting at home waiting for a call.
    I agree with JOAT, Tolbert is not the player we enjoyed in 2013. Take the cap savings, say goodbye, and at the same time remind everyone on the roster that no one is safe if they don't produce.
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  5. Marguide added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    The turnaround last year was due to improvements on defense, not Tolbert. He doesn't look like the player he was 2 seasons ago.
    I haven't seen enough from him to declare him untouchable. 
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  6. Marguide added a post in a topic Schein weighs in on Panther chances sans KB   

    I'm usually pretty non-confrontational here, but this board has been full of whiny little bitches since KB was hurt. 
    Luckily, I'm certain our players have much more confidence.
    Man up for christ's sake.
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  7. Marguide added a post in a topic If this photo does not get you excited, turn in your fan card...   

    Or maybe Mt. Ruthless
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  8. Marguide added a post in a topic I think KB is poised for a 1500 & 15 season.   

    Damn, for once I have to agree with you. It has been impressive how he took Ron's  comments to heart and showed up to camp motivated and focused.
    I expect a big year from KB this season.
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  9. Marguide added a post in a topic Where has the Big Cat been?   

    You easily take the award of the Huddle's most negative poster. Doesn't it ever get old for you? Is the glass never half full?
    Just something to think takes optimism and vision to accomplish great things in life. If everyone viewed life as you do, we would still be living in caves.
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  10. Marguide added a post in a topic TD Interception In Camp Today   

    Mistakes often happen in practice.
    That's why they practice
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  11. Marguide added a post in a topic Comparing the Panthers 2014 v 2015 - Part 1 OFFENSE   

    KB fan, just wanted to congratulate you on the nice content you have been posting. For those of us outside the area, your content has been much appreciated.
    Jeremy's stuff is exceptional, but you are also doing a nice job compiling tweets and tables, etc.
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  12. Marguide added a post in a topic Why not overpay for Jake Long?   

    I wish we had a stud LT too, but you will have to remind me how Cam was injured last year due to poor LT play.
    His ankle has been a problem since Auburn, his ribs were hurt on a run to the right side, and he rolled his truck. Unless one of our LT's pulled out in front of his truck, I don't think you can attribute any of his injuries to LT play.
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  13. Marguide added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    Once a player has practiced, he cannot go on the pre-season PUP.
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  14. Marguide added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    I'm remember reading this same comment (or some close variation) last year before we picked up Remmers.
    There are always serviceable players out there. Identifying them is no easy task, but you never give up the search.
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  15. Marguide added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    Cam's contract is not front loaded. The cap hits are evenly spaced throughout, except for this year, which is lower than the following years.
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