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  1. I can't be the only one here that read that and thought, "Who the hell is Martin?", right?
  2. Would rather have Isaiah Crowell if we are looking at FA RB. Again, only if we don't break the bank.
  3. He still has 4 games to get those 5.5 sacks this year!
  4. It 100% is because he got hurt. Had he popprd right back up it would have been a fine at worst. The NFL has a bad habit of punishing the outcome not the initial action.
  5. MNF - Falcons at Bucs

    I need a huge game from Kwon for my fantasy playoffs. 10 Tackles and a pick would be wonderful!!!!
  6. The grass is always greener....
  7. Nope. That is where you are wrong. It is just a great lisp, with a southern accent.
  8. HOW DARE YOU SULLY THE NAME OF JEROME BOGER!!!!! "Path Interfearanth.... Number Thirthy Thirthee...Firth Down!" I can listen to that man speak all day!!!

  10. Bringing back a lil 2015...

    That is a shame. Really liked those clips. EL CAPITAN! EL CAPITAN! EL CAPITAN!
  11. Probably get flamed for this, but I like the shield at the 50. I still feel it is an appropriate head nod to the league for granting the city an expansion team.
  12. It is so crazy that you could potentially lose a leg from a knee injury. Is it because when you tear that artery you no longer are getting enough blood flow to your lower leg? Hopefully they can work wonders like with Teddy Bridgewater's injury. This is the same type issue, right?
  13. Kelvin TD...

    Very cool picture. It really is amazing WRs catch all they do with so many distractions.
  14. Cam=Scarface

  15. Simmons Idea for Cam

    Love it With a giant poo eating grin the whole time.