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  2. Bringing back a lil 2015...

    That is a shame. Really liked those clips. EL CAPITAN! EL CAPITAN! EL CAPITAN!
  3. Probably get flamed for this, but I like the shield at the 50. I still feel it is an appropriate head nod to the league for granting the city an expansion team.
  4. It is so crazy that you could potentially lose a leg from a knee injury. Is it because when you tear that artery you no longer are getting enough blood flow to your lower leg? Hopefully they can work wonders like with Teddy Bridgewater's injury. This is the same type issue, right?
  5. Kelvin TD...

    Very cool picture. It really is amazing WRs catch all they do with so many distractions.
  6. Cam=Scarface

  7. Simmons Idea for Cam

    Love it With a giant poo eating grin the whole time.
  8. Peppers story is hilarious.

    Never stopped. I loved pulling my old #90 jersey out of the closet and dusting it off.
  9. The team rushed for over 100 yards and averaged 3.6 YPC. To RR and company, that is running the ball well. Hell, seeing just that I would say it was an okay day. However, 50 of those yards came from your QB with a 5.6 YPC average, which leaves the following: Stew: 48 on 14 carries for 3.4 YPC CMC: 7 on 10 carries for 1.4 YPC That ain't cutting it. We need to figure a better way for Stew and CMC to run the ball. They both have the talent, we need to put them in a positions to succeed. This boils down to OL and blocking schemes. Both are very poor at this point.
  10. Jairus Byrd

    Thats what i saw as well. Luke was signaling to him a bunch for adjustments when he was in to get him i proper position.
  11. Tampa bay kicker

    If I was Tampa, I wouldn't kick another FG all year. Go for it or punt and 2pt attempts all day.
  12. Gano I fuging love you

    What a show of confidance from the coaching staff!
  13. I disagree. That is a bad angle. Here is just before the hit. His head is back, and he is looking at Adams. Notice the logo in relation to the ground. Can't really get your head any further back when you are launching forward. Now here is right at impact. Clearly the green sticker is back, meaning his face is still forward and what is contacting Adams. It looked bad real time, but Danny did not lead with the crown of his helmet. Watch the 1:37 mark of the following:
  14. Rewatch the clip. He does not lead with the crown. Danny's facemask makes contact with Adam's ear hole. The best visual is towards the end of the clip that shows Danny moving from right to left. You can clearly see his facemask is up and the Bears "C" logo on the helmet is level, not pointed down. EDIT: because spelling is hard!
  15. When you re watch the clip, keep an eye on the ref that actually throws the flag. He walks from behind the offense, all the way until he is right next to Adams, and sees him lying motionless before he throws the flag. This flag was only thrown because of the result, not the action of the hit.