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  1. Look at the bright side and be happy we finally addressed the future TE.
  2. ChuckWag78

    Greatest Panthers Hat

    Came for a pic. Left disappointed.
  3. ChuckWag78

    Insider Info about Possible trade

    Well, I heard, Ms. Lippy's car is green.
  4. I would expect the price will be WAY to high. I think they won't trade for less then an early 1st & 3rd.
  5. ChuckWag78

    Field Turf at BoA?

    From that list: # 1 - #8 Grass #9 Grass/Turf Blend in Green Bay #10 - #12 Grass #13 first turf field.
  6. ChuckWag78

    Field Turf at BoA?

    That is silly. We are voted always voted on by the players as one of the best fields in the league. There is no reason we need to change to turf.
  7. Also, that is not how taxes work for professional athletes. You don't just pay taxes based on where your team is located, you pay taxes based on where your team plays each game. So the Tampa Bay players have 8 games in Florida and 8 away games. The games they play in Florida do not have any state income tax associated since FL does not have a state income tax. However, any game that is played in a state with an income tax subjects those earned dollars to that states income tax. So tax does come into play, but depending on schedule its impact can vary.
  8. Hey Igo!  I wasn't sure the best way to get this to you, but I wanted to let you know. When I access the Huddle on any mobile device (Phone, tablet, etc) the Post Titles are all written with just one letter on each line. See attached. Thanks. Love the site, keep up the great work.


  9. Love Luke! I love our all of our LBs! oh yea, @‌Heist4 on twitter.
  10. 5th year option. This is why we didn't move down and out of the 1st. We locked up the player the FO wanted and we get a 5 yr option on a LONG TERM prospect. I am happy with the pick vs who was left on the board.