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  1. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Anderson considering retirement maybe?
  2. That's my QB..

    NOT LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!!! More please.
  3. Your final predictions (#30)

    You'll have to ask someone else about the technical poo around here. I had to beg him to take my money to be All-Pro a few months ago because I had trouble signing up myself. Think he's filtering out the riff raff or something.
  4. Your final predictions (#30)

    Jumping on Igo's pick OP? I haven't a clue to be honest, but I will guarantee there will be a 30 page thread bitching about it.
  5. I don't think anyone here would say he wasn't good, he's just not 15M a year good. No DB is worth that in the grand scheme of things as far as the Panthers are concerned and that's really all that matters.
  6. Sideswiped

    Bottom line is this, Dave decided that he would rather settle for a 3rd round draft pick than rent JNo for 14M guaranteed for one more year. Take that how you will...
  7. For those that are saying Dave should have forced Josh to sign the tag and play, just how does he go about doing that? Hold a gun to his head and say sign it or else? Drag him kicking and screaming onto the field and force the guys to keep him out there during the play? Explain to me how you force a guy to sign his tag? I'm serious here!
  8. That seems to be the general consensus among the negative ninnies around here. It seems that Josh was our defence and now we don't have one. Whatever will we do since our number one offense can't out score anyone?
  9. It's better than the alternative. I mean we could sit here and wallow in missery because we didn't sign any big name free agents and managed to kick Josh to the curb. There's no hope of returning to the SB according to some on here so we might as well through in the towel now because we don't have anyone competent to run the team and we have no quality players on the team. Just saying... Anything he gives us will be a plus.
  10. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I hate tomatoes.
  11. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Yet you make outlandish claims that this is somehow on Dave with no shred of proof whatsoever. Pot, meet kettle.
  12. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Please point me to these celebrations you are referring to. Seems I'm missing one hell of a party.
  13. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Obviously Josh didn't budge off his number one bit or this wouldn't have happened. From the reports I saw Dave was offering around 12M per so he came up from 7 to 12. Josh is demanding 15 to 16 and hasn'tbudged. Dave is never going to pay that and I don't blame him. So how is this on the team exactly?
  14. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    So you're saying the team should've met his demands to save Josh the embarrassment? What did he think would happened if the team wouldn't pay his asking price and he wouldn't sign the tag? Should the team allow him to hold out and leave them without his services knowing a deal would never be reached? How is it possible to avoid what inevitably happened?
  15. I neither like or dislike Henry. I'm sort of indifferent to the pick if it happens. But I'm leaning toward this being a smokescreen. Big Dave loves his hog mollies so I predict he will have more than a few high on his board. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he goes defense in the first and offense in the second. I also could see a run on defensive players in the first causing some really tempting TD scorers to fall in our lap. Either way we get a couple of contributors in rounds 1 and 2, you can take that to the bank.