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  1. Kurt Coleman: "We don't notice pressure"

    The pressure is all on Denver.  According to the so called experts Carolina shouldn't even be here, at least that was the sentiment leading up to last Sunday.   The pressure is on Denver's defence to stop Carolina from steam rolling them like almost every team has been since around mid season.  The pressure is on Denver's offense to keep up with Cam and the gang.   Carolina can just out there a play lights out football just like they have been all seasn.   KEEP POUNDING!!! 
  2. We are now 6 point favorites!

    Not enough bets on Denver is my guess.
  3. I see you DG!!!!

    That's a bad bad man right there.
  4. Contest prize?

    I vote for it going to SCP or Phillyb.  Those two have done so much for this site that it would be a travesty if they are not recognized.
  5. The "Gettleman Getdown"

    Feels like Christmas coming in April doesn't it?
  6. What to do with confetti?

    Use it in the next shoot with Bene girl?  
  7. Pregame Field Stuff....

    No excuses.
  8. Lightning Fast, Big Black Cats......

    If we lose this game I'm blaming it on this song.
  9. Gives a new meaning to ear holing a guy doesn't it? 
  10. Well, this escalated quickly...

    And you linked the poo?  Jimmy rustling 101.
  11. Winter storm... advantage or disadvantage?

    Push on practice time, disadvantage on bad weather crowd turnout.
  12. Panthers won't talk Super Bowl

    The only way to the SB is through the Cardinals.  Plain and simple.  Only thing that matters now is to beat them into submission.  Only focus they need right now.
  13. Fred was really dabbing

    Watch it sucka!
  14. Fred was really dabbing

    No, but he did have a mean shuffle.  Cam needs to break out some old school.
  15. Breathtaking.

    Who gives a fug?  We still gonna kick that ass.