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  1. Get a load of Russell Wilson's clothing line

    Did you see his post Superbowl press conference .... people went nuts over the words, attitude, and the look. But I suppose if I've got to explain it .... just google and image. For me personally, it was the first thing that jumped off the page, but that's me.
  2. Get a load of Russell Wilson's clothing line

    People go nuts when Cam Newton has a hoodie pulled over his head - Russell Williams clothing line - that's great.
  3. Get a load of Russell Wilson's clothing line

    Open the link - see dark brown man wear a hoodie with the hood pulled on top of his head. So that's ok now?
  4. Anyone else realize SB is in Houston next season?

    Houston Host Committee put on a great time for the Superbowl - much better job than San Francisco did. (and yes, I realized it)
  5. I see my shoulder :-) and I concur with your observations because we had the same view.....well, mostly concur. I there might have been a bit fewer panthers fans than your assessment, but definitely not outnumbered as much as some have said. We had full view of everything and it was pretty easy to see which sections were panthers and which were broncos. But like you said - you saw an occasional broncos fan mixed in with the panthers due to (I'm sure) a PSL holder selling a ticket that found the way into a broker's hand. And broncos fans bought those tickets. I'm sure they weren't too thrilled to be stuck in the middle of a panthers section.
  6. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    During their first possession, the first thing I did was put my foot back to bang my seat against the seat back ..... it didn't work because of the curve. Those seats were lame and felt very flimsy
  7. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    He gave me his number a week before and I texted him to find him. I didn't know anybody else there - or at least couldn't find anybody I did know.
  8. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    My husband and I came for a bit - didn't stay too terribly long. I don't drink or party and my tailgating days are long over. But I did want to stop by for a little bit. Place was packed - very impressive showing. I met Montsta and was in at least one photo that the photographer from the panthers took.
  9. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    At one point, I did have to leave my seat to go and find some advil - I was in the nosebleeds and got somewhat dehydrated (first aid station gave me advil and water). When I came back into the bowl, I could clearly hear the Keep Pounding chant - even done properly with one part of the stadium doing Keep and the other part doing pounding. I heard it often during the game as well as the Let's Go Panthers chants, but this time really stuck me because I was not in the middle of it. Panthers fans represented well. They were all over the city and the panthers pep rally at Superbowl City was packed as well as the Roaring Riot Tailgate (I met Montsta there - sought him out since I brought him a towel from the 1st playoff game and the bandana from the NFCCG). And during the game, I sat right smack in front of cookingwithgas - I knew him as Wedge back in my old days on the huddle - have even been to his house when the Hawk Boys came to town. We had both figured out in advance that we'd be sitting like that. The Panthers DJ sat 2 rows in front of me so I was glad to see that he made it to the game.
  10. Getting Annoyed

    Here's another take on things too - SF fans live here. Their team is not in it. They have nothing better than to stand next to where coverage is being broadcasted and BOO for a team that can crush them. People like me - I've never been to SF and I plan on taking advantage of seeing everything I can see while I'm here. It's a whole lot of fun walking around places that aren't near that action and "high fiving" every panthers fan I see in the street. I don't care about standing near the ESPN or NFL Network stages for my "hi mom" moment. If I happen to be walking by and they want a cheer from a panthers fan, I'll give it to them. Otherwise, I'm enjoying all parts of my experience.
  11. Getting Annoyed

    I got here today. The panthers fans are arriving. I brought my flags and magnets for my rental car and I keep getting honked at with thumbs up. 95% of the people I encountered are rooting for us. I was actually surprised by the Seahawks fans in jerseys I encountered at Fisherman's Wharf - maybe really only 10 total in 3 separate groups, but what they heck are they doing here in gear. My husband had to hold me back from saying them - awwwww - did you already plan this trip thinking you were going to be playing?. Sorry (not sorry) for that. I still have not hit Superbowl City - just seeing sights today (arrive at 10:20 am their time). Superbowl City is tomorrow.
  12. I remember now why I quit posting on the huddle ......
  13. Yes - there was - listen to the press conference. There is a clear question to elaborate and cam answered - then someone else said back it up.
  14. Super Bowl Roll Call

    bummer - can't get it to load for me. I have plenty of space. What do you have access to with it?
  15. So then who asked the original question? Because to me, the voice that asked the question and the voice that asked to elaborate sounded the same. But like I said earlier, the voice that said to back it up was different. According to this guy's article, he is the one who asked the question and he is the one who asked him to elaborate. I kind of see a bunch of something made here about nothing.