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  1. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    How about, what's too young to take your kid to an away game?
    I'm taking my five year old to the Tennessee game this year and he'll be in all Panthers gear. I have a small fear that a Titans fan could give us hell. I doubt it, but you never can tell. 
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  2. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    I wonder what it says about my personality (and everyone else who did this) that I saw this thread along with the Shaq making plays thread, but clicked this one first.
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  3. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic SCPs Day 3 Training Camp Report   

    I have to disagree. If I had the opportunity to visit a hometown team that wasn't necessarily my team I still would go. Pick anyone. I'd even go to a Jags practice. Pro football is fun to watch no matter who it is. That being said, I'd have the tact to leave my Panthers gear at home that day.
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  4. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Who will be the worst team in the NFL this year   

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  5. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    This game, definitely! I was really immature about it. My wife still references that night. The problem was that I hadn't really considered that we might lose the game.
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  6. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    What did they do to everyone on SF last season?
    Was is just some really depressing seminar they all attended or what?
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  7. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Worst places to live in NC   

    I grew up in Wilson and then moved right outside of Knoxville in 11th grade. When I go back to Wilson to visit my grandparents, I'm more and more thankful every time that I got the hell out of that town. Flat and ugly and I didn't have a great group of friends. I was headed in a dangerous direction there.
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  8. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic About to start a keeper league for the first time   

    In my league, we must keep 3 players every season but you CAN keep as many as 5. Every player you keep after 3 loses you a draft pick, so if you keep 3, you can participate in round one of the draft. If you keep four, you can't participate until round two, and so on. 
    Having said that, I don't love the way we do it. The same guy has won the past two seasons. When we draft this year I'm going to suggest a new method, which is everyone must keep 2 players and that's all you can keep. You can keep a player once and then you must release them. So I can't draft Andrew Luck and keep him for his entire career, but I could have him for two seasons.
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  9. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Funny timing of this thread bc I just heard that my mother-in-law is "worried" bc I had a beer with lunch everyday last week...while we were all together on vacation. Vacation! My cool story (bro) is that I saw Jason Witten. He was staying a couple houses down from us.
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  10. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Report: Jason Pierre-Paul injured in fireworks accident   

    Wow! I bet he'll now have to rely a little more on his right hand man. 
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  11. RockyTopVol added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    I hope Oher picked up some of Mettenberger's confidence while in Nashville.
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