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  1. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    Hurst and Andrews both seem like potential NFL starters, but I don't love the idea of either in the first. Not when plenty of other talent should be available at 24 on the lines.
  2. Josh Norris Mock Draft

    I couldn't disagree with McShay and other analysts more on Goedert. I've watched a lot on him and I really feel like this guy is a reach. Ranking him over Hayden Hurst is just trying to be cute and clever. I'm not buying it. Goedert is no better than a 3rd round prospect IMHO. I could get on-board with a great TE prospect at 24, but there just isn't one in this year's class. Give me OL or DL. Please and thank you.
  3. Not impressed with this hire whatsoever. I trust Ron when it comes to defense, though. Also, Washington won't let anything happen to that DLine.
  4. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    I only support the Patriots when they're playing another NFC South team. Go Eagles!
  5. LOL!!! That's fine, but you have to admit that's good comedy. You misused the word while telling someone else they were wrong.
  6. *You're Irony is fun!
  7. Eagles because I just hate the Falcons that much. Titans because my kid thinks he's a fan. Also, it would be an enormous upset.
  8. Predict the new OC here...

    Jim Bob Cooter?
  9. Cool story... Definitely thread-worthy!
  10. When people are better against Cam and they don't believe in him, that's when he shines. Unfortunately, that's my only real hope.
  11. Game plan for Atlanta?

    Saints play at 1p. If they win, I could see our "game plan" being to just keep everyone healthy.
  12. Depends on where they move. I don't want to have to be a Titans fan! I've tried following them and they're just always so dang boring.
  13. The fact that we are just down 7 and we have the ball to start the second half thrills me. They should be up by three TDs.
  14. If we score at all on the first drive of second half, are going to win this game.
  15. Coaching Carousel

    The 30 for 30 on this Tennessee coaching search will be riveting. Coaching searches have changed forever. Fans have a voice! Phillip Fulmer will get us steered in the right direction.