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  1. Cornerback Boards

    Yeah...I didn’t mean I literally can’t see that. Just saying i don’t understand why they all seem to rank Hughes above Oliver.
  2. Cornerback Boards

    Very glad to see others supporting Oliver. I have seen many national analysts rank Hughes above him, and I just don't see that.
  3. Seems like I’m one of the only people bat thinks Reid is a first round caliber safety. He got beat a few times early in the season but then really turned it in. I think he’s first round worthy in a class that doesn’t have 32 first round worthy players.
  4. Day 3 Draft Needs and Likes

    Desmond Harrison - OT - West Georgia - Very athletic. Strong, but fast like a TE. PJ Hall - DT - Sam Houston St. - 36 reps on the bench and he blocked 14 kicks in college. 14! Parry Nickerson - CB - Tulane - 6'0 corner that ran a 4.32 40 at the combine. Big time play-maker. John Kelly - RB - Tennessee - Just watch video on this guy. Someone is going to get a steal on day-three!
  5. I really like this guy. I've got Ridley as the best WR prospect in this class, but after that, I really believe it's Miller. Moore is pretty good, too, but if we could land Anthony Miller with our second round pick, I'd be thrilled!
  6. I’m okay with Reid or a CB, but I’m not a fan of Harrison. Isaiah Oliver has a second round projection, but I think he’s pretty outstanding.
  7. Anthony Miller might be the second best WR in this class. Don’t be so short-sighted. For the record, I really like Chark, too.
  8. Why not... He's got crazy-high potential, I guess, but after watching a lot of his video, that feels almost like science fiction. The entire TE class is disappointing this year.
  9. He plays like a small guy, though. It's kind of off-putting when you really watch it. Sure, he can catch and he's fast, but geesh!
  10. I like that Parry Nickerson was mentioned. He's being underrated as a 6th round projected guy. Great ball skills and he ran a 4.32.
  11. This guy will be this year’s Kareem Hunt. His blocking leaves a lot to be desired, but he’s still really good. Would be a great third round pick.
  12. Draft Targets

    Do you know something we don't regarding the running back position?
  13. John Kelly is a guy that will go late, but he’s got a ton of potential. I’d love that pick.
  14. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Those guys along with Luke Wilson would make Cam a very happy man.
  15. Sooooooo Left Guard at #24

    I’d be thrilled with Price. Day-one starter this year at guard, and a possible replacement for Kalil next season.