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  1. RockyTopVol

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    I don't think I believe this. I've seen so much fake news on twitter surrounding this, that now I don't even believe it will happen at all.
  2. RockyTopVol

    Derek Anderson...update?

    I totally support this! As a Tennessee fan, I think I’m pretty realistic about Vols in the league. You might remember I was not happy about Gaulden in the third! Dobbs made big plays with NO coaching! Butch Jones was a train wreck of a gameday coach. He’ll never be a pro bowler, but he absolutely could be a stellar backup option for an offense like ours.
  3. RockyTopVol

    Defensive End in round 4?

    Gotta go Holmes from that group, if all three are still an option.
  4. You will find no bigger Tennessee fan than me. Still...this was not a good pick! I would have been okay taking him in the 5th. The 3rd? GTFO!!
  5. I like Alex Cappa, but he can be a 4th round guy.
  6. He had one big game...it just happened to be the natty vs Clemson. I’d rather take John Kelly.
  7. Jackson is good, but I really wanted Reid there.
  8. My list would be Reid/Oliver/Bates here.
  9. Kickers are sassy
  10. RockyTopVol

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    Uh, yeah...that's Quenton Nelson. Literally the most impressive guard prospect I've ever seen. He was probably the best player in the draft. We won't find a Nelson, but we could maybe land a guy like Braden Smith in the 3rd.
  11. RockyTopVol

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    While that’s tempting, I think Reid, Harrison, or Bates will fall. I want to leave tonight with a safety, a CB, and maybe a OL stud.
  12. RockyTopVol

    Dear Hurney...

    I'm afraid this guy's going to give me a Marty Hurnia...amiright?!
  13. RockyTopVol

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Thanks! I'll look those up. I do a podcast with a Bucs fan called "UDFA Podcast" but it's about all things NFL draft, and just a little is centered around the Panthers. I'd love to find a good show that's just perfectly directed to Panthers talk. I went on the Carolina Pro Football podcast once as a guest, but they haven't done many episodes in a long time. The Carolina Huddle show is good, but they haven't done one in forever.
  14. RockyTopVol

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Just to make your head spin a little, I listen to WFNZ every morning on my way to work, but I stream it from Knoxville. Have listened to Mac every work day for about ten years. There just aren’t good Panthers podcasts, so this is my only good option.