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  1. That was just me talking out loud so to speak. I think Hardy just tried to remove someone from his house that was drugged up and belligerent....he's so strong that no poo he'll leave bruises on a female....a lot of those pics from Holder looked like my wife after we wrestle around or after she literally bumps her leg into the wall or wife bruises so easily her wrists look pretty bad sometimes but she likes to rough house so... But yea the Panthers got forced into doing poo because of Ray Rice.

    Yea my wife likes to pull the whole "I was just trying to rest my leg on you" when she wants to get back at me....I'm sure I don't have to say where her knee ends up.
  3. I bet he cares what his mom thinks...or his least if he wants to go bupbupbup once a year or so...not sure at that age but if my current situation is any may end up that way.
  4. Eh I got banned a long time ago for neg repping a mod....he posted a derogatory comment on another banned with a message like "lol do you know who you neg repped" Not much goes into it I assure you.
  5. Love the picks!

    Depends on the person...either way he looked like a pro bowl corner at Carolina because he is a pro bowl corner.
  6. Personally I would have went with the whole "my sister, mother, daughter wouldn't be assaulting someone else" route. Or in Hardy's case...."my female whatever wouldn't be coked up in some doods house attacking him and breaking poo".
  7. FA | Greg Hardy

    Won't happen but I'd do it.....#1 D in NFL confirmed if we did it.
  8. Love the picks!

    He's a pro bowl talent that is notorious for causing act like the Panthers made him rofl...he was famous way before he got here.
  9. Yea man.. Judges are always right...and would never wrongfully convict a black man...death to Hardy.
  10. That would honestly be an absurdly sick defense my god....
  11. Love the picks!

    Yea Tillman was a probowler long before he arrived in Carolina.
  12. I'd fugin sign Hardy right after this draft....ESPECIALLy after THIS draft....we gon need those 10+sacks.
  13. I guess I commend him for coming out and being honest instead of trying to poker face lie about it....I mean like you's too damn obvious done reached Gman...hope like hell it works out. But yea there is no way he was going to convince anyone he was going BPA anymore after this nonsense.
  14. I'll throw a bitch to the floor if she's attacking me or my wife whether cameras are present or not.