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  1. Shula would put Shaq at the 3 point line and have Horry or Kobe drive in the lane and kick it out to him...Shaq misses the game winner and people here would be blaming Shaq for not executing the 3......whereas I'd be like...why the fug was shaq taking the damn 3.....Shula in a nutshell. Bootlegs? na Playaction on 1st and 10 not 3rd and 10? na We kept running up the gut instead of right at one of those DEs....Von Miller is small and fast and we never once tried to just run his ass over with 2 blockers and the RB....yay Shula up dat gut....yet people on here will say that's how you handle a pass rusher specialist...and fail to realize we didn't do it.....even still the argument always incorrectly goes to the "it's not ALL Shula's fault" when no one is saying it's ALL on him...his game plan was trash and the Broncos let us know during and after the game it's trash...I'd listen to the #1 defense yall keep touting...if they say that poo won't work and show you and then tell you again....yea...gtfo.      
  2. Na man players are supposed to execute with 10 in the box. and the 11th not far from it. They circled all of the Broncos defenders on the screen to show damn near every one of them was no more than 8 yards away from the LOS and the secondary was up in on the WRs. Play action on 1st and 10 is better than that bullshit play action they did on 3rd and 12....I lol'd.
  3. 15+ sack guy with this DL...he can move inside too ....him and KK inside...Ealy/CJ/Rookie/Vet outside...LOL k gl... Id bring him in or raise hell trying.....I'd use the good locker room as leverage but his contract would be voidable if he got into trouble and no gurantees...every check would be earned per day no 1 cent of guaranteed money.
  4. Mike Shula's EGO

    I think it's sheer stupidity / lack of skill. How can one whose never been good have an ego? that's really weird. Sure his plays on paper are ok some times but it's his IN GAME skill that is one of the worse ever at any level of play. Dood has no in game management or ability to adjust...just hope the players beat their man straight up ...lets not set ourselves up with a mismatch like OBJ going to the slot and Julio going to the slot etc... And by god we will do 0 screen plays or boot legs. Honestly if you wanna see an easy proof at his many other mobile QBs actually get bootlegged out multiple times per game....then look at Cams bootleg plays....hardly any but when we do almost always scores/works. But why do what works when you can run the ball up the middle for 1 yard 10+ times in the SB.
  5. Honestly this is the perfect locker room for Hardy...I think he'd stay in line and I honestly think the coaches wanted him to play that year and felt jobbed...they obviously were forced to get rid of him per JR...wonder how he'd take it if they approached him asking if we could bring him back...prolly won't happen....
  6. Shula vs Wade
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

    I believed that until that fumble shenanigans....I wanna hear him answer that fully instead of a 1 worder. WTF WERE YOU THINKING/DOING?
  8. Who was at fault?

    As far as STs go...clearly the HC is the problem since no matter who we bring in the STs is always poo... He says they never practice live STs plays and it sure as fug least John Fox could say the other team practices this case....Rivera simply can't be bothered to practice STs for the SB...sort of like how Cam couldn't be bothered to pick up that fumble...and how 2 morons couldn't be bothered to tackle the PR who clearly did not call for a fair catch....   Shula is the main weakness though...even worse than the OL as we saw Brady and his shitty OL actually hit short passes and even scored 18 shoulda been 21 on that D....and they have a way worse OL than we do....
  9. Big Daryl Williams....

    Shula gonna Shula Shula gonna cost us the SB Broncos gonna laugh as we do the same play(s) over and over and then even mention how they stopped us with 9 as 2 defenders were alway sfree just covering grass no one near em... I feel they should be making fun of SHula instead of Cam and the offense...sure they played like poo but the game plan was obviously written with crayons and probably on TP....and here I thought Shula had upgraded to a Pen....still not pencil level OC yet much less digital.  
  10. Can't really hate on the Saints like others pointed out...their strategy worked in getting them a they are paying for it...I'd rather have gotten that ring and still be in sick position that we are in now with a young core.....coulda been an all time great like going 4 times in a row type s hit...could still happen...lets win one though please...
  11. Yea maybe Manning can help fix the next years playoffs like the NFL did for him this one...maybe he knows what's up on that promise that Cam will be back...maybe? poo I'd take it fug it.
  12. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    HOpe things changes Rivera and he takes notice...his soft ass conservative woe is me mentality has to stop. They are now just talking mad poo based off the actions of 1 player on our team when it's a 53 man effort...fug that Rivera better turn the dogs loose next year and stop being a soft punk on the side lines.
  13. Mike Remmers

    So Rivera and Shula are fools confirmed? Cuz uhh...that's what happened.
  14. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Can't give more pie but yea...said so myself it was almost sad to see...this fanbase talkin some nonsense poo about 30-13 Panthers and all  
  15. Yup we have choir boys on offense...we always talk poo about finess but what is Ginn and Brown...Cup Cake ass mofos....1 is fine to take the top off but you need some toughness out one really went after Talib either...Panthers offense be like...meh do whatever you want to whoever you want we just gon sit here and get beat up.   Smitty was probably watching it like...yea they still needed me...that dancing is cool until a fight breaks out...then you need fighters not dancers....definitely need an attitude readjustment on offense.