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  1. Why can't we draft good players to go with the Norman I take option C
  2. Yea I kind of hate this about our know they went through that with a fine tooth comb and looked for anything that would need editing and poo...censorship!
  3. We gotta live with the fact that the Falcons, Saints, and Bucs are going to get some good players here and there...they keep drafting top 10-15...
  4. There went my pipe dream 5th rounder :( Rams....grrr
  5. I switched to NFL network honestly...they even just gave props to a kid about his off the field work and his character...meanwhile ESPN is on commercial....god I hope they lose all their talented talking heads and fold.
  6. OH I thought they showed him on TV or something and I missed it...yea his post game interviews were kind of awkward...
  7. What happened? Did I miss something new?
  8. It's Up to Steve Now

    I thought that dood could have been the next Will Smith....but he got type cast as the nerd...sad
  9. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    Leave it to stupid people to confuse a nightclub incident with domestic violence lol....dood was protecting his girlfriend not abusing her....good lord muricans getting dumber and dumber.
  10. Show Of Hands...Who Loved This Pick...?

    Damn that WAS great value for a 5th round pick...sure hope our 2nd and 3rd rounders this year don't take till age 29 to develop.
  11. That was just me talking out loud so to speak. I think Hardy just tried to remove someone from his house that was drugged up and belligerent....he's so strong that no poo he'll leave bruises on a female....a lot of those pics from Holder looked like my wife after we wrestle around or after she literally bumps her leg into the wall or wife bruises so easily her wrists look pretty bad sometimes but she likes to rough house so... But yea the Panthers got forced into doing poo because of Ray Rice.

    Yea my wife likes to pull the whole "I was just trying to rest my leg on you" when she wants to get back at me....I'm sure I don't have to say where her knee ends up.
  13. I bet he cares what his mom thinks...or his least if he wants to go bupbupbup once a year or so...not sure at that age but if my current situation is any may end up that way.
  14. Eh I got banned a long time ago for neg repping a mod....he posted a derogatory comment on another banned with a message like "lol do you know who you neg repped" Not much goes into it I assure you.
  15. Love the picks!

    Depends on the person...either way he looked like a pro bowl corner at Carolina because he is a pro bowl corner.