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    Yea would be great if those wannabe badasses from Chicago would stfu when dood comes to announce the're not cool, you're not tough and Goodell would probably actually kick most of your assess so seriously STFU it's annoying to hear.

    Rams gonna Rams...take the whole time to draft who everyone knew they were going to draft...seriously hurry the fug up and ruin your franchise with a shitty QB pick but stop making the rest of us wait.

    The fug is taking them so long.......

    I only ever know what the pick is when they announce it anyway....dunno if it makes sense to be actually watching it on TV and also be trying to find out what the pick is before they say it...just do one or the other...but like the other guy said...maybe I'm just old.
  5. Cam doesn't need to apologize and I don't think he let anyone down...except the people who want him down anyway...and fug those people...the rest of us are just fine with it and actually like and respect someone being themself and not bending to the will of the media. When dood is talking mad poo right behind you after a loss like either do what Cam did or swing on the other guy for being a dick...I'd say Cam did the right thing.
  6. This might be the first time I would be fine with either of our choices... Hell, like that other post said, just give us those 5 and we'll call it a draft.
  7. Yea that would suck to hear that no doubt...interesting too that IMO and at least for me personally that would instantly make me look elsewhere...doubt I'd sign with the mofos calling me talkin bout you won't be drafted son but we sure would love to sign you for rookie min.
  8. You mean his bloodlines specifically or relatives of former players in general? Often the new generational player is better than his/her relative...Curry being a recent example....keeping in mind I'm talking about those that actually make it to the pros rather than just college wonders. Otherwise I was intrigued by Michael Thomas and thought he could be a sleeper/dark horse type of player/pick. Still not 100% sold either but it's an interesting one to keep an eye on.
  9. The search function on this site being so bad saves a lot of people I'm sure...myself included but the fact that other people besides me remember and want to have the opposite stance of you when it comes to losing players speaks for itself. I have no reason to reach as I was responding to someone else who remembered you and brought it up...if anything you aren't doing a good job of admitting and moving on or defending even admit to liking Godfrey and call him a goodSafety. Godfrey had a few INTs that one season and yea a few people like you think that is being a good player.
  10. Original post mentioning you in bold...please explain to everyone how you feel that losing Godfrey to ATL is being concerned with him playing CB....go ahead. But you are doing a marvelous job of proving that other guy right about being on the otherside of an argument with you.
  11. No one said anything about where he was put, when he left you still wanted him at Safety and maintained that he was a good Safety.
  12. Cpt Slay a Ho was livid about losing Godfrey....even after he sucked ass in ATL....totally talked Godfrey up like he was his cousin...I mean like he was worth a poo.
  13. Norman was not a production of a system

    It's the GMs job to worry about winning this and next and next and next and next years seasons and so on....did dood really just type that? lol
  14. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Tell that to Tre Boston wholiterally tweeted that "we" would take more money if a company was offering more for the "same job". Hence the "in response to Bostons tweet" which was talking about normal people.... follow along dear. My wife and family along with everyone else's would live just fine on 40 mil. Ultimately we can revisit this a few years from now to see if Josh did or didn't fade away into obscurity...then my coulda woudla shoulda been a HOF type corner stance will make more sense...especially if we bring home the Lombardy a time or two....or poo...if he actually even sniffs all of that extra 30 mil....could very well end up only being 10 mil more in total after all that 50 guaranteed is ate up...well see what he's up to and if the skins even keep him past his 50.
  15. Gettleman's impressive draft history

    Haha. gotcha...but I will stick with imagining it as I don't nor do I plan to everhave a twitter account.