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  1. I'm pulling for Justin Reid or Jessie Bates.....Would be happy with either of these guys
  2. Booooo Packers. Would loved to have had Jackson
  3. panthertime

    CMC, Samuel, Moore

    Cam must be giddy with excitement with these guys together. Can't wait to see what he and Norv have in mind for them
  4. Fear THE TURTLE. Moore and McCaffrey together, yes. Good Pick Marty. I'm sure Cam can't wait to see these guys together.
  5. Moore has skills like Steve Smith. Good Pick...
  6. Please take Ridley...Come on Marty
  7. Big Cat's statute needs to come down tonight. Like right now! You are one dirty dog, Jerry.
  8. 1) Stay Put 2) D.J. Moore 3) 35 percent
  9. panthertime

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    You make a good point, Swagg. You sold me against Robinson and the costs it would take to get him. Still have some concerns on Smith, though.
  10. panthertime

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Come on Marty? Really? Why don't you go back to being a newspaper reporter. Allen Robinson is available and this is what you do. You did get rid of Worley who has hurt us time after time. Get with the program Marty. New Management might just have to get rid of you, too.
  11. Ok, our O Line is BAD....that's the reason we lost. Seven sacks given up. Wow, who would have ever thought
  12. Start with the O Line, all day long. No protection. Gave up the sack of Cam that led to the TD in the first half. Pitiful performance by the O Line
  13. Cam why did you not dive on the ball? This is the Super Bowl. Geez....