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  1. 49ers looking to trade Carlos Hyde

    If they would take Worley....absolutely. But, hey maybe we could give them Worley anyways.
  2. Maybe we could trade Buffalo for McDermont. He seems to know how to call a game. Riveria and Shula, same thing every game
  3. Shula, if you only had a brain
  4. Gano almost missed that thing
  5. Attempt the field goal, maybe it goes, maybe not but at least it's better then throwing over the middle......
  6. Clock maintenance was horrible. Try the dang field goal
  7. Tony Romo frigging suxxxxxxxxxx, CBS
  8. FunTime dragging his feet. Easy call Zebras
  9. At least that was not a run, as predictable as Shula can be
  10. We gotta do something with Worley....like now. I'm ready to see him get cut tonight during this dang game
  11. Tony Romo has a BIG MOUTH....SHUT THE FUG
  12. who are you pulling for room? you big mouth
  13. Luke is a MAN....you know don't you Romo
  14. Now that's a nice play call, Shula........