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  1. Cam or Stew to punch it in.....
  2. Is it crazy to ask for conservative now? Make them use their TOs and then we kick a field goal
  3. Gano can go deep. We just got to get in his range
  4. Big third down here, fans. Run?
  5. Julius for the Hall of Fame
  6. Roughing Mr. Zebra. You missed it and it was right in front of you. Yes, it's Bull Crap, fans
  7. You were a horrible QB Tony. An even worse announcer if that's possible.
  8. No one tipped the ball. His plant foot "slipped a little bit." No it did not.
  9. is it just me or does it seem like these dang announcers are pulling for Vikes? Come on guys, really?
  10. Zebras had to see the blocks in the back.
  11. Pretty Much Untouched, huh, Troy? You Big Dummy
  12. This Green Bay team needs more than Aaron Rodgers. Our D-Line and Linebackers will wear him out.
  13. Gotta figure out a way to use Olsen and Dickson together. I think a two tight-end set would work