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  1. rippadonn added a post in a topic Steph Curry Charlotte Hornet?   

    Kids and grandparents folks. Grandparents are on our side so let's support them in seeing their grand kids more, oh yeah and Steph
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  2. rippadonn added a post in a topic Expectation of Batum..   

    He was on the radio saying "are you going to be here more than a year?" Was the first question MJ asked him. He seems to relish the opportunity to be "that guy" and is looking forward to bringing his game east. He said he and Diaw are close and he heard good things from him about Charlotte 
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  3. rippadonn added a post in a topic How HornCats turned Brandon Wright into Nicolas Batum   

    6'8" SG! Thanks! The guy can light it up, block shots, play defense, pass, handle the ball. Trader Cho (shout out 2FNZ there) is doing his thing and I like.
    this is a better team NOW and can get a whole lot better if we draft Willie. 
    Yup, I know about the foot but the potential he possesses at the position  represents an opportunity we haven't had since Brook Lopez or Andre Drummond, oh ...wait  
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  4. rippadonn added a post in a topic We just lost any chance we had at getting Curry to come home   

    Everything fell into place for the warriors to win it. Won't be that easy next time. 
    Drafting a superstar these days is tough and this city gets no love from the lottery. Free agency is the way to go for the Hornets. 
    Hopefully the parents/grandparents as well as friends, family and the Hornets organization can convince the guy come free agency or work on a trade. 
    It can happen.
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