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  1. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    Heard stories through a friend that knew him. Very generous guy, often when he didn't have to be. He would never go down on first contact. He'd be great to watch on youtube. Sad about that. Once again, a guy let go because of too much personality. They never forgave him after the worm.
  2. Trump vs. Hillary

    War or war? Hmmmmmmmmm
  3. Top Roster Questions at each position

    Rebounding, shot blocking? Don't want to break the bank? Want to keep the core players from this year intact? Hmmmmmmmm.......why not Biyombo? That's all Biz does I think Howard has grown up a lot but he or Whiteside may not fit with the great locker room chemistry this squad has. Keep Kody and Frank and add Biz, you've got defense and offense at C and the locker room rejoices. Your welcome
  4. In case you lost count....

    All I know is that front four better be pretty strong....or else
  5. You guys are lolz! I had a martial arts instructor who told us his uncle was stabbed to death by his girlfriend. He told us that if a woman picks up a weapon you've got to treat her like a man, a threat. Just for fun, did Worleys "victim" wield a high heel shoe? If so there's the weapon.
  6. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Another Gettleman mistake at CB. Let's see him fix it this time.
  7. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    I hope this shows how much of a TEAM player Cam is. I'm proud to have him here. He could have made an even bigger stink about his pay but he didn't. Classy
  8. Damn, for somebody that hate's and will never forgive Greg Hardy you sure do love these threads. Mercy and forgiveness bro. Nicole ain't mad. Hardy also isn't the total monster you say he is either. The truth is in the middle. Money makes women and men do stupid things, even the smartest
  9. If we're talking purely football there is no question If we're taking politics....well, politics is foolishness at best
  10. NFL Coaches Group Photo

    How did Scott Fowler get in the picture?
  11. Funny how they get around any positive changes such as instant replay to influence outcomes. I wonder when they will allow us to get a Lombardi in the Carolina's. When these guys work so hard and you have attorneys on the field taking it all away it becomes hard to trust the NFL's motives.
  12. If the person is stupid enough to write that let the coward own it! The person obviously doesn't know anything about the history of this countryor his own race for that matter. How come African students come here and most do very well in school? Behavior has a lot to do with the culture you were raised in. Our country breeds idiots of all races in abundance unfortunately.
  13. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    No you don't. You are trying to frame me in the same light as you are Hardy because I don't agree with your narrative. Typical Hardy hater tactic, try again.
  14. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    People frame things to fit a certain narrative. People are calling the guy a woman beater when it's quite obvious he didn't beat her. Those injuries are consistant with a scuffle a manhandling not a "beating" as it's been characterized. HE called the cops mind you. Sounds like a common woman beater move huh? I'm done though. The NFL got what they wanted
  15. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Dude, if GH beat the poo out of somebody they'd need a hospital. That's not what went down.